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Wildfox Fall 2012 Star Crossed Lovers

Based on the Shakespearean tale of warring families Capulet and Montague and star-struck lovers Romeo and Juliet comes the Wildfox Fall collection for 2012 entitled 'Star Crossed Lovers', inspired by Baz Luhrmann's 1996 adaptation to the classic screenplay. Among the collection are classical motifs such as Greek decorative wreaths and religious relics as well as playful sweatshirts and knitwear featuring plays on Coca Cola logos and slouchy beanies. I can't wait till the release of this wondrous collection as well as deconstructing each image for the photo shoot in order to decide my favourite picks. Join me won't you to look through this gorgeous and enormous collection of images?

Gone are the days of wearing T-bar Mary Janes in leather to school as well as itchy and annoying tartan skirts with pristine white shirts, but I've been pretty charmed with a lot of creepers as well as chunky vintage Dr Martens brogues. So charmed that this look has now become appealing and I'm getting sucked into the world of Japanese style, Kawaii as well as their quirky school girls and predictable photograph poses. Grunge is also making a spectacular comeback, but those brands such as Wildfox that are breathing new life into the tawdry trends are putting such a positive and patterned spin on it; thinking about all these pop culture divisions makes me very giddy.

It's no secret that teenage girls love to steal and wear jumpers from their boyfriends and lovers, and that a young Leonardo DiCaprio is every young woman's dream come true. Combine the two together and you get sweet cars with bulky architecture and loosely knitted jumpers in rust with knitted labels. I'm a big fan of french designer Olympia Le-Tan and her own mother knitted her a similar child size jumper in red with her name as a gift- this is my chance to live like the French socialite and designer but with the literary genius of Shakespeare proudly displayed on my chest.

Throughout the image you'll find the small catholic motifs of statues as well as rosary beads and crosses sprinkled sparingly across all the clothing and the happy ending everyone so desired when studying 'Romeo and Juliet'. I try not to act as a wannabe and wear religious relics when they don't fit me, but it is rather hard to avoid the Christian appeal of this movie and the final scene in which hero and heroine die romantically in each other's arms. Here the happy couple unpack their car with painted vintage suitcases; ready to start their fairy tale ending lives together in rustic stone cottage. It's not always the clothes that feature most prominently in the photographs, but the story and back story focused for each collection and I think Wildfox have really outdone themselves with this collection.

In traditional Wildfox style the collection encompasses flirt skirts, relaxed sweatshirts and thin knitwear jumpers, scattered swimwear, the odd piece of jewellery and lots of attitude. The clothes aren't anything new really, but what I get sold on is the photo shoots, the stories that go with them and the props that go with them. That pleated blue skirt would go well with my ballet platform shoes or any good pair of brogues/ creepers/ oxfords but here it's worn humbly for an all blue outfit that is guaranteed to brighten up your day. I'm not a huge fan of slogan jumpers and shirts anymore and the above sweatshirt isn't something I would buy but I do adore the sacred heart and Cocoa Cola-like knitwear featured in this photo set.

What says 'I love you' more than a romantic and home cooked meal of spaghetti fixed in a makeshift kitchen while eloping? Young love can't possibly last this long in such conditions where the laundry is simply a few feet from where food preparation takes place but the memories and clothing produced for this particular Fall collection sure can. Although I live in the Southern Hemisphere and the collection is going to be released in my Spring, the chilly conditions and transition from Winter always welcome transitional pieces such as loose comfy shirts, thin jumpers as well as a variety of cheeky and statement bottoms to catch the attention of onlookers. It's a bit of a wait, but I can definitely make the commitment to saving my money in time for such a promising collection fuelled by a young romance blinded by puppy love.

I was slightly addled when I noticed that not one couple, but two were used to model the wares created by Wildfox but in an ideal world I too would have friends who were as fashionable (or at least as interested by fashion) as I am and we would hang out all the time and eat from cute little bistros and enjoy fancy brewed beers. In this instance, Mercutio brings along his girlfriend to enjoy some low-fuss pasta and wear simple slogans t-shirts with their star-crossed friends. On another note, I do like the small addition of 90s plastic bracelet to the girl's wrist shown above- it's very grunge.

While I am not in urgent need of swimwear and bikinis any time soon my mind may be swayed with the sweet combination of pink and floral motifs for such a chic combination- or perhaps I'm just lovestruck by the blue robe as well as lacy sheets that are like demure drapes of an old socialite. I've been told previously that I am curvy and my hips are prominent despite not being overly voluptuous but for bustier woman the haltered bikini and high waisted bottoms combination makes for a flattering duo when at the beach. The colours are also really something and many of the shoots Tavi Gevinson has been running with Rookie magazine photographer Petra Collins really channels this suburbia tone of vintage chic.

Wildfox. I also have been trying to buy some skeletal clothing for a while now; leggings have been my first preference but perhaps it would be easier to buy this white shirt featuring rib cage for a sinister touch to what would otherwise be a very sweet outfit and tulle shawl. As usual I like the dark, kooky and the subversive and some of the pieces in this collection tick all the boxes on my strange hipster itinerary.

Hawaiian shirts have never been a 'must-have' item on my list, but I've been becoming a little more fond of them thanks to Asos Marketplace as well as the combination of lightweight white sweater featuring the sacred heart layered underneath. If I had to choose tattoos to be inked at the moment I would get a lion head on my left bicep, a wolf on my right calf and the sacred heart on my left calf. However, this sweet shirt and sweater combination is giving me a breath of fresh air as far as inspiration is concerned and the whole fashion blogging hysteria. While the thorn vine wrapped around the heart motif itself is a little crude I like the idea of tropical tones being worn with this sweatshirt maybe as a skirt for a more feminine allure.

Despite the fact that I am undertaking a Science degree and mathematics and arithmetic are a small part of my everyday routine I am dying to buy this jumper because I absolutely loathe learning straight math without any context behind it. All the better that it's plain black and white and I can probably wear it to work without offending too many people. As much as I do appreciate this dapper approach of slicked hair and dangling bow tie I really want to see how this piece is styled for a dainty lady and whether a torn pair of jeans will do it more justice than a long skirt. Wildfox can't be expected to do all the work for us though and that's why fashion blogging is probably such a popular hobby these days- I like it because my imagination can run rampant and people have many kind things to say after all is said and done.

This one shot seems to include a lot of what I've been in to lately; bowler hats have creeped into some of my outfit posts, I wrecked a pair of black suede loafer shoes over a few months and my boyfriend wears a red flannelet shirt. If you pool them all together, add two good looking models and a little artistic flair you get the Wildfox Fall collection, 'Star Crossed Lovers'. I'm not sure if I can hold out that long to buy this lavish collection and pick and choose my favourite pieces but I suppose all good things come to those who wait.

I vowed when I bought my last checked/ tartan/ flannelet inspired dress that I would never again return to that realm and find the piece after a few months, abhorrent, repulsive and out of style this more. However this pledge has been broken sooner than I had expected and I do love the vulnerable perch of the model when sitting hunched and hugging one's knees through the many writhing layers of red checkered cloth. Amongst the folds appear to be sweet ruffled edges, a bow at the back to give shape and a sort of dimensional appearance to this piece. I only wish I could see it from different angles and how it is truly made to fit and flatter the female form.

I always suspect that brands such as Wildfox who have such a good reputation for sweet photo shoots and lookbook releases would be the life of the party in terms of wardrobes as sad and drab as mine. It looks like my suspicions have been confirmed with the angel and knight costumes revisited and recreated by Wildfox. Black and white filtering over this image was the perfect choice to highlight this skull and bones motif worn by the male model above.

Despite there being a large amount of lovely pieces and in particular, knitwear that has my on edge and envious for the release of this collection the red, off-the-shoulder loosely knitted jumper shown above is my favourite and everything about this shot is perfect. Starting from the toes, the white plastic shoes somehow remind me of Mariah Carey video lips but the slim red trousers are bright and fun within their own right. Finally comes the loose and relaxed jumper featuring text in an exotic and romantic language in the scrolling style of carbonated soda king brand, Cocoa Cola.A girl really couldn't ask for more as far as a styled outfit is concerned and I am dying to wear that jumper with Dr Martens boots, thrifted pleated skirts maybe with a tartan print and also faded black shirts featuring bands I have never heard of.

You can't possibly revisit the trends of the 1990s and the best the era has to offer without lightly plagiarising Nirvana's drunk/ dead happy face symbol in a few pieces and decreeing that Dr Martens must be worn with checkered pants. I love the long floral skirt on the far right worn with dramatic and tall black leather boots; it's a step up from bikie gang style and grunge to something more modern and feminine. Amongst the sad chained face and broken pavement, there's a very nice atmosphere of inclusion from the linking of hands and a profiled conga line of fashionable youths all pooled together. It makes me want to pick up my camera and harass people on a daily basis at university for street style photographs.

Gangs of unruly youths have never looked this good before- I think my favourite of this stylish ensemble is the girl on the left wearing washed out and bleached jeans, Wildfox slogan shirt, suspenders and what appears to be a black bowler hat in bold velvet. If there are also black choker necklaces sold and burgundy Letterman jackets I'll be pretty much sold as a return customer to the Wildfox web shop.

When not tied down to any one person I suppose everyone at some point in their lives moons over playing a game of spin the bottle. However, I don't think it really fits in with the story weaved by Star Crossed Lovers when such strong themes align with Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo and Juliet'- Romeo is sure to be over protective of his love interest. It is understandable though that you would want to get hot and steamy with such a well dressed beast. If my boyfriend was wearing a black slouchy beanie as well as a sun burnt orange knitted shirt featuring multiple smiley faces I would probably be keen to be passionate with him as well after thoroughly questioning his motives towards changing his appearance. 

When boys look this cute and have tiny little earrings that only enhance a reputation as an adorable pirate, I wouldn't care whether you were famous or not. Without the ball and chain I think I would need under a second to decide whether you make a good practice target for long lavish kisses. Also; your digs of neon crucifixes in blue, religious statues, granny throw-pillows and creepy stone walls is the bomb.
Peace be with you, dear reader.

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  1. Damn! You guys are sexy as hell! I am loving the blend of punk rock chic and hipster couture! Keep it up