Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vintage Obsessed

Wearing: Vintage blouse from eBay, Vintage play suit from eBay, Wowch cat leggings, Dr Martens combat boots, modified mermaid necklace from Kamibashi string doll key chain.

I'm back and better than ever from my trip away with friends and the newest piece amongst all my clothes, shoes and jewellery is this sweet little mermaid necklace I couldn't resist bringing back with me. The vintage pieces have been with me for over a year now and the blouse is something lucky I wear when I go out for job interviews for seasonal work every year. As of yet, it hasn't let me down when fishing for a temporary job. The play suit is pretty informal as well as skin-flint thin made from a cotton-like material but I kind of like the contrast between the fancy scrolling embroidery thread in black for the blouse.

It seems that the beach is not nearly as much fun in Winter but going out for a big fancy breakfast is as well as shopping in expensive stores. This was the only thing I could really afford at the time and I plan on wearing Shelly the mermaid a lot to university as soon as I can silence the annoying golden bell attached at the top of her head. Apparently they also make Shelly the mermaid with blond hair and a purple bikini, but I'm glad I chose this red-headed beauty. She reminds me a lot of Ariel the Disney princess and only mermaid of the Disney family. Again, I seem to be blending the formal with the playful and they don't really seem to match but the pale blue play suit hasn't been worn in a while and I have been thinking of other ways to wear my crisp white blouse.

I think the whole outfit shown off at once is better than just the top half- as usual I'm wearing leggings from Wowch with cute cat printed on the knees with Dr Marten boots I bought from Australian department store Myer about a year and a half ago now. I normally dress balancing between pretty blouses as well as fun day wear and choppy combat boots; Dr Martens are such a classic. They make me feel pretty much invincible and as if I have no more vulnerabilities to get hurt by.


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  2. I love the blouse and play suit!

  3. I love the whole outfit! Especially the leggings.