Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Wearing: Ice Cream varsity jacket from eBay, Ballet singlet top from Asos Marketplace (Syd & Mallory), Vintage pink Levi's shorts with Catholic beads from Asos Marketplace (ChinaPig).

I had meant to brave the cold and show off my midriff but it was too cold today so I wore a shirt underneath- I kind of wish I hadn't because there's a bit too much black in this outfit and I had meant for a little more pink to shine through. I'm pretty obsessed with this ballet singlet top I bought from Asos Marketplace- if you haven't heard of it you really should check it out because some of the best vintage pieces I have currently came from there and some boutiques also make some pieces themselves. My new shorts too were also upcycled and dyed pale pink; while I had been expecting the results to be a little stronger and more vibrant I still adore the beads stitched onto the pockets as well as the raggedy hemlines.

My big puffy jacket is really warm and comfortable but the sleeves are eccentric and sticky black vinyl which have a habit of sounding infinitely loud when trying to get comfy in the cinemas just at the most crucial parts of films. I haven't yet worn it to university but with a pale pair of ripped denim shorts I think I can swing and soften the look to something a little more gentle.

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