Monday, July 23, 2012

Tome AW12

Tome's Autumn/ Winter collection embodies everything I've come to expect from the colder seasons and fashion; there's conservative colours and a greater focus on design as well as the use of wool and leather. It speaks volumes in terms of elegance as well as the intermingling and playful nature of many textures coming together, but it is also a mature look that few teen bloggers envy to dabble in; what with their paper chains/ bunting decorated rooms and shrines of strange plastic. Some of the staples I would willingly welcome into my own personal wardrobe (of limited space) with welcome arms but the minimalist approach hasn't captured my imagination since I stopped avidly checking on tagged posts from Tumblr of Alexa Chung. You need to have a certain spark and fire of your own to bring to life conservatively designed clothes, and I don't quite meet the models requirement.

Still, I admire the pinched waist of this simple black circle skirt in black wool that accentuates the female figure so nicely which can also be dressed up with a silk bomber, or made to look slouchy and casual with vintage sweaters of many different makes and styles. I would have considered American Apparel to be my first port of call in terms of stocking up on basic pieces of good quality in black, such as shiny leggings or tight jeans but Tome has them quipped in terms of the humble little black skirt. I think an honourable mention also goes out to their killer line of accessories for this Autumn/ Winter collection. Gloves aren't something I even bother with when traipsing around the city or my local campus, but they seem so chic when past the elbows; it's like all my wishes of science lab assistants and being fashionable have been granted together and I adore the results.

I don't have any occasions to dress up for any more in terms of wonderful evening dresses (sadly) and fashion week won't roll around till next year in any of the neighboring states, but, this slinky gold piece seems so delicate, magical and wonderful. The golden material and hemline reminds me so much of the glamorous style of flapper girls of the 1920s clasping cigarette holder sticks around with beaded headdresses but the pleats at the hemline are so structured along that rounded collar and neckline they're more like strong streams of sunshine and honey. Cap that off with the luxury of real pockets to hide all your secret goodies for a night fuelled with intoxicated mayhem and you have one good-looking dress that offers practicality too!

Crinkled and metallic texture that more closely reminds me of kitchen foil and amateur art projects is right up my alley of skirts to style with my collective arsenal of pretty vintage silk blouses and pastel tones- above is the only piece I would personally buy from this collection myself. It reminds me a lot of Lady Gaga's outrageously cool outfits from stage performances, but toned down and made tame enough to wear at a restaurant without being gawked at by those unaccustomed to ground-breaking fashion which breaks down all social barriers.

As far as frenzied prints are concerned, this is as good as it gets from this short preview of images shown off on the Oyster magazine online website (a great source for collection releases if you are that way inclined), but the soft Autumn tones of rich browns, teal leaves and burnt red flowers. I was a little surprised about the use of black silk for the bodice of the dress as well as that almost Chinese rounded collar held tightly around the swan-like neck of the model, but it works well in it's subdued and sombre tones. It's conservative enough to wear around those a generation or two ahead of my own time, but pretty enough to be commented on without too much of a plain impression.

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