Thursday, July 5, 2012

T in the Park

Wearing: Wowch cat leggings, Karen Walker filigree gumboots, vintage denim short, Oh-so-cosy jumper from Ezzentric Topz, Bowler hat from Sovereign Hill.

Today I received my large gumboots from Karen Walker in the mail as well as my first giveaway prize from the Ezzentric Topz blog- what better way to show them both off than with an outfit post? Some of the newest blogs I've followed are run by gorgeous girls obsessed with bowler hats; I've had this for years and it was meant to be a gift for my brother but I pinched it back. It's a bit loose to sit on my head and I never wear it out, but it does add a rather dapper touch to this outfit and some subtle class. The British music festival T in the Park starts tomorrow and here I am stuck on the wrong side of the globe... if I was going I'd wear this hat as a tribute to well-mannered English gentleman and the boots for practicality amongst a sea of mud and music.

I don't make a habit out of wearing legs as pseudo-pants, but with the untucked denim shirt I think I can get away with it. Besides, I've been in a black mood lately, what with errands to run today as well as social anxiety it's just nice to release some of that dark energy into an equally gruesome outfit. The boots are a darker green than I had expected, but the match nicely with my cat printed Wowch leggings- a staple for any wardrobe. Thanks again to Twee from Ezzentric Topz for the sweet jumper- I can't wait to wear it all week long on my stay with friends at their holiday house!


  1. CUTE! I love this look xxxxx