Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sretsis SS 12/13

At long last my mother has finished off the last of the boysenberry ice cream but I'm still on the prowl for something sweet to satisfy my appetite- aesthetically the newest Sretsis collection ticks all the boxes but I still can't get the taste of all this sugary sweetness on my tongue. As well as cherry motifs dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, you'll see frosted jewellery and props used in this collection with deeply dark purple seductive lipstick.

There's a lot to choose from in terms of patterned prints across all types of clothing and colour variations as well- this is what excites me so much about a new Sretsis collection. As well as the great sisterly bond between
Pim, Kly and Martina that creates such a strength behind the fashion empire the unity of theme in a single collection is something that is so focused and fire-charged. I wish I had the discipline to stick to a theme and also carry out such amazing designs for a clothing label, but I have up on that dream long ago. No, it's better that I support the fashion industry as an avid collector and connoisseur of pieces.

Even for those not deeply fascinated in the world of fashion like I am, there is an intensely beautiful aesthetic appeal to the props used for this collection. Above is my favourite- the small amount of colours as well as glistening silver flecks strewn across this modest display captures the colours used in this collection as well as motifs you will soon familiarise yourself with. The cherry is unfortunately fake, but you can't take risks staining such wondrous clothing during a shoot.

Fourth of July madness has gripped all American bloggers with fireworks and celebration, but since I don't come from the land of the free I think I'll appreciate this cool shirt and shorts combination with contrasting white and navy sprinkle motifs with the occasional cherry. As well as the coolest blouse with contrasting trim for cuffs and collars, those high waisted shorts are perfect to beat the Summer heat and show off a gorgeous pair of legs. Since I still have Winter to get through and a few more months of chill weather, perhaps the blazer draped gently by the model's side will serve me well- it certainly is a statement jacket but unlike those vintage trophy jackets it lacks sequins and the appeal of a used car salesman.

Matina Amanita is the sister jewellery brand to Sretsis and I'm easily convinced that the crystal dipped jewels used for this photo shoot. This sassy crossed back dress is a staple classic and stunning to wear, but the small addition of purple lipstick and deep red cherry earrings really brightens it up. Due to the influence of my British hero Alexa Chung I have been searching for a black and white tuxedo dress to dazzle for special events and I may just have found it. Too bad I can't see the front for myself- if there's a ruffled bib that runs down the front with black contrasting buttons I am sold. The minimalist effect is as far removed from my developing style as a blogger, but every now and then it's good to get back to the basics and stun people with the barest of clothes in terms of style while maintaining and air of regal nature and modesty.

Sharp collars and pointed tips are still in this season and the simple contrast of black sleeves with white bodice does make for a great canvas for design. In this instance a dreamy water colour like print of ice cream sundaes adorns the bodice of this simple dress and the skirt is a dip-dyed affair of lilac and violet. I think the suave addition of over sized bow as well as prim lips in matching purple lipstick really enhance the look and add colour as well as shape to the swirling ice cream design and print. While I would have liked to see the skirt with a more intense pattern and design to it, the dip-dye of gradual lilac lines is very dreamy and soothing. The smooth and flowing lines of the ice cream seems so oddly contrasted against the sharp structure of the dress but it works in a satisfying fashion.

As much as I do enjoy ensembles that revel in cherry motifs from head to toe, I think the simple layering of caramel coloured sweatshirt with pretty printed pants is more up my alley for a relatively young fashion blogger. I visited a tiny store out on the peninsula today with friends and they had the most gorgeous assortment of printed jeans featuring leopard, paisley, tie dye and polka dot effects on thin denim- but was heart broken to see they cost some hundred dollars a pair. I'm pretty fire-charged to go out and make more money next week and jump on every opportunity to work now and afford Sretsis clothing along with more vintage pieces to bulk up my wardrobe for self-portrait snaps of my own style and clothing interpretations.

Dipped in chocolate as well as sprinkles, a peeled banana is the perfect image reminiscent of pop art from genius Andy Warhol- but the contrast of mustard, black and silver pointed collar with a soft tulle skirt. For those not mature enough to appreciate the pop art history of a banana it's your loss that you can't enjoy the soft cotton sweatshirt banana jumper for what it is. In this instance the design of the Sretsis

Maroon seems to be all the rage lately amongst my conservative dressing friends and I've been late to jump on this trend, but a nice pair of statement shoes in a classy vintage tone would serve me well when worn with sickly sweet printed silk shirt. While I'll admit I was as keen as any other young school girl to leave behind hair bows, knee high socks and side fringes I'm strangely drawn back to the nostalgic appeal of my glory days as well as the combination of contrasting coloured cut shirts and short skirts. Fortunately I have more self-respect than that and it is also freezing this Winter so it will be a while before I show as much skin.
Neon may be all the rage at the moment, but I still ache for the refinement of metallic tones to innocent skirts and the contrast of sickly vintage black shirts when they're worn together. Normally I buy quality jewellery in precious metals and am not as fussed with my clothing as far as colours and materials are concerned, but the influence of the Sretsis collection for Summer/ spring 2012 and 2013 has left my brain a bit wobbly and I now crave metallic leather trousers and will wear strange adapted necklaces from key chains. I've come to expect as much from the hard working sisters that run this label; they easily cotton on to new trends or wildly set some of their own as seen above with sweet food motifs and classy aura to their collection and photo shoot.

Midi skirts (mid-length for those not familiar with the latest fashion slang) as well as statement collars and collar necklaces have been popular for the last few fashion seasons and cycles, but there's a cheeky charm and quirk when they're both used in this Sretsis collection. Perhaps it's that unsuspected banana dipped in chocolate or sprinkles or the use of sophisticated trench coat in pristine laboratory white. Whatever the case I'm head over heels in love with this outfit and the whole collection. The silver skirt too has a sweet sugary taste to it reminiscent of many discarded foil wrappers from candy bars and icy furnishings used for ice cream bars. I can't wait to scour second hand shops feverishly to find a skirt of my own to wear with distressed rubber shoes and tennis socks in this same vain. I however would like to instead wear a distressed vintage t-shirt to metallic skirt and old-lady socks and shoes.

The metaphor of cherry popping has worryingly been on my mind a lot lately; perhaps it's my own encounters with my boyfriend that have done the trick or the slow brain-washing of Kawaii influence. Whatever the case, I can't say that this cherry printed blazer and short suit combination doesn't tickle my fancy. On the contrary, it pushes all my buttons but I do wish the colours were a little more vivid and intense.The pastel accents however do contrast well with the soft silky pussy bow blouse- something I did not expect to see resurrected so soon after enjoying much popularity a few years ago with vintage fanatics.

The sassy pose of hand on hip and pout of the model have the allure of 'Beam me up Scotty' but with a more seductive agenda when wearing shorts cut so sky high and metallic thread imbued into her outfit. While I don't have many clothes with silvery material used in their structure, I am proud to admit I own ballet platforms that outdo those dancing shoes used in the above photo shoots. I should reconsider their potential however, when worn with chunky blue earrings and a little inventive lipstick colour to what would otherwise be, a plain and minimalist outfit. I'm afraid minimalism and the art of 'less is more' is lost on me. Instead I enjoy the clashing of prints and colours together creatively to create an inventive eye sore.

Although I am more familiar with Sretsis pieces having a more relaxed and casual pastel pallet of colour about them, I do love the melodramatic tension of stark oozing black on shimmering silver for this body-fitting and shapely dress. The dress itself covers everything but still leaves much to the imagination with hemline naughtily high and north of the knee; while some women would prefer to be a little more modest when they dress I think the Sretsis collection has a good range of cuts and styles to suit people of different body shapes and emphasises their best assets. If I could try on some of these pieces myself and confirm this theory, that would be lovely.

Ruffled collars more closely resembling that of performers in a circus have a habit of reminding my of vintage Oscar De La Renta, but I am adamant that the new Sretsis collection will be easier to track down and purchase than any piece of vintage gold there is out there. Along with the already humorous, frilly collar lining the white coat photographed I think further whimsy is added to the image and outfit through the lining of the coat in stout black sprinkles for ice cream and swirling water colour tones of the dress underneath. If I could, I would dress in such a fantastical nature everyday but realistically there are nasty boundaries created by finances and lack there of.

Despite having a small crush on punk style and a soft grunge fanatic, I am obsessed and still moved by the feminine colours sitting in the spectrum between purple and pink. Needless to say, I'm swooning over this outfit, but the stiff posture of the model photographed above leaves a lot to be desired. It's hard to pick a favourite piece or outfit from such a collection with range and textures to it, but I definitely will be hunting for that sequin and sparkly skirt mimicking icing as well as yearning to learn if that swarovski crystal berry necklace underneath the collar is part of the blouse itself or an addition from sister brand, Matina Amanita.Can you imagine that skirt worn with subversive charm with black lipstick and a torn black muscle shirt? I think the too could easily work together, but I do love the comfort of worn tank tops with tight fitting short and skirts for my own outfit posts.

I'm not the biggest fan of the colour blue that ever lived- it actually reminds me a lot of oppression and the childhood dilemmas of friendship in primary school, but since the release of that iconic silk clustered Miu Miu collection in 2010 I have a fondness for shimmering smooth fabrics and even like the idea of dark lips primly pouted to contrast with what would otherwise be a very clean and crisp outfit. The collar is not too large or dramatic and the dress cut in a short but modest 1960s, go go dancer fashion style that Tavi Gevinson hasn't yet capitalised on, because she's such a darn-good feminist role model for the next generation. I also have had a large crush on vanilla creamy soda mixed with coconut rum these past few days but was lacking the fat red cherry to top of my drinks- damn.

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