Friday, July 13, 2012

Simone Rocha Spring/Summer 2012

As usual this fashion post has been brought to you by Opening Ceremony and is fuelled by my childish misconception that I am a proper fashion blogger and shit and must act as such. Instead I actually repackage information with my own flair in the hope that if my Science degree and career doesn't pan out I'll be picked up by an online publishing house and able to take care of myself and my lover as well as insatiable appetite for clothing. Yeah right. And on with the post we go.

So Simone Rocha showed off their Spring/ Summer collection a few weeks ago and I liked the darkness of black lace and sheer but also the feminine appeal of the same materials in a different shade and end of the spectrum. I never thought of how sultry and seductive nighties had such a similarity to the sweetness of dresses suitable for high tea, but Rocha nicely combined the two elements together in unity for this grand collection shown off in stately but perhaps abandoned manor house.

I always wanted to graduate in a dress as sweet as a sugar cube and as light and dainty as a fairy but my mother was more supportive of me dressing in black. Now black is fine- there's nothing wrong with it and just about everyday I'm spotted wearing something black as part of my outfit but I've always wanted to explore the soft and demure side of my persona through a luxurious evening dress. Peplum skirts haven't really ever caught my fancy in such a way, but with a spike in my daily tea in take as well as consumption of fancy jams perhaps I'm turning over a new leaf which involves tea parties. It's a pity that I would still have nothing to wear, but that won't deter me.

Backstage snaps always reveal such unexpected details about a collection, such as these rich and polished banisters framed by thin metal sunbursts. It's a pity they couldn't have made an appearance in the real runway show and debut of the collection from Simone Rocha for 2012 but obscuring the shots and different from angles of photographers would probably aggravate the general public. From this angle though a gorgeous clear perspex heel is shown for the vinyl clog platforms of this show and they look as elegant as glass in the refined setting. Bright green eyeshadow though breaks the illusion of a period piece and girls running about the house for a social function- a pity.

It's been a while since I've read my classic literature but the images are still well embedded in my mind of fairies and beautiful sirens: they couldn't have found a better model to wear this complicated layering of white and lace and the bib collar seems so like daisy petals and the perfection of Mother Nature. That skirt worn underneath clear layers of plastic is equally heavenly when so strongly designed in the vain of elegant doilies and hand crafted coasters. Perspex shoes in a clear machination can be made to any colour of pattern you choose when wearing some cheap Chinese socks- an excellent investment for those who firmly believe they are reincarnated from Chameleons or enjoy music from Boy George.

If a young fashion designer about my age was absolutely distressed that they were out of inspiration but also hungry and looking about the set up of their dinner table, then perhaps, maybe, with a glimmer of hope they could dream up the preliminary designs for a collection that combined clear thick plastics with dainty thin lace together. However improbably this combination, there would not have been the neat runway show, fairy tale setting or fruition and execution that Simone Rocha brings to her designs as well as the sweet but zany make up and hairstyles of the models.

The corporate world doesn't hold any promise for me, but I suppose in reality women wouldn't wear such daring blazer suits with deep v-cut down the bust. I love the wrapping of tulle around the jacket and the duplicity of small shadows over pale skin that culminate together in a fine point. The hemline of the jacket is quite low, but the loose and relaxed cut of the pants allows for such a carefree structure. For more businesswomen appeal, the clutch tucked under one arm makes for the perfect pseudo portfolio as well.

Some girls were fascinated by ballerinas as children and there are others who instead dreamt of becoming actresses such as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I was a late bloomer, a renegade teenager and someone who instead wanted to know the ways of the Wicked Witch of the West and wear green when possible with my collection of evil silver jewellery and black Dr Martens.

The shoes are a much stronger shade of green, emerald and translucent and perhaps a little too intense for this outfit and would instead be better as a demonic suit of a casino siren but I do love the addition of a asymmetrical Peplum in sea green tulle at the waist of the model. It also has echoes of Ariel from Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' and there's been a few mermaid inspired pieces sneaking into my wardrobe as of late. Overall, this outfit is lovely but unique and I enjoy both of those qualities as any fashion savvy teen blogger does.

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