Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sad Girl Explosion

So I'm ridiculously close to going over my image storage limit allowance for my blog and I just want to cringe and curl up and cry. I probably could purchase a bit more storage, but there's so much to read and Google really made it a detriment to read. Instead I think I'll put together a few outfit posts today before I send out all my eBay auctioned items and then watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World before my boyfriend comes over on a date. There's still the small matter of cutting and pasting for three massive collages as well as a few handmade Valentine's Day cards I need to make and love songs to play on guitar but I'd rather buy cool anoraks and combat heels.

As much as I am tempted to be sweet lacy underwear for a very subversive seductive affect, the act of purchasing bras and panties always makes me feel vulnerable and open to judgment. I suppose that's a small price to pay (along with the cost of the item itself) to dress sweetly and impress one's lover. Also when wearing sheer shirts and black mesh raver shirts it sets up a sweet contrast of post-apocalyptic punk and grunge with the feminine appeal of the 1800's. I.e. creating a Kawaii outfit with many layers and levels of complication is something I'm really into exploring- if I just mustered the courage to by sexy underwear.

Rather than lacy and sheer braziers, bustiers of underwear I'm a bit more comfortable in the realm of printed tights with polka dot prints replaced with hearts and false tattoos. They would be the perfect companion to a good pair of solid creepers or even Pearl Dr Martens, of which I still have none. I have a basic pair of black Dr Martens boots that I sometimes wear on occasion, but they're not the punk statement piece of sickly sweet pleasure without a little strange colour of hosiery. I'll probably expand my collection of printed leggings before tights and socks though, they're a little thicker and hardy in cool weather and also suitable to wear underneath the jeans that are too loose to wear on their own.

I was pretty obsessed with permanent markers as well as scented high lighters in high school, but any sort of attempted graffiti was usually confined to my own stationary or other people's legs in texta wars. It has crossed my mind to invest in sets of markers for drawing once more, but I do lack the training to tame their wild and furious natures properly. Knowing my luck, they would probably have their tin bodies crushed against warring drink bottles and leak all over my bag and skin. It's also been a while since I last did any drawing in my diary so the artistic spur is sure to be short lived. As always, my artistic side is expressed through my blog and writing to further literary pursuits.

If I was shoved underwater in my clothes during Winter I'd have a pretty morose expression too- but suffering often makes for inspired artwork as well as a welcome distraction from emotional pain. I had lots of cameras to experiment with after years of collecting, but nothing allowed me to take snaps below water or even around it. In terms of my longing to become a mermaid, I'm more keen to dabble in strange hair dyes than actually become a better swimmer... the twenty-first century as always, places more importance on looks as opposed to abilities. I personally blame advertisements and Barbie dolls.

Work drains my energy far too much these days and I think by the end of tonight I will be limping around haplessly and hopelessly, but on the bright side I saw some sweet sleeve tattoos which sparked my mood and fascination in inked art once more. This cross shown above is so simple and minimal ink has been used but it's pretty effective in a wannabe three-dimensional kind of way. Amongst the monochrome white brogues socks and shorts that all look heavily involved in bleach it is a statement piece in itself- as tattoos should be when done tastefully and with meaning.

Only on occasion do I wish I as heavily involved in an illicit habit after a trying day of acting as a mediator, but I highly doubt anyone can get away with lighting up inside a building these days- let alone a school hall decked out with lockers. It's a pretty sweet composed set-up though- strongly arched eyebrows with bitter expression with minimalist pink jumper all make me pretty intrigued in this frozen character. What could drive such a white bread girl on the path to nicotine addiction?

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