Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pink Car

So a few nights ago I experienced a dream in which I saw the most amazing pink car to ever be dreamt up by a hopeless teenager but I still don't have my license yet. In my dream I was bitterly sitting in my car still a learning driver while someone else enjoyed the spoils of roadworthy steering and pink painted chrome. I've never seen a pink car in real life and my boyfriend would laugh at me till he was breathless if I disclosed this personal longing of mine, but I really want a pink car now. I'll start with coming up with some extra cash when possible as well as working towards finally getting my license. 

I can't really explain exactly what car it was, I suspect some sort of mystical Beetle painted soft cotton candy pink parked in a shopping centre car park and sitting there tantalising my every automotive wish. I like how this sweet pink ride photographed above fits and blends so well into the American suburban setting of neatly mowed grass, clone houses and knee high socks. I can only hope that I will become successful enough to show off a sweet car and not scrape it in the worst of situations. I suppose I still am reminded of faint echos and mockery of Suburban life from Tim Burton's film, 'Edward Scissorhands' as well as the sweetness of Winona Ryder.

The description of 'land shark' never seemed so fitting before I clapped eyes on this sweet and streamlined car body with small little silver fins and rounded hub caps. As you can tell I'm not that big on cars but maybe next week I'll help my boyfriend service his car and he can show me a thing or too. We don't have anything fancy between us but last week he told me since a child he wanted to do up a black Beetle with flames down the side and on the engine. I guess cars and driving have been on my mind a lot lately and they culminated together to a strange dream in pastel pink. It seems I'm going to need to be the best and most popular fashion blogger in the world if I am ever to make enough money to pay for a car as bombastic and feminine as this...

Without a license and enough hours to even attempt my driving test, it seems that saving for a car and slowly making progress is all I can do at the moment as well as beg my parents feverishly to accompany for casual drives early in the morning as well as late at night. Until then I think a timely reminder such as this blog post to bookmark how I feel towards cars painted pink as well as a tiny model but be the best motivation I can give myself at the moment. I think it's time I head to my favourite playground, Etsy, before I can stroll around any vintage car dealership confidently and with a swagger in my step.

There are a great many classic cars that I've collected together in this humble post to show off, but I think the rounded edges and smoothed architectural lines of hammered bodies are by far my favourite. It would appear they are also the easiest toy car models to find as far as scouring the Internet is concerned. They remind me so much of difficult to blow bubble gum bubbles and manufactured candy. I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to sit by the beach and palm trees with this sugary sweetheart though, not by a long shot.

If you ever doubted the extent to which I now love style and aim to unite it across all aspects of my life, wonder no further. For the moment I am interested in pink cars and will probably create a small collage for my dairy page entry and also steadily save money to buy something bombastic and snazzy for my second car. As yet, I don't trust my own driving and the area I live in to treat something as saucy as a car painted pink with the tender loving care and respect it quite deserves. While I had no intention of becoming car obsessed while going away for a few days with friends, I felt guilty they had to drive me around constantly as a passenger. It's about time I was self-reliant and just a little more feminine and independent.


  1. I can feel your enthusiasm in finding your dream car, Adelleda. I’m sure that your perfect pink car is just around the corner. For now, begin your driving lessons and avail your driver’s license, so that once you see that pink car, you’re all set. In time, you will not be just an ordinary passenger surely you’ll get to drive your own car with your friends and family as your own passengers.

    Patrick Gauer

  2. Whoa! Those are a real bunch of pink cars! I wonder which of these cars you dream about the most. Anyway, just like what Patrick had said, just focus on getting your license and save cash. You’ll never know when the right time comes, so you should be ready to drive it and buy it yourself.

    @Carson Wininger

  3. Haha, you’re right! They do look like bubblegum and candies. That pink VW beetle looks so cute with those painted eye lashes on its headlights. It’s perfect for someone like you who likes vintage stuff. =)

    Clint Moore

  4. Nice! You know, I’ve always wanted to own a pink beetle since the day I turned 16. I love its simplicity and adorable form. That one on the second photo reminded me of Lindsay Lohan’s Herbie – Fully Loaded movie. If the movie has a part 2, this could possibly be Herbie’s new girlfriend. Lol!

    Nicole Vickers

  5. These rides are so adorable! Well, I wouldn’t mind owning one and parking it in my garage! Hmmm. All these vehicles look awesome, but my heart is set on that cute pink Caddie. Aside from being a great ride, this one will surely make me feel like a big shot like Elvis Presley!
    [Nettie Christensen]