Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pastel Perfect

Wearing: Chloë Sevigny X Opening Ceremony buckle boots, vintage cowboy blouse from Asos Marketplace, vintage pink Levi's shorts from Asos Marketplace, This is Make Believe Necklace, black cardigan from mother, various badges.

I'm not usually keen to wear such a sickly sweet combination, but I've been itching to show off my newest acquisitions- these shoes I have literally lusted after for years and I paid such a small amount for the gorgeous treasures. From five hundred- six hundred fresh off eBay I paid just two hundred for these bondage babies and the buckles do serve a functional purpose; they are the only way to fasten these suede shoes to your feet. I really wish the timing had worked out better though- I would have liked to graduate from high school wearing these last year but perhaps it was better that I went through the toil of study to reward myself this year.

The eclectic mixture of floral motifs from blouse and necklace worked out well and some of the badges are resin as well as the thick rose necklace shown above. While I am tempted to dress like this to some lectures for days of university I don't know how long I could maintain such a feverish approach to style. While on holidays I have time to think, plan and execute my ideas but I know all too well that I'll be weighed down soon with impending chapters to read and notes to take when semester resumes. Fashion blogging and a science degree don't seem to mix, but I am determined to balance my love of blogging with my blind academic ambition- unlike my senior year of high school in which I starved myself of fun.

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