Sunday, July 15, 2012


Wearing: Over sized wool jumper from my father, vintage pink Levi's shorts, Rubi gladiator wedges, vintage frilly socks, black tights, This is Make Believe resin rose necklace, Kamibashi mermaid necklace, lipstick from Target, Katzi studded silver ring, Prouds mesh ring.

I'm in a weird and dreamy mood since I didn't catch much sleep last night and I badly want to run out and buy a ticked to the Big Day Out 2013 as an impulse buy wearing this same outfit. Borrowing clothes from my family members is by far the best way to constantly change my wardrobe; better than thrifting and without the weird smells and for once my use of accessories and colour has created a pleasing palette.

I dedicated this horrible death stare to the very special people in my life who are annoying me to know end. Honeys: you don't know who you are and it's less confrontational this way. I also wanted something that would bring attention to my brows which I freshly plucked just last night and for the rest of the year I'll try my best to keep them prim and trim. Lately I've become worryingly obsessed with my appearance and plucked my eyebrows as well as took care of the majority of my pore problems. In a nutshell, everything is coming up Milhouse.

I was in a bit of a mad King-Kong smashing sort of mood at the time when I released that the itchy woolen texture of my jumper and loose over sized sleeves made me look a bit like a giant ape; but a well dressed and cute gorilla at that. There are, unfortunately, no model towns of America in my hallway to sit amongst when I take photographs. I will really have to right this wrong sometime soon.
Another thing to do sometime soon is wear this bitching combination of clothing with matching lipstick and necklaces to university sometime soon. It's always easier to dress nice at the start of semester, but sometime down the line I lose my fizz pretty easily and just wear whatever is comfortable.


  1. i heartily enjoy this. dad jumpers are the best jumpers x

  2. love the mix of the femininity of the pink of those shorts and the roughness and masculinity of the sweater. love this outfit!

    lovely blog. lovely! what do you think about following each other?