Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm just about out of touch with everything in my life in just about every aspect and it's occurred to me that there's nothing really anything that is normal. There is the average, the dull the drab and the ordinary but normal seems to be in a class of it's own. Things that are ordinary are run-of-the-mill and we encounter them everyday, but some lucky few never do encounter the ordinary for the majority of their lives and they are the artists, the dancer, musicians and writers that touch the lives of so many through their works and respective art forms. As much as I don't want to admit it, by tyring to be out of the ordinary, a little quirky and weird I make myself feel uncomfortable. I like pushing boundaries though and challenging myself to go outside of my social comfort zone, now practiced in outfit posts and posing for a camera manned by no attendant so maybe I can transcend my life into a sweet little artistic wonder as well. I think I've been watching too many videos from teen bloggers on the team of Rookie Mag as well as fashion bloggers making me greedy and envious for my life to change.

On days when I feel like being a perfectly normal, reasonable person and act as a fly on the wall, I dress in all black. Three pairs of my skinny jeans are in slimming black, I have two loosely knitted black crochet jumpers and the most conservative t-shirt I wear under everything is cheap and black. A little more black could go a long way; some band shirts in monochrome white writing with vintage and out of season shades could go a long way when it's the uniform Du Jour. Girl gangs are feisty, feminine and one of my favourite look currently. Tough pompadours are such fun to play with since I dare not cut my shiny hair short and spunky.

Something normal and ordinary would probably be a simple light bulb for people to poke fun at when visiting; likening it to dingy apartments used to scare children with the promise of their parents that 'this is what happens when you don't try harder in school'. I haven't encountered many chandeliers amongst homes of my friends or places I've stayed, there have not been extravagant glass illuminated lighting fixtures and that makes me feel at home. I think I prefer my half dead and burnt out scented candles that are more stubby than used cigarettes than anything as fancy and extravagant as a chandelier anyway.

Pristine white bed sheets always seem so lovely and picturesque when used as a background for photographs structured for 'Things I would save in a fire' as well as simple literary muses, but it personally drives me insane in reality. Nothing in my life is perfect, and although I'm beginning to appreciate things for being lop-sided and imperfect, I also want it to be perfect in it's unison and aesthetically. Yeah, the laying out of magazines may actually be simpler if I could somehow scrap together a small guest room and make that pretty while living in my little pile of gathered junk and nonsense.

I love the whole look of 'Queen of Autumn' and pretty fake flower crowns; as well as being sweet eye candy they're vulnerable and easily collect dust if you don't wear them often enough. I don't own any myself but I have wanted to for a while now; I decided yesterday that I should make some for myself thanks to a DIY tutorial from Rookie Mag which I felt pretty inspired by yesterday and pulled me out of a deep funk. Thanks Tavi, Petra and the rest of the team for cheering me up and sharing such a visually interesting video. It makes me want to start Video blogging myself and try running things differently here at Secret Hipster.

I've been pretty wild and eccentric lately; or would that be better described as moody and absolutely strange? I didn't intend to think of Kawaii culture dolls with big building eyes as cute, but there is such a warm and loving culture surrounding them and you can change eye and hair colour easily. I love that having blue or pink hair is sweet, charming and becoming and isn't a deterrent to some employers either. Breaking down the perception's of a culture are no mean feat but I think if someone like my mother could think this image of black and blue hair is as beautiful as I find it; then I could rest easier and feel a bit less artistically restless.

The cliche and typical queen sits in a horse and carriage while waving conservatively at the masses but I prefer the teenage Bohemian sitting alone in the forest and caught in sparkling lilac light. T-shirt dresses are optional and I won't be able to find a dry patch of ground to perch on for another few months at least but I can at least be drawn in by the beauty of this image and the bewitching girl at the centre of it.


False lashes are something I spent a good hour struggling with in preparation for my senior formal and making myself up to be a pretty stunner, but who knew there was such a lavish range to select from as well as ways to look extraordinary and eye-popping? Not me at least; but it's good to know that lash manufacturers take such care to present their products in vintage/ kitsch display panels.

I have only kissed one boy every but I've done it a few hundred times already I imagine, but under society's views there's nothing scandalous about my liaisons but for a girl of about age ten to carry such a list and mild romantic encounters it would probably cause any doting parent to be filled with dread and concern. I kind of want to abolish and break down the phrase normal; you can average out something to get an idea of what people do in their lives but different time periods and cultures perceive different things to be normal. That's why I guess I want to travel so much and read widely of fashion blogs as well as literature. If I am easily influenced, but I intake many different things then surely than I will truly find my personality and inner-self with peace at mind and renewed eyes.

If skipping over Tavi Gevinson's blog Rookie Mag (new to me, old to the hip and trendy) has taught me anything today, it's that cats can often hinder craft projects such as making crowns from Japanese erasers, flowers and metallic pipe cleaners but they do make a cute addition when recording a video blog and sharing your gorgeous room and taste for everyone to see. Cats aren't really an option for me at the moment... or in the near future but one day my inner and secret hipster shall be released and feline companions will be the death of me in old age and madness.

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  1. Interesting post! I recently dyed my hair blue and had it shaved into a mohawk to help raise funds for childhood cancer research.

    By the looks I got when my wife and I went for a walk on the boardwalk in my town you'd have thought I dropped in from another planet LOL!

    After a couple weeks the blue has faded and I am now back in "normal" stealth mode ; )