Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nick Von K

The dawn of a new era is marked by the busy Nick Klarwill working to create stunning new pieces for his jewellery label Nick Von K, or should that be Nick Von Kool? I've written about all the official releases and collections put out by the label, but since liking them on Facebook there have also been the juicy release of some exclusive pieces in addition to the mass produced jewels for the label. I was originally enticed by the label after going through a large phase of adoring cattle skulls as well as carved panther heads earlier in the year, but I have been pretty distracted with university study to notice many new additions- but last night marred an exciting new release with huge price tag that as spurred me on to blog bigger and better than ever before.

Although I would like to think I'm familiar with the range and selection that Nick Von K offers, it's exciting to see such a gathering of sculpted silver and precious gems all collected together. I don't recall the candelabra, motorcyclist or skull embedded with meat cleaver and I'm pretty intrigued by their shape or whether there is another label, but apparently there's a new collection coming out in August and I should save my money for a few pieces to purchase until then.

Above is a snapshot from Instagram of a lucky girl who received the Panther necklace from her boyfriend. Would you check out those sweet jawed fangs of this fierce feline? I'm nothing short of envious for those who get to enjoy the gifts and fruits of love in the form of Nick Von K jewellery, but I'm unlikely to receive something this fashionable from my beloved. I'm quite content to have him accept my love of fashion and strange adoration for shoes though; and be seen with my in public without first making me change my clothes (unlike my mother).

Above is the infamous ring that sparked my interest in this fascinating and developing brand once again- a mother snake protectively curling around her young babes pictured above in immaculate carved detail. Here's an extract of the commentary Nick gives about his latest prized piece:

"We've just finished this amazing snake ring. The turquoise is called 'sleeping beauty' because of its intense blue color and it has been carved into a writhing mass of baby snakes.
The mother snake is in silver and she
curls her head around her babies, and around your finger.
This is a large ring, with a large finger size that cannot be adjusted very easily so best whoever wants it fits it perfectly - and loves to wear large flashy jewellery... just like I do!"

The bottom line is that it costs over a thousand dollars and I have no money for such an item yet, also it's made with men in mind but I did praise Nick and have tried to convince him to make more to sell to the masses. One can only hope that he reads this and realises that he could take over the world with an empire of silvery jewels and rings with carved bones and antlers as well as semi-precious stones.

The first of the exclusive new, one off pieces was this eagle head ring- eagle's have been used before in the Nick Von K catalogue but usually as lightweight necklaces with steely eyes. However I've seen the great potential of carved scales and cast silver feathers before, so it's no surprise that this piece combining the two materials of silver and Walrus tusk is nothing short of spectacular. I just wish I had been smart enough to jump on the opportunity to add this little guy to my own collection...

I've just finished two of these eagle head rings carved from Walrus tusk and I'm willing to part with one of them.
The other one is for me :)
I may do a run of these at some point but not in the upcoming collection due out in August so for now it will remain one of only two."
-Update for you guys, this ring has already sold but there are more exclusive pieces to snap up so please follow Nick Von K on Facebook if you dig his work!

As any self-respecting Ghostbusters buff will know, the end of the movie culminates in the explosion of the 'Stay Puff' marshmallow man. Turtles aren't really my thing but I do quite love the polished shell and poise of this particular reptilian against the cute sailor outfit of this candy spokesman. I wish I could have been there at the Nick Von K launch showcase with many glass taxidermy cases and quirky paraphernalia to showcase the gorgeous range of jewellery. Alas, I'm a bit too young, not overly adventurous and still require years of blogging under my belt before such invitations come my way.

The great thing about the launch shows as well as connecting through my favourite brands through social media is that there's a new perspective and dimension revealed about the designer's personal style, taste and decor that shines through their brand. I never really took a shine to the claw egg rings before seeing this image, but that shade of Robin's egg blue over a cat skull has a particular aura about it- I really dig this scene of grungy dark jewellery. Nick Von K completely nails it in every shape and form and I can't wait till the release of the new collection in August!

I've been meaning to buy pieces from Nick Von K for months now, but travel plans in the pipe line as well as tedious work obligations continue to cloud my judgement as far as buying is concerned. They're not exactly cheap for a poor uni student such as myself, but I have been meaning to get my hands on a snake head necklace in aquamarine for quite some time now. It would look picture perfect when worn with a loose knitted jumper in white and some plain jeans and boots. Unfortunately I own very few of these items and still need to discipline myself for my last few purchases... it's going to be a while before I become a venomous snake queen and rule with a stony fist.

I don't own a lot in my wardrobe that includes thick and gory skull motifs, but that doesn't mean I don't adore them and dream of showing off many skull shaped candles in my room as well. The polished craniums in black and white impaled on skulls has such a hardiness about it- it suggests that a warrior has struggled through life and triumphed over evil... Or maybe I was playing a little too many video games yesterday at that exhibition. Which ever the case, the jade green bottle as well as close up of these sweet skull necklaces is pretty righteous and leads me to believe I should create a list of all the Nick Von K pieces I aim to buy. I can't be happy with just one- they're all so beautifully made and designed.

I've been watching a whole lot of cartoons lately hauled up in the house on my own with television and computer to myself, and a lot of the current cartoons are very very weird. One was even strange enough to include Hulkmania man with sweet motor cycle gang member swinging around his neck. I've learnt on again and off again to ride motor bikes in the country with my father and he has many in his collection to work in, so I'll definitely be purchasing this item if it's part of the new collection- it has such a sweet design behind it as well as being a personal reminder of my great family.

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