Sunday, July 15, 2012

Neo Blythe Simply Sparkly Spark

The Blythe Doll crush I've got is beginning to get worryingly serious, I just need to be brought down to reality I guess and think seriously whether I can make this bug-eyed beauty an intrinsic part of my life. In my mind's eye when I picture a pristine studio dedicated to blogging and taking outfit posts there's some Blythe dolls hiding in the corners of my eyes and sitting posed on bookshelves and in their gorgeous little stands.
Simply Sparkly Spark has electric blue hair and eccentric matching eyes, but the sweetest pink lips to frame her face. The dolls were originally deemed a little too creepy for little girls when they were first produced; but in a variety of seemingly endless outfits as well as faces crafted to perfection it seems adults are more in touch with untapped potential.

Simply Sparkly Spark comes with her own little dress adorned in stars, perfectly lined front fringe and long flowing hair that can be worn up or down.Styling myself and acting as a pretty doll is fun, but sometimes I wake up and my hair is a mess and applying liquid eyeliner turns me into a smudgy mess. Dolls being made in principle for children are a little easier to handle, but there are some that take this hobby so seriously that they elevate their photographs and dress-making into miniature art forms.

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