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Meadham Kirchhoff SS12

The Meadham Kichhoff Summer/ Spring collection of 2012 is wildly coloured, young at heart, free in design, and has the appeal of a 1990's children's cartoon gone wrong. I can see why Tavi Gevinson teen blogger loves this designer so much for independent and free-thinking designs that are unique and unlike any other designer presenting at fashion week. The runway was adorned in balloon arcs in pastel colours, the shoes tufted in feathers and platform ruffled sparkles were in collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood and simply fantastic, and the clashing of colours, prints, lace and structure is like that you have never seen before. For those of you who haven't seen many other runway collections from Kirchhoff, they haven't been as bright and bombastically coloured as this one, but there's still a playful weave in and out of lace textures as well as form-fitting designs that are truly one of a kind in this industry. Ladies and Gents' may I present one of the brightest and boldest collections of the seasons- and just in case you didn't know, it's going to rock.

Runway looks of makeup included anything and everything in between to tussle and style blond locks, but I particularly like this beehive worn with bright orange Perspex sunglasses. Perhaps this is what began to inspire Tavi towards that wonderful 1960s revival and trip she's been on for the last however many months. As well as variations in hair and makeup, some looks include bright coloured tights and knee high socks to create wicked contrasts in colours or perhaps a continuation of a single theme from head to toe. I think it's simply fantastic to see such a range of looks for models and dolling them up to be unique as the clothes they're wearing; it's just a shame I wasn't able to find as many of the glorious images of this show as I could, let alone attend the event itself and history in the making.

Our friend the checkerboard bear in red and white is back; but this time instead of a big bold playsuit, this cute little guy is instead the feature pockets on a simple blue pleated skirt. The hemline seems unusually short for such a vintage inspired dress, but maybe that's just modernisation at hand adapting clothes for the twenty-first century. I sense a skilled worked could whip up a DIY copy in no time at all, but I prefer to attempt to hunt for this collection in anyway I can and fund more exuberant and colourful designs.

It must have been absolute mayhem and panic behind the scenes and working to create the looks of the models and although the girl above is heavily laden down with eye shadow, it matches her skirt as well as sparkly platform heel of her shoes perfectly. What a true visionary to sense the symphony of colours working together.

I'm a little disappointed that Disney Pixar's newest movie Brave has gotten a series of bad reviews, but if there's one red head that won't disappoint me this season it's the cutie freckled star that features on this singlet top buttoned at the shoulders. When worn with a thick combination of dazzling plaid as well as bright orange tights, one can't but help that the Scottish highlands are certainly a bit more kooky and quirky with colour than they once were, but I do admire this change.

That canary yellow fur stole is like a dream come true for me, still living in the past and hung-over on the Prada Summer/ spring collection of 2012. That careless slinging over one shoulder and small peaking hemline of blue and yellow petticoat underneath a crochet, lace dress in blue is so beautiful and it's made all the sweeter with such a tender red heart placed at the bust of the model. You would imagine that these designs would be better suited to a small girl sitting at home and playing with her Barbie dolls, but the fashion industry too has a fun aspect and will, on occasion, take a walk on the wild side. In those fluffy tufted platform flats I'm sure the trip is made all the easier on the eyes, at least so fashion-crazed girls such as myself that is.

Out of habit I never wear blue- it reminds me too much of the oppression of dull school uniforms and forever waiting for bells allowing me to go to recess/ lunch/ home but I can't refuse this sweet outfit featuring cartoon coin purse and patterned blue tights. I love the hefty and multi-layered effect of rainbow lines framing the model's eyes, as well as the cute cut-out patterns of the dress. It reminds me so much of craft scissors as well as paper people and creating paper snowflakes by folding and cutting triangle wedges. I'd feel pretty vulnerable wearing such an intricate dress, but they do bring out the best in those tights and look so sweet.

The Chanel Resort collection of 2013 had plenty in the way of baroque inspired French outfits of Versailles as well as pastel make up in an attempt to modernise Marie Antoinette, but I just can't get enough of the trend or the large blossoming beehive hairstyles. It's so spectacular for those who love fancy dress and one of my favourite bloggers from Tumblr dressed as the prominent French figure for Halloween which went to well with her dyed pink hair- there would be few ready to wear such an extravagant outfit out on the streets but that's what I do love about runway shows so much. They create their own sheltered world and habitat free and independent of other influence and the population are entirely matching in outfits. It's every lonely girls dream come true really: to belong and wear outfits that look good when photographed with everyone.

Of all the characters to feature in the designs of the clothes, the lemon dapper kitty with pink bow tie is probably my favourite. I have already been collecting many raccoon figurines in cutesy porcelain and vintage Sylvanian flocked animals on Etsy to buy when I deserve a treat, but what I really should look for is Kawaii printed shirts and blouses to show off in outfit posts and wear with black skinny jeans and torn cardigans riddled with safety pins. Yes dear reader, while I do adore bright colours, cartoon and pastel make up in my fashion I'm still fixated on grunge and combining these two elements together.

My fashion show cherry was lucky to be metaphorically popped at the start of this year, and I am familiar with the end of the catwalk festivities; the models gallantly pace around once more to show off the collection in full and send photographers into a frenzy. It's such a wonderful collection of colour and textures, if I had ever had the courage to pursue a career in fashion I would avidly make a shrine to such a bounty of creativity complete with candles and antique toys similar to those images used in the collection as a homage to Meadham Kirchhoff itself.

It's said that mothers are often most proud when their children take their first steps, and since I am yet to enjoy such a milestone I'll instead feel pride welling in my bosom as models dressed in dainty lace jackets and bridled dresses step into the spotlight of a glamorous fashion show. This single image has captured what is visually the epitome of perfection and stunning tailoring. I'll definitely be wearing my latest shoes with some pastel pink and blue together as a sweet tribute to this particular photograph.

I haven't yet gained the courage to wear hot pants with tights, let alone those spangled in sequins and rainbows. If I did have the killer physique of a model, I probably wouldn't hesitate to do so but it's so cold outside and I remain as self-conscious as ever. I could easily stitch up a replica outfit, but I'd be hard up to find such a structured jacket with peplum frills and a baby lamb motif. There's something so right about the sassy bottom half and dapper combination of shirt, tie and jacket together in a single outfit. Oh Meadham Kirchhoff, why do you dare tempt me with such amazing clothes and looks to moon over?

Back stage snaps of models just before they walk the runway are infamous for strange pouts as well as cheesy poses and it seems that the Meadham Kirchhoff's collection brings out the best in the weird sense of fashion. Ruffled petticoats as well as furry fluffy jackets are made all the cuter with lace cut out dresses, animal cartoon coin purses and strange pastel streaks added to blossoming blond curls. Although the coin purses of bug-eyed animals is more suited to my style, I've been obsessed with shoes as of late and those flatforms complete with tufty fur balls at the toes and metallic straps are to die for and are a fashion blogger's dream.

The coolest mannequins and shop display windows must belong to that of Meadham Kirchhoff which feature customised balloon animals in the shape of poodles to contrast with knitted heart cardigans in soft pastel yellow. The runway shows seemed to be a wonderful visual spectacle for all to see, but it's also reassuring to see that the designs, motif and spiritual energy of the collection has transcended into the real world of shop windows and store installations. I have yet to find anything local to stock Kirchhoff in my neck of the woods, but when I do track it down it's sure to be a real treat and I think that balloon animals should be gift with purchase for fashion bloggers.

Topshop have released in collaboration with Meadham Kichhoff a series of nail foils decorated in decals that look as if they belong in the 1950s for next to nothing! I'm desperate to get my hands on the brand it is, and knowing my obsession for all things nail art I will be investing in a few packets myself for when fashion blogging and outfits become a daily habit and secret ritual I hide from my family. As well as wanting to show them off in my blog posts, I would love them to brighten up my day and schedule of boring science lectures and laboratory practicals.

If Gretel of Grimm's fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel' was put in a magic cooking pot with Rainbow Bright, I think the results would be nothing short of this fantastic aesthetic experiment. The main feature is obviously the cartoon heart pinafore surrounded by lace; made so sweet because it resembles cushioned love heart shaped boxes of chocolate boys lavish on heir sweeties for St. Valentine's Day. I can't express how much I do love this outfit and the stunning contrast of red and white lace; it's just all so cliché! As well as the childhood romance theme, the blond hair and stark red pinafore and tights are complimented by the red and gold slipper platforms sworn by the model- I'm keen to get a pair myself and this particular combination of colours would be wonderful to wear on Chinese new Year, although they aren't my favourite of the furry selection.

Too poor to afford magnificent ruffled petticoat skirts or knitted sweaters from Meadham Kirchhoff, I have been the latest victim to jump on board the Kawaii trend train and love the outfits Japanese teens come up with and the associated style. I never did buy myself a petticoat skirt from American Apparel that was so loved by fashion bloggers, but perhaps I'm not too late to get my mitts on a swinging furry skirt from Meadham Kirchhoff? I have plenty of sweaters in my arsenal to pick from, and while they aren't as cool as happy clouds with rainbows and hearts I would like to think I can proudly continue this cool and cute style onto the streets and off the runways.

It seems so strange to see the illusion of such a fanciful and imaginative collection made bright by simple lighting and balloons in what more closely appears to be a warehouse, but the best illusions are often broken pretty easily. Perhaps that's why Street Style photographs seem so spectacular; the bright and dapper dressed shine amongst a sea of derelict buildings just as these models do. My favourite is the caped dame in bubble gum pink- it reminds me of righteous dressing gowns from the 1960s in the vain of Mad Men.

How talented is Jessica Singh to create such a wonderful digital image of the Meadham Kirchhoff Summer/ spring collection for 2012? I love the repetition of creepy blue eyes doused in eyelashes, they remind me a lot of Spongebob Squarepants and the orange tights don't seem to over powering in this image. I love the culmination of fashion shows and shoots into art, through any medium and even more so when the designer themselves is a creative genius with boundless energy.

I'm a bit sceptical as to why you wouldn't grow your nails as long as possible before applying beauteous nail foils for a cheap manicure at home, but whatever floats your boat is good for you. At the moment my nails are long and primed, ready to use sparkly blue nail polish stickers and spark a bit of quirk into my life, but I do wish I had buckled under pressure and bought all Meadham Kirchhoff products available from Topshop in preparation for my holidays. Had I known that I would be a favourite at work to call upon at the last minute I would have splash out on a few more treats throughout term to wear and style with imagination.

After spotting the nail foil stickers from Topshop, I did wonder where the other 1950s story book characters originated from, totally oblivious and unaware of sequin motifs stitched on the back of swish jacket coats as well as the fine lace detail of pink lederhosen straps wrapped around pastel blue dresses. There's so much detail that the front profile photographs simply don't capture in a show as intricate and detailed as that of Meadham Kirchhoff, I think another life goal of mine will be to attend one of these glorious events and proudly bore people with my achievement and photographs from such a prestigious fashion event.

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