Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kicked Off the Cheer Squad

Wearing: Pink ballet singlet top from Asos Marketplace (Syd and Mallory), Vintage denim shorts from Asos Marketplace (ChinaPig), black cardigan from mother, Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell ballet platforms, various badges, vintage skipping bear necklace.

This is my favourite outfit post I've ever put together since it combines the black, dark and Goth with the sweet and feminine elements of ballet. I was really inspired by the outfits of teen fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson at the time; hence my experiment with black lipstick, or rather black face paint splashed on my lips. I did want to give the look a dry run before investing in expensive make up, and I quite like the combination of black eyes with black lips. One of my favourite compliments was given to me by a friend in which she said my eyes looked black and like a sharks when hanging out in our school theatre; I'm instantly reminded of the haunting speech Quint delivers during the movie 'Jaws' in which he analyses the cold, soulless depths of the shark eyes.

Badges: Koala from Princess C, Lady J and the Uppercut, Vintage Easter Bunny badge, 'Don't Stare' a gift from my mother, 'Hello My Name is Channel [V]' stolen from my brother.

The yellow badge is something my brother won as a prize from the Australian music channel many years ago- but since he's stopped moderating on their online forums and we hardly watch it now. Although my interest has been perked in the television program once again; the newest presenter is three years older than me and we went to the same high school. It's nice to see some success in media from someone who had a similar education but has managed to make a social nature marketable and a corner stone of employment.

I never get sick of showing off the back pocket of my bleached and haggard looking jeans; summer really needs to hurry up so I can wear these babies outside and show off my cute flowers. I have worn the singlet and shorts together in a previous outfit post but the black lipstick, knee high socks and cardigan take everything to a whole other dimension of dark magic or at least seedy punk style. The shorts are cut really short with the pockets hanging out just below the hemline in conventional teenage girl blasé style, but I don't want to promote promiscuity through my clothing in such a manner so a bit of edge has shown off the darkest side of my style.

I've had this teddy bear necklace since childhood, but it's only recently that I've begun to wear it semi-religiously and as part of my outfits; ever since I can remember it has had this glorious brown, oxidised appeal to it. I don't wear as much jewellery as I used to or should really; outfit posts usually have a greater emphasise on the clothes themselves but I still feel the need to balance the two elements together when mashing together my crazy ideas.

I was a bit sick of making goggly eyes at the camera and also trying Tyra Banks trademark move of the 'smize' or smiling with one's eyes so instead I tried to suck everyone's soul out through their computer screens in the vain of Harry Potter's Dementors. I think that went pretty well, but I won't be surprised if someone edits this image and then uses it as the scary monster that will kill you if you don't send off a chain email. Such are the wonders of the Internet and scaring people into doing as you wish. I also really wanted to show off my ballet platforms in their side profile but wouldn't be bothered changing the height of the tripod I used at the time.


  1. God, love that outfit!
    and black lipstick and shoes and all of it!

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