Thursday, July 5, 2012

Karen Walker Gumboots

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my newest gumboots from Karen Walker- I already own a shorter and smaller pair in sparkly grey from Vivienne Westwood but I just go ga ga over the filigree motif from Karen Walker. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time the motif has been used in footwear and maybe even across the entire clothing line. I'm a huge fan of Karen Walker and she's opened my eyes to a lot of other great New Zealand designers who work with precious metals, but these gumboots are easier to show off than a small ring or necklace in an outfit post.

They look like a real chalenge to style with in outfit posts and are covered in peace signs and skulls intermingled with the filigree motif on green plastic- I can't wait till these babies arrive in the mail for me to wear! Ideally a nice assymetrical skirt would show off these boots while adding a chic touch to my outfit but I have yet to own one. I just hope they're as fluorescent and bright in real life as they are photographed- there's something so sinister about that cliche shade of slime green associated with mad scientists.

As well as bright shiny green there are two other designs to choose from among the Karen Walker gumboot range, but I yearn for something a bit more bombastic than white with a simple printed pattern. Being the strange teenage girl that I am, the further my boots and clothes are from mainstream style, the better. Yesterday a gorgeous girl with purple hair complimented me on my other rainboots and it really does brighten up your whole day with a smile. I ache for more of those experiences, and even to strike up friendships with people who are as fascinated with fashion as I am.

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