Friday, July 27, 2012

Josh Goot SS12

First of all, I apologise for the awkward skewed position of the photographs- the photo shoot used big panoramic shots in plain crisp white to show off the symphony of colour used in the design of this collection but there is only so much space available for the humble layout of this blog. And on with the commentary... Moving on from the modern abstract paintbrush strokes of previous collections, Josh Goot presents floral motifs for 2012 with the same medical precision and finesse of other digital prints on luxurious silk. The sharp definition of individual petals as well as coloured veins elevates the designs to a whole other level of focus as well as design. As of late, I’ve been avidly hunting online like the unsocial vulture I am for other people’s cast-offs, but my favourite pieces of the latest collections of 2012 continue to elude me (is it any wonder with their price tag and execution). I guess as luck would have it, they were everyone else’s favourite pieces too.

The Autumn/ Winter collection almost had an eerie dark side to it in which splashes of traditional burnt reds and auburn were reinvigorated with the drama of royal blue on a black satin background. In contrast, the Summer/ Spring incorporated the structural silhouettes of orchids brought to life in pastel pink and emblazoned with hints of gold backgrounds on crisp, surgical white. If you haven't yet familiarised yourself with the works of Josh Goot, now is the perfect time. In my humble opinion, the label is at the top of it's creative peak and churning out spectacular pieces of formal delight. Those strappy black sandals reminiscent of black licorice are also the perfect statement show to show off the strong blocks of horizontal design sectioned off for a dress of this design and strict hemlines. It almost makes me want to chop off my long locks and emphasise the length of all that glorious fabric- almost, but not quite.

Maroon seems to be the colour of the season, with all my friends of high school already readily have integrated the bold shade into their wardrobes except for myself, but I do like the lime green rose peaking in the background of this floral design with the dramatic shade of deep wine red. It's unexpected, bold and confident which is everything I really look for when evaluating a piece to buy or choose to DIY and I think this colour combination has great potential in the blare of professional photographer lamps and lights as well as peroxide blond features but one can't help but wonder what a mere mortal would look like wearing this piece. I'm really hoping to find this one off of eBay in the next few months- this dress would make for a great statement piece at a social blogging event with a fur jacket or feathery gilet.

Pastel shades and that elusive shade of canary yellow are pieces of the spectrum that often fly beneath my radar of interest, but with the imminent release of a new Deadly Ponies collection featuring deer leather in pastel yellow as well as this striking combination of plain shirt and printed skirt, I'm learning a bit more about it and my own developing taste in clothing. I've always loved symmetrical prints and patterns; something common when I decorate too and I have enough income to buy doubles of cushions or what have you; what really impresses me though is the strong structure and shape of this skirt. The silky and symmetric floral motif could be thrown together from any vintage scarf rescued from a thrift store, but it's the thick execution and lining on the inside of this skirt that almost elevates it into the realm of haute couture. The only thing better about this skirt is I could wear it on the streets and not attract too many gazes from a swarm of people!

I've noticed that vests have been an increasingly popular buzz word used amongst online listings for sleeveless shirts in America, but above you can see the real deal which comes complete with thick silky stuffed texture and again the most wonderful symmetrical pattern of tropical tones; perfect for summer. I wish that the weather would warm up so short skirts, shorts and simple shoes can be worn as well as lots of colour; I never noticed the acute subdued tones of Winter more than this year in which I am free to dress without a uniform. Bring on the modern Hawaiian shirts of out time and colourful exuberance of nature; I'm sick of the cloudy weather getting me down and my constant reliance on huddling next to heaters.

Combining the fantasy of Josh Goot's designs with something as plain as American Apparel seems like a waste, but those fabulous disco pants in black have been teasing me and tantalising my sensibilities the last few weeks and if I had something as lovely as this shirt/ dress/ fairy smock with floating flowers in pink I would be sure to snap them up in an instant. I already splurged on something for my crazy teen blogger shrine (which I'm going to install in a cupboard already full of junk) and I am meant to be saving for travel plans in the next year or so, so I won't be buying either it seems. The Josh Goot collection is as allusive to buy online as it is aesthetically beautiful; but if you can find their pieces stashed away in boutiques be sure to buy them with haste as they look gorgeous to style with in outfits and would be sure to turn out some sort of investment.


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