Monday, July 30, 2012

Headache Life

It’s been a terribly long time since I last posted anything or notoriety or worth lately, but I’ve been rather busy having a life (half-true); working my butt off in order to save for travel opportunities coming ever closer on the horizon as well as a plethora of wonderfully tantalising Summer festivals and concerts coming up. I’ve also had my head busily buried in the sand with study and my boyfriend lovingly coaxing me out to come and play some nights and relax from all the toil and trouble of university life. I’m as obsessed with grades and succeeding as ever but now I’ve managed to fulfill more shifts and become someone to rely on when holes in a roster appear. Despite having done all this revision and only being twenty five percent through the second semester I still haven’t started on my Biology essay… so I’m further procrastinating on public transport and listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I’m looking forward to seeing them at my first big concert next January for Australia’s Big Day Out but I’m already struggling to think of what to wear- my fashion blogger mentality hasn’t stopped ticking over yet. Speaking of fashion blogging, the start of the academic semester usually sparks some of my more inspired outfits but my mother took leave to watch the Olympics and my father has been sick for the last week or so, so I still can’t pose embarrassingly in the hallway using a tripod. All the strange combinations I’ve dreamed up so far in the last month have been recorded in my diary and are still waiting to be brought to life. I think that about sums up my teenage-hormone-fuelled rant.

I think the above nicely sums up most of my reasons for not blogging as of late; but sooner or later I’ll need to clean my room in order to take fashion outfit posts and with all the extra cash I’ve managed to pick up I’ll be buying cheap goodies from Asos as well as vintage costume masks anytime now. The day I metaphorically blossom from meek and drably dressed cocoon to bewildering butterfly and manage to get my organised and it will be a most joyous day. I’m usually dumbstruck when American teenagers finish all their homework and studies and are out at the mall/ movies/ restaurants just chilling and killing while I’m on the other side of the world busting my gut in order to work part time and study full time. Spending cash on Alexisonfire tickets as well as some Lady Gaga/ Mickey Mouse leggings has been my sweet victory of the week. 

It would be great if I just stopped caring so much about doing well in school and only worked as hard to get a distinction as bare minimum grades across the board and lived life a little, but still new to the university system and continuing my spree of unhealthy study habits but loosely in the back of my mind is the opportunities of internships, scholarships and working over the Summer holidays in order to make those important connections within an industry to fall back on when I eventually finish my course. All that’s a long way from now and it would just be nice to end this vicious cycle of grade obsession (if only it were that easy).

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