Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Best known for quirky fringe as well as colourful dyed hair, swinging dance moves and her song Oblivion photographed above is Claire Boucher under the pseudo-name 'Grimes'. A few weeks ago I heard an Australian act cover her famous song as well as seeing the video clip for the first time, dancing around in stadium with killer clothes. That same morning I heard a cover of the same song by Gold Coast band, Bleeding Knees Club with tiny toy synthesisers and featuring a rough male vocalist. Grunge and punk style has been subtly creeping into the mainstream world and my realm of clothing for months now, but it's only now I'm sitting up and taking notice of the music behind the movement. I have to say, I quite dig this new female artist and her constantly changing hair. One can hope the changes are as faced paced as her heavy beat music.
One of my new favourite shoe labels from Los Angeles, California, Deandri and the chief behind the brand Deanna Richmond drew a really chill illustration of Grimes wearing some of her shoes and posted this picture of the artist and her Asian pose with the statement she does wear the brand. I love this combination of beers and girls with dip dyed hair, the dress on the far right in the vain of Wednesday Adam's is also incredibly cool. In summary, Grimes is cool and so is alcohol, smoking, tattoos and everything else that is meant to be bad for you. Sunglasses are good though, they protect your pretty eyes from the harmful ultra-violet rays.

Some musicians build their reputation as an artist purely on their looks and general attractiveness as a person, rather than any talent regarding performance and ability. While I do consider Grimes to be a more significant figure I look up to in terms of style and taste of clothing, I do think she blends her music career with her own eccentric quirk and style. I would hate to think that a reputation as a musician is overshadowed by an image, but for pop stars such as David Bowie and Lady Gaga, this may be the case. Grimes isn't categorised as easily though, she's elusive like sand slipping through your fingers, her vocals are smooth like honey and she changed her hair with quick pace. I'm still not overly familiar with her music, but I do love her clothes and taste in fashion. As someone who aspires towards being an eclectic fashion blogger that can't be copied, she's a perfect role model.

It seems that any female artist seen to sit in a crescent moon bower will become a new favourite of mine; Florence Welch was first seen in her video clip 'You've Got The Love' and was surrounded by flowing confetti- but I do like the use of projector to create a shining affect in this industrial setting. It's a bit less angelic and more torn, thrash and real. If rave scenes including this mix of serenity I would probably think they were less dangerous and more rad but I am still my same timid self and content to listen to music through crappy quality earphones on my laptop in bed with chai tea.

I haven't seen anyone with such an independent approach as far as haircuts are concerned, but this silvery fringe seems so sweet with fair complexion, black hair and pouting red lips. It also slightly reminds me of a Disney villain...

In the last fortnight or so I seem to have built up an annoying reputation as 'Dalmatian' at work for wearing a spotted beige jumper with black. Now that probably doesn't play on a lot of people's minds but if I ever had the courage to chop my hair or dye half one side white and the other back I would be critically criticised and nick named Cruella De Vil. As much as I do adore wearing fake fur jackets as well as cool hair in which one side clashes wildly with the other, I don't want to be associated with an attempted puppy murderer.

Grimes looks perfectly at peace set amongst a series of monstrous and slightly disturbing supernatural mutants, but with green hair, sheer shirt highlighted with velour and super reflective sunglasses she seems like their creative queen. Nothing could be more attractive than an intriguing female artist with delicate complexion who also indulges in the arts community. I really love the notion of coordinating a single style across all aspects of your life, such as grunge synthesiser music with bad-ass illustrations. The accompaniment of these two elements together would be ideal; in fact I'd be pretty allured to art galleries if I knew good music would be playing and not boring elevator tunes all day.

Glowering red eyes are the unfortunate result of a camera flash gone array, and when combined with a shimmering pleated gold dress made of the finest crushed glitter the result is nothing short of spectacular. I imagine the love child of the cyber murder machine The Terminator and a fairy would look as equally sweet, but also a little sinister. As well as the metallic finish to her dress, I have a big crush on the chunky gold jewellery, mismatched nail polish combination and dazzling chains attaching bracelets and rings of Grimes. It must be wonderful to live the life of an artist and wear extravagant jewellery with little regard to how they might impair your daily movements.

From her video clip of Oblivion, I thought the use of braids and pink fringe was really cute in a cyber punk kind of way but there was also a certain youth and energy Grimes carried with her. There's something about her gait and the way she moves to music that also seems carefree and sweetly innocent, but the video itself had this darkness about the mob mentality of a stadium under bright lights and with sport. I really dug her headphones and pink fringe too- makes me think I should invest in a decent set of earphones myself some time soon.

Above is a little image if Grimes shaking it like a Polaroid picture with many shirtless men in the background. I didn't expect her to ever use a bunch of jeans model as a background for her video clip but the flashing strobe lights as well as thick white collar seem reminiscent of exorcism movies and Wednesday Adams all rolled into one. The choppy lighting matches that of the backbeat for her song Oblivion and the dress is as soft and feminine as her vocals on the track. If you haven't listened to it, you really should.

While I did confess to my boyfriend just yesterday that a life goal of mine was to own a pair of Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony buckle boots, I think I need a new life goal. If I never set more goals, how would I ever improve myself as a person? This time I seek the eerie dark caves of grunge masters and keyboard synthesisers powered by the magic of indie artists and feminine vocals delivered by Grimes. As well as seeing her perform, I could probably listen to a few of my favourites at Coachella, but it will take a long time before I save for such a mammoth trip.

I usually feel disheartened when I see smoking look cool because I know many young people take up the habit for reasons of social image and status climbing, but I do love the thick gold chains, eyeliner and fake nails sported by Grimes in this shot. It's all very British singer pop star really in that dangerous vain of wayward sultry songstresses such as Amy Winehouse; luckily Grimes has a bit more production and synths behind her to create her lavish music.

Ever since I saw the blog of Opening Ceremony I have had a certain affinity for metal hardware hair barrettes, headbands as well as hair combs. Swallow motifs reached their peak in 2010 due to the fashionable influence of Miu Miu's summer/ spring collection, but there's still a very alternative style in how Grimes wears her swallow. Maybe it's the timing of this photograph and that reinvention of a very familiar pattern with punk dyed hair that I dig, or simply the brassy metallic finish to the headband. I love digging this kind of stuff up when scrolling through Etsy.

Side profiles that look this good in a simple black blazer and white shirt should be made a crime- the features of sweet Claire Boucher really match well with her angelic voice, but that messy mass of purple hair reveals her rebellious side as well as quirk that is more suited to synth pop. I don't normally admire the messy bun or any tufts of hair that are left untidy but there is something appealing about the soft wisps of hair hanging just behind her ear. I wish shop assistants were dressed more in this dapper style with maybe stretched ear piercings and pastel dyed hair; just for something out of the ordinary. Throw out your boring mouse brown hair dames and trade them in for some more style and unique star quality to them- mainstream is over rated. Join the dark side.

The Kawaii bug has me well and truly bitten, for I firmly believe in the power of dyed hair as well as simple plastic jewellery once again to dress up a simple blue shirt. I go through various stages of adoring Mexican Day of the Dead skulls and jewellery and the next vintage My Little Pony figurines and Strawberry Shortcake friends. I think the best solution to my yo-yo attention span and flippant style decisions is to buy simple plastic skull rings in various colours, a thick gold necklace and simple blouses and be done with any fashion dilemmas for the rest of my life. If only it were that easy though...

I'm not at all surprised to see Grimes wearing a pair of Dr Martens boots along with woollen coats and matching hair to boot but I never expected these cherry coloured shoes for sweet feet made to look so good. If I was at all the talented and artistic type, I'd be keen to whip up a quick water colour of serene Grimes stretching for the sky and arching her back laden down with heavy hooded coat. I guess the beauty of wearing simple black on black when your hair is coloured in wild and fabulous shades along with matching laced combat boots is that you balance the elements of colour and grunge. It's a sweet mixture and I dig it, but I'm still yet to master it.

When I first spotted this photo shoot featuring green dyed ponytail and over-sized cherry barrette clips I shouted 'WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE THINK OF THIS BEFORE!?' at the computer. I had a small affinity to say the least, but it did open my eyes to all the wonderful things you can get away with when cleverly using hair dye. I don't think there's a lot of other fruit that you can disguise your hair as, but cherries are long since proclaimed sweet Kawaii symbols used by girls and it seems fitting that such a unique artist adopts them too.

It makes me want to dye half my locks peroxide blond in Ombre tone for the sheer versatility of being able to dye that again with temporary dye in shades of green, pink purple or blue. Last year it was already reported that the Ombre trend is over and I am yet again too late to jump any wonderful hair dye bandwagon. It seems that pioneers in trend such as Grimes and Jessie Jo Stark have long been dying their fringes spectacular colours but I wonder how much of the world will too adopt their kooky coolness?

Grimes' features already lend her this strange otherworldly aura and I think taking advantage of that with hair dye, grunge clothing and soft focus photography is the best fuel ever for creative minds. I quite like her with this steely glare and looking like a jellyfish smothered in either many ballerina tutus or piƱata paper tendrils. There's nothing 'elfin' or elongated about her face but she still has this beautiful intensity of eyebrows framing her face and intense fiery eyes...

She's a bit of a joy to watch when frozen in photographs during her performances with swinging jazz moves that seem entirely reliant on movement of her arms. Although she's stuck behind a multitude of keyboards and electronics, that doesn't mean Grimes is without action and a little kooky tendencies on stage. Her fans have cottoned on to this and enjoy making GIFs as well as creating stills in shiny black and white to exemplify the swagger of their hero. It's been far too long since I indulged myself in a little live music: the mayhem and feet bruising of the mosh pit, the smooshing of body and sweat as well as the uncomfortable closeness to complete strangers. No one I know would be even remotely interested in this scene of music or other genres I dabble in... Fortunately Grime's shows look like an experience and a half in themselves and flying solo means more focus on this girl's killer style and less stress about keeping track of where people are in a venue.

I don't approve of drugs, smoking, dodgy tattoo joints or piercings in strange and intimate piercings... along with a great variety of things that are deemed to be 'cool' and popular with the young, hip people but I have to say, this weed printed suit worn by Grimes is pretty sweet. It sits perfectly amongst a shallow doorstep smothered and choked with graffiti as well as stickers but a pink hair do as well as flirty lip biting does tone down the tension of this photograph. The above image is also another reason why I shouldn't put off wearing black creepers on a daily basis- versatile and bad ass just like music they can instantly change or amplify the mood of an outfit.