Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free People Behind-The-Scenes April Lookbook

When we're young, we have an idea in our heads of the people we're going to grow up to become and the types of lives we will one day soon lead; my envisioned holiday was also dreamed up but nothing as sweet and picturesque of the recent look book behind brand Free People. All the images I sourced from the Oyster magazine web page which is one of my favourite sites to find trendy outfits and new collections, and inspirational images in general. I have limited space in my room to work with along with large, towering furniture that won't budge no matter how much I pull it but I'm a bit more determined to clean up my act after witnessing the beauty behind this particular shoot.

Since hooking up with the Asos Marketplace site, I've become familiar with many gorgeous crowns and headbands in that sweet Navajo vain as well as punk flannelet shirts from the 1990s. The two elements aren't combined together often, but from what I see in the above image there is a great potential when your background for a shoot features the best of vintage interior decorating from bygone era as well as what looks to be the deserts of California. There's a great potential for braids and fantasy coloured extensions used in this collection with minimal makeup; just the way I like my hipster inspired outfits and trends.

With the sweetness of Cass from British teen drama Skins and a flurry of whimsical dyed hair, a simple white linen caftan has been transformed to an entirely different dimension full of style and quirk- and I love it. As much as I do adore clashing prints, wearing wild leggings and the allure of vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces through my role models Alexa Chung and simple outfits such as this I adore the minimalist look with low-fuss clothing. As well as the bridled sweet smile of the model and loose tendrils of multi-coloured hair there's that fine balance between displaying knick-knacks and mess that I really need to master if I can ever make my room livable as well as unique.

Dressing robes aren't something I've ever readily welcomed into my everyday life and the last few days I have spent blissfully sleeping in till the afternoon- but I have so much work left to catch up on fashion and style wise as well as words to wrangle together in the perfect collaboration of posts. It's inspiring to see people doing what they love for a living and creating photographs to inspire young women such as myself, but it's no longer enough to simply adore their work. I want to join them, be compared to them and style outfits like never before. Thank you Free People and Oyster for this behind the scenes look at your April lookbook!

I don't have a rocky and desolate barren wasteland at my disposal to take photographs in, but I really do like the notion of fashion-crazed girls lost in endless sands and smudging their clothes on occasion.

One of my closest friends spent all week long taking 'selfies' with each and every one of the other girls I went away with, but naturally nothing was quite as attractive as these feminine beauties dressed in matching Summery outfits with perfectly primed eyebrows and flowing hair. As an aside, I was separated from my comb for five days so my hair was loosely tangled and whipped by the cold sea breeze when on a small ferry boat but still my hair doesn't quite measure up to the sweet potential of red and brunette tones weaved together to intricately. I'm still a rookie when it comes to braids but I really would love to master fishtail braids sometime within my short and meaningless life.

Bedding has never played a prom intent role amongst style of even decoration in my room, but I am becoming increasingly aware of it's kitsch potential when lazing about and showing off outfits from an entirely different angle and perspective. I'm not really driven by the fascination with Aztec and tribal prints, but when done right they're enough to make me weak at the knees and giddy to buy such lovely doona covers.

Hot pants as well as striped sweaters make a lovely combination, but there's nothing suitable that has yet tickled my fancy within either realm. I am however determined and renewed with eager energy to search for the perfect pieces to create an infinite variety of wicked ensembles of my own design. I don't think I'll be curling my hair in a Marie Antoinette flurry with a straightening iron anytime soon but I am also reminded along with the star factor of humble pull-overs and short shorts that I am in desperate need of a decent haircut before returning to study.

As shy as I am when it comes to breaking down walls and meeting new people I would love to discover some keen fashion bloggers doing my Science degree so we can take photographs together and create braiding conga lines in rustic rooms. It's pretty unlikely considering half the population are male to begin with and few girls are fashion obsessed but one can dream of finding a kindred spirit and soul mate to share in a fashion experience; can't they?

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