Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flare/ Bell Bottom Street Style

In an age when skinny jeans roamed the Earth and every girl a dime a dozen wore clingy material as pants... some brave souls thought to revive the original 1960s denim flares and bell bottoms in new lace materials. This is not their story. This is however a cheerful and perfectly legal (Sci-fi movie narrators I'm sorry!) account of how much I think this trend rocks and how cool the era was. I'm normally all over the feel of wearing straight leg jeans as well as the stretched and distressed touch they have when I wear them, but there's something really individual about not following trends and hunting around online for a well fitting pair of denim flares. For someone who doesn't have a twenty-six inch waist, it's quite a challenge but I kind of revel in looking for the holy grail of bell bottom jeans in a wicked colour or printed combination.

Disco has been dead for decades on now but the revival through vintage sites such as Etsy does make original jeans from the era available to curious and adventurous young people such as myself as well as optional tie-dye kimonos and brightly colored garments abound. I just really admire the drama that these 1970s styles add to the way one walks and their stride-how hanging denim cuffs around the ankle add a different weight. Being far different from the denim clinging nature of skinny jeans, I imagine it's an automatic response to strut it out and walk around the block with just a little more rhythm and funk. Another spin on this classic look is wearing recycled vintage crop tops slashed with loose arm holes and higher he, lines for a bit of biker girl chic and rock and roll toughness. Casual and grungy is the name of my game at the moment but I'm a bit keen to know what everyone else is up to with their wide legged denim.

Long ago on the Australian beloved music channel, Channel V, the presenters were made to run around town issuing fines like nobodies business to those who callously broke the rules of the fashion police. One moment of note was a fine issued to a dazed middle-aged Chinese woman dissed in jeans as well as a denim jacket for "overuse of a fabric". I think that times have changed and that you can swing for a look made of all blue denim if you have enough sass and attitude to show off the look properly, as there is above. Curls that could put fictional science teacher Ms. Frizzle to shame, sunglasses, heeled shoes and a strut that won't quit are all the things I dream of having if I were ever stuck in the 1970s bummed out with a malfunctioning time machine. I could then bury the, in a sect time capsule, ensuring I have the perfect stash of vintage flares and bell bottoms which fit me to unearth decades later... Oh if only such a thing were possible. 

Wrangler and Levi's used to rule back in the day but i can never find anything as weird and wonderful they make now that really is a marvel of design and pattern. Even now I've still got a soft spot for flares and am well over the whole skinny jeans spray-on pants fad thanks to Petra Collins groovy alternative in one of my favourite DIY tutorial videos ever. I don't see a lot of my favourite bloggers wearing jeans so I'm considering eliminating them from my wardrobe all together but it's sweet pairs like these that make me retract that statement and instead seek out alternative options in the versatile material. Decisions, decisions...

A chiropractor would probably appraise this posture while clucking his tongue,a tut-tut sand task-task finally coming to the conclusion that this 'kid' is a good for nothing or worse, a beatnik. Among the sea or bight primary colors and beautiful tailoring a sea of troubles may burden the heart of the lovely lady above, but I prefer to think that the combination of turquoise flare pants and shiny gold platforms calls for a stride in a realm of its own. 'being away with the fairies' is the appropriate term to slyly slide in as the caption to this picture. The look can be dressed up with blazer and golden tresses or smudged with dark grunge and mesh depending on your own taste, and it's that versatility that I just love and adore. 
There's a certain ambiguity the loose structure of these pants can have depending on the make, for example the split legs are totally lost in massive folds of floral material and the look is just made a bit softer with Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots To paint a feminine bottom half of the outfit. A desperado theme is created with the right hat and leather jacket along with coy star at the ground- I could personally just eat up the silhouette of that shoe creeping out from the hemline it's as good as gold and simply delightful in a gloomy and grey industrial setting. 

Some of the fun things about vintage I love (other than the fact it's like dress ups, recycling and treasure hunting all rolled into one) is that it styles such as those from the 1960 s can come back at a later date, say the 1990s and be reinvented with a new lease on life. The spirit of those mesh pants in black with platform boots is so witch like and dark, I'd practically die to dress like this everyday and have everyone accept that 'it's my thing' and simply part of my innate nature. I'm a bit heartbroken at I don't have a working version of photo shop to mess around with or a high resolution camera but if things pick up in the blogging game I may invest in tools to enhance this electronic experience for myself. 

I'm definitely not as obsessed with Ombre as I once was but the radical velvet flare pants and stunning black on white paisley jacket comes together to create the ultimate outfit to wear to brunch, it's loose, relaxed and casual but as soon as the above pose is stricken there's a hidden sauciness that jumps out at you and sort of mesmerises you. velvet is such a dreamy material, it's no wonder I haven't tried to make velvet curtains to wrap myself icon chilly and lonely nights without the company of even a moody and demanding cat. 

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