Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ezzentric Topz

Wearing: Ezzentric Topz jumper, vintage dress from Ezzentric Topz, Wowch cat leggings, Chloë Sevigny X Opening Ceremony buckle boots, vintage lace socks.

My blog giveaway cherry has finally been popped care of Ezzentric Topz who ran a giveaway a few weeks ago, the prize being this gorgeously textured and lumpy black knitted jumper. I bought the dress from their eBay store about a year ago, and although it doesn't fit above the bust the jumper hides this well and I can still show off the cute and quirky print along the skirt of the dress. Although there's a lot of boring black and white injected into this outfit I think the different patterns and textures create a good contrast and balance. The collar of the dress is a bit shallow and unfortunately doesn't peak through my mountain of hair, but the idea and story behind this outfit is a day ready for tea at high no one and scoffing down scones.

I was a bit surprised about the luxury of the thick metal buckles used for the boots as well as the thickened accentuated tips used to feed through the straps but I love the weight and gravity behind these shoes. They're well worth the years of waiting I did to pounce on the right opportunity. It's a bit crass to wear such cheap leggings with shoes that cost some hundred dollars but what's the fun in fashion blogging if I can't chop and change my style to wear vintage and boutique brands? I felt a little inspired after seeing Tavi Gevinson sport a pair of clogs from the same collaboration with Opening Ceremony and I lucked out when they were listed. Too bad I can't get all of my pieces to sell when I need them out of the house and space uncluttered...

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