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Evil Twin: Dark Side of the Moon

My newest additions to the Etsy watched list include Lady Gaga inspired dolls, my little pony figurines from bygone era, chunky platforms as well as a variety of bowler hats and pink extensions. You can only imagine the enticement that the new Evil Twin collection is to me; the velvet covered platform boots worn with matching silvery velvet top and wet-look leggings wrapped around the sweetest looking model with pink hair are enough to drive me wild. Even though buying vintage is better for the environment and tends to be cheaper, it can be hard at times to find such gorgeous clothing that fits around my body and shoes can be particularly challenging. This collection is like a godsend in that respect; or a terrible temptation inducing me to commit sins against my own wallet and squander several weeks' worth of pay. Whatever forces may have sent it, the Dark Side of the moon is visually stunning, well presented, the outfits are well chosen and dear lord I want those chunky heeled platform boots on my feet right this minute.

I was always inclined to dress in black when in high school; black going well with everything including itself but my morose expression made me look like a cliché teenager rather than a glamorous off-duty model. I've fallen in love with pink hair and also hair streaked with many different pastel colours all over again for the simple fact it looks good when worn with all black; or the complete colourful opposite. I'm also in dire need of more comforting knitwear to sink and snuggle into on lonely train rides home from university- while it's not in my nature to dress boldly and attract attention like some reincarnated peacock, some of the shaggy jumpers from the 1980s and 1990s can look charming and becoming when worn with the right pair of jeans and boots. I'm also quite short on good denim at the moment... While this collection is a little short on that, there are plenty of other alternatives that promote individual style and keep me from mainstream style. I appreciate that.

Wet-look leggings in black were worn by Rydell High's own school sweetheart Sandy D after a stunning transformation in order to catch the attention of her love affection, Danny Zuko. These shiny pants seem to go one step further, light bounces off of them at any angle possible and are also slightly different from American Apparel's disco pants; something I've also been contemplating marginally. Bombastic, eye-catching and somehow in the style of Spiderman's nemesis Venom, I'm keen to try this walk on the wild side and try and push my own sense of style into strange new places. I'm probably more like to purchase something with a velvet texture or a nice, lacy midi skirt that skirts just at the knees.

Next semester I will no longer be forced to study a mathematics (granted I pass) and will instead by studying Astronomy. While the slogan of 'Eat my Cosmic' dust against a dark black background and in sparkly green is rather cute, the bare singlet is not weather appropriate and I find it hard to understand that some people can still stroll around in the dead of winter  in shorts or girls in midriff tops... Although Evil Twin is a label based in Australia and mention General Pants Co. in their 'About' section through Facebook, they are well aware of their International fans and have balanced the collection between warm Winter knits and festival shirts, sheer dresses and light weight skirts.

One of my friends from university is having a little get together now that semester is well and truly at an end, but even though I haven't made my mind up as to whether I'll be going I already wish I was wearing a shimmer sheer dress with metallic tones to it; the material used for the above dress reminds me strangely of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. There's such a wonderful shimmer about it and the pleats of the skirt really do capture the light in a spectacular fashion- a vintage faux fur coat or feather boa would be the perfect compliment to such a slinky and sultry dress making it ready to hit the town.

What could be better than one metallic sheer dress in a wonderful colour of the night? Another dress of the same structure and material but instead with a silvery glamour appeal to it of course. As much as I do adore my silver jewellery and have been looking to a compliment of my many rings, I do prefer the midnight blue metallic dress, simply because I know I don't wear enough blue in my wardrobe and have been meaning to inject a little more colour to my outfits. Dalmatian print fur and lightning pained custom canvas boots would make a wild pair of companions to such a rad dress and make for a killer outfit for those who mildly dress as if everyday is Halloween.

It seems that their collection Dark Side of the Moon isn't the only experiment of the brand into grunge inspired clothes that dabble in glorious materials and textures of an age of rock.

EVIL TWIN is all about left-of-centre everyday wear with a dash of avant garde.
Think grungy punk street styles with designer lines and glitzy, trashy 80’s influences and you’d almost be there. The pieces are fun and flashy and can be taken from AM to PM quicker than you can change from beat up cons to multi-inch platforms - wardrobe staples that make a statement…..and that statement is “Yeah, I love to look good, but I don’t take this shit too seriously” .

But let’s not talk it up too much, no need really. If this dark (double) take on fashion is your thing, then I suggest you check out General Pants as well as select boutiques nationally.

Be EVIL- let your dark side out to play.

Like Kryptonite to Superman, it appears the texture of crushed velvet is my weakness and Achilles heel as far as fashion is concerned, although there really is little velvet within my own wardrobe to speak of. I've managed to wreck about three pairs of black suede shoes which I wear when all other choices fail to satisfy my needs, but I've yet to get my hands on the perfect little black dress in velvet or even a grungy pair of 1990s boots for heaven's sake. It seems that for someone who does really admire and is swept up in the punk aesthetic of fashion I'm not as big a part of it as I once thought. Oh well, that simply leaves more time for me and excuses to build up an army of gloriously soft dresses in dreamy shimmering texture to one day show off.

My mild obsession with Goth couture has culminated in an admiration of black lace and long sleeved dresses, but I do like the modern mix of bleached and dyed material leading to a smoky and burnt forest mess of a skirt. I say mess in the nicest possible way, of course. There's something so righteous about things that are unique and made to be different from all others when choosing through mass produced clothing off of racks- the next best thing to shopping vintage but without the stuffy old shops and strange aroma of mothballs lingering in the air. I wish I had the courage to try this out for myself and make my own skirts from patterns, but there's no room at all for even a small electronic sewing machine in my cramped room.

A fashion blogger I'm currently following was gifted the most gorgeous scarf printed dress which complimented her ginger hair so well, I was the perfect image of envy itself at that instant since there's nothing that compliments the tones of my hair... I am however intoxicated on the thought of styling this dress with a chic little felt hat and perhaps some eccentric printed leggings to brighten up the mood. The expression of the model is so pained and serious in this one photograph, it brings out the drama of black and white print of the dress as well as a black and white outlook on life. Everything has it's subtle shades of grey though-this dress may be mad as all hell but I do wish they dabbled in different colour combinations to make the intricate pattern stand out a little bit more. 

Ombre isn't a word that is recognised by spell check at the moment, and for those of you at home scratching your heads still it refers to the subtle gradual dyeing of either hair or clothes in a dreamy effect. Usually the hemline or tips are the deepest in colour, but I do like this reversal of roles in colour. The model still looks dreamy with the naivety of a fish out of water and the beauty of a mermaid. 

Cosmic associations and in particular, our binary planet, Luna has always held a strong fascination over me once I got over the childhood fear of the dark. In my later teenage years I felt welcomed in the comfort of the dark and shielded by its effect. So much of what is associated as magical and dark (but not necessarily evil) such as silhouettes of witches on broomsticks, howling wolves and rituals performed in the aura of candles blends well with a crescent moon. I would love to delight and revel in the soft silver glow; but I always crash at the 2am mark and have the need to rest my weary eyes. The pairing of the strong graphics of this jumper and it's charcoal colour with maroon skirt loosely hanging about the pale skin of the model would be enough to get me howling too. I don't have the pink hair and fair skin to pull it off with such aesthetic; but perhaps a stronger Navajo approach with dark hair and tan skin along with silver and turquoise rings would be a better personal approach.

If I was at all sensible, knitwear would be on the top of my priorities and a wise investment in shielding and protecting myself from searing winds and the cold. What better way to protect ones' self from the elements than by means our medieval forefathers crafted; chainmail. Grey isn't something I wear out of habit; black is more in check with my usual routine and demeanour; but the metallic threads used throughout this collection is common when thrifting amongst clothes from the 1990s and looks great when paired with devil-may-care hair and smoking velvet platform boots.

The media was abuzz with Angelina Jolie's black dress with darts that reached as high as her hips; I'm not as daring or well proportioned as she so I usually make up for my appearance in other ways such as clever style and quirky accessories. A black crushed velvet skirt in maxi length can be made to look all the more gory and dark when worn with a shirt splashed in red paint or a more structured pattern- I personally prefer the addition of Catholic crosses or French rosary beads worn as a necklace with a wonderfully bright t-shirt. The shoes are perfect as they are, though I wish that they were sold as part of the collection and not used exclusively for styling purposes.

Back again is the imperial tile Sun motif pattern, this time recreated as a long hanging t-shirt. For some reason this kind of intricately penned design always reminds me of American currency because of that simple contrast of one colour as well as cross-hatching used to create the illusion of shadow. I'm still very much in love with this print spangled in Roman Numerals, but would love to see a more rockabilly approach explored rather than grunge- perhaps a smear of red lipstick and a swinging gangster bandana worn as headscarf and cigarette jeans would also be a plausible way to wear such a shirt. I don't know why- it just feels so good to dress punk.

Cute girls can get away with wearing all black when their hair is as sweet as fairy floss and wind-blown under the lights of a professional flash; I however, would be content to have a neat studded jumper in silvery metal along with trailing moon necklaces. Gold is really costly in these tough economic times and I'm much happier to hold on to the symbol of Diana and the moon in gloriously shimmering silver. As well as a certain affinity for wearing silver necklaces, I think I'm better suited to laying off the black and grey or at least wearing a little pastel in the mix. Having boring hair that's nearly black in colour can be a detriment at times.

I've been searching high and low for the perfect baseball t-shirt with non-committal motif and fit to flatter the female body and have been pretty unsuccessful. As well as fulfilling all that criteria I'm looking for something with a low price tag to keep my wallet happy; I didn't suspect it at first but it seems I am in fact asking for the impossible. I dig this wolf smeared in red and blended against the full moon design above, but I won't settle for anything less than an eBay second hand scrap and an equally low-key price tag. I've found some rad finds on vintage online stores, that seem perfect, but most of the time they're too small for that relaxed and slouchy fit I so desire.

I feel pretty lousy at the moment, actually hiding away from the world and trying to become an invisible ghost and never showing my face would be a really attractive job for the rest of my life. There's something very magnetic about this shirt and its gentle grey and white tones. I've been trying to dress eccentrically and more true to myself these last few days which does make me happy but when I feel dodgy I wear louse black jumpers as well as skinny jeans. Some would describe this as the style of an off-duty model but when I have such a hang-dog look I simply look wrecked and tired.

The allure of sheer has lost it's strong stranglehold on me for at least a month, but seeing the shimmery copper coloured material faintly conceal slinky black lingerie does change my mind. I don't normally dress with such a seductive agenda and am keener to show off my own style than impress strangers from the streets but sheer is such a wonderful material to experiment with and easily layer with knitted cardigans, messy tights and ripped jeans. Copper may be a colour I can easily use to my advantage and wear with long black/brown hair which I am still very tempted to dip dye red with an Ombre pink effect. Despite this backyard experiment I'm plotting with my hair, I can still see it working to my advantage and this glorious colour being brought to life.

I've already been on holidays for a fortnight now so I've been a total space cadet as far as intelligence is concerned and shoot off my mouth like there's no tomorrow- perhaps some futuristic and space age looking leggings will complete my mushy brain. It's hard enough to get my hands on some leggings from Black Milk and the prices continue to rise once pieces are discontinued- Evil Twin may be a nice alternative for someone trying to be thrift and save money for holidays away with friends and family for the moment.

I am in desperate need of knitwear and variety in my wardrobe- I wear the same two jumpers just about everyday and need some spice added to my wardrobe. A simple crescent moon in black against this caramel/ rust colour has answered an unspoken prayer; the design is so simple but the texture looks great for layering as well. A tartan duffel coat could be easily worn over the top for a more stylised British skinhead appeal, but it looks perfectly sweet when worn with silver leggings and black sunglasses to hide boundless attitude.

If a brand was ever able to make be believe that beautiful Goth girls are in fact magical oceans that cultivate the land as human-like mermaids, Evil Twin would be the prime suspect. There weren't a lot of strong colours used throughout this collection, but in the instances that sheer dresses and blouses were illuminated with stark tones, there was a sharp contrast with the pink hair of the model and chunky platform boots from the 1990s gave structure where all other lines were soft and flowing. If you're as wrapped up in the revolution of punk and grunge once again creeping into popular culture and society, I highly recommend you check out the clothing of Evil Twin: it's to die for.

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