Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evil Queen

Wearing: Zara stripe blouse, Ksubi Skinny leg Jeans, Dr Martens, cardigan from mum, various badges.

I'm in a suitably foul mood to commentate properly on this equally evil ensemble of black and purple; my main inspiration was the range of cosmetics from Mac in which Disney villains were used as the feature design of the packaging. I have yet to get my filthy hands on any of these lipsticks which I'm most interested in, but it's only a matter of time before I get to it. I used black face paint to colour my lips in this shot and it took a solid twenty minutes to apply evenly and following the natural contours using a Q-tip. I did get a good run out of it for another outfit post, but I really must invest in a tube of lipstick in this shade that looks solid and not washed out.

Blocking out your face using a hand when you should be using a tripod seems like an ironic combination and it is; but I did want to show off the badges and buttons that I used to decorate an otherwise plain black cardigan. While cleaning out my dusty drawers covered in bits and bobs from years and years ago I found the Easter Bunny badge and decided to add that to me small collection. 'Don't Stare' was a gift from my mother, Hello My Name is Channel [V] is something my brother won and I stole, and the koala is from Princess C, Lady J and the Uppercut which I bought earlier this year. At the time I styled this outfit I was pretty inspired by Tavi Gevinson and her plastic hair barrettes from drug stores as well as badges collected from second hand shop. It's an eclectic mix, but seems so youthful when she artfully styles them together.

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