Monday, July 30, 2012

Dr. Martens X Liberty

I’ve almost been carried away with the drug-induced candour of the 1960s/ 1970s after watching the motion picture, ‘The Boat that Rocked’ rather listlessly on the last Thursday afternoon of my holiday break, as well as avidly subscribing to the teachings of DIY tutorials from Tavi Gevinson and her friend Petra Collins. The delightful duo were pretty charming and nothing was more charming than Petra wearing the most wonderful pair of psychedelic flares this side of the solar system. The colours used for the collaboration between Dr Martens and Liberty of London weren’t as wild or free as vintage originals, but the intricate swirling patterns are as fanciful and light-hearted as their authentic ancestors. Bell bottoms have been making a small comeback in their own right, alas, only extra small and small sized pants are available to someone of my size and stature but wearing some pink Dr Martens in dress-shoe brogue design with structured and roomy denim would be a dream come true to this youthful but eccentric at heart blogger.

They’re available to purchase from Asos if you are that way inclined, and if you especially adore them then you shouldda put a ring on it you should purchase these rare special edition docs as soon as possible since they won’t hang around for long. I’m restricting myself to vindictive penny-pinching and hence won’t be indulging in luxuriously patterned leather; instead I’m left to search for true vintage and psychedelic reminiscent pieces rescued from local second hand shops to label as my treasure. So far, I have found nothing within that era, but I’m not going to give up the hunt.

As much as I do enjoy the tall length of desert boots when they feature such glorious prints, I feel that the shortened cut shoes have greater associations with dapper style and imagery of savvy and street-wise gentlemen. Any variation on the design of the iconic Dr. Martens boots would look gorgeous with a simple and slinky maxi dress in black velvet, but at this moment my mind is intent on layering with elaborate combinations of socks and tights with cut-off denim shorts. I’ve given my high-top skate shoes the heave ho in preparation for something luxurious in leather and hardy to Melbourne weather and rain- could this collection be the answer to my unsung prayers?

Rogue boots in tall blue suede seem like the most conservative design of the collaboration, but all things considered when feebly throwing clothes at each other in a vain attempt to create an outfit, I can easily see these babies worn with slimming leggings and draping anorak coats. The pure, virginal white laces make a sharp contrast against the pristine suede material, but if I were to walk a day in these I can assure you the dye would leak all over the laces and soak through my soaks after callously splashing through the rain. The small inclusion of paisley pattern is just enough to include these shoes in the collaborative collection, but also makes for a good stand-alone piece I themselves.

StyleLikeU interviews with Australian model Myf Sheperd opened my eyes to the fanfare of dressing with unique flare and charisma without having a great selection to choose from- the model advocated wearing shoes till they reached their breaking point as well as customising them herself with painted designs. I doubt I have the artistic flair to express myself eloquently in terms of command of shape or colour (or without massacring a decent pair of shoes) but I do pride myself on self-expression through style. Some of you will feel inspired by the ideas of Liberty and their many wonderful prints and others will be urged to buy the real deal and fuel more British minds converging together in the fashion industry. Whatever the case, I do hope you enjoyed this novice’s commentary.

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