Thursday, July 12, 2012

Deandri X Solestruck Draw me in Contest Winners

Thanks to the wonderful people at Solestruck and Deandri, five lucky bloggers and artists will win themselves shoes price some hundred dollars each. The 'Draw me in' contest had heaps of entries and from the quality of these images I can see why my own entry was unsuccessful in winning this contest, but perhaps it's for the best. If I had been a keen winner to the Deandri X Solestruck competition it would have been my third contest of the year to win and second blog giveaway prize within a month, leaving me feeling lucky but cosmically selfish. Besides, my collage was never on this same level as mish-mashed people replaced with animal heads, strange vintage style and some of their best and cutest range of booties.

It seems that drawings were the most popular when featured on the blog post announcing winners and I feel pretty regretful I spent so much time on my collages and entries but with little in return; it seems I'll have to buy my own pair of Charlie Oxfords first after I sort out all my affairs and pool lots of second hand clothes on eBay once again. The collages that did win had a nice artistic appeal to them and merely included the shoes rather than showing off the style in which they could be worn. It seems that going away on holiday can be a pain in the neck when you return and realise you could have made a stack of money if you stayed home.

Although I have had a lucky streak this year, I do wish I had won this competition and if anything has become clear to me it's that I should really get a proper version of Photoshop- I don't have the talent or training to use it to draw as other girls have but it would come in handy to touch up photographs of my own before uploading them. The white outlines and added items to this outfit are a bit strange, but it works pretty well to show off how the Helga boots can be worn. I personally would have loved to wear them with fluorescent orange laces but it's going to be a while before I realise my dream.

Above is my favourite featured entry from the Solestruck website, most likely because I've been indecisive for a year know as to whether I should dip dye my hair and I also have been meaning to buy a black, asymmetrical sheer skirt to show off my legs in an entirely different way. Cat eye glasses are also something I've been tentatively meaning to try and have searched busily for a fur skirt ever since I saw one spotted on a blogging hero of mine: Sussana Lau of Style Bubble. So the above image encompasses things I've found trend, old and new all in the one image and the white boots look cute featuring their wooden heels and pink floral clips along the laces. I hadn't previously considered wearing shoes from Deandri with knee high socks, but there is a certain feminine appeal to the look when accompanied by a swish skirt. Thanks to all the entrants for making such amazing art inspired by shoes and fashion; I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoyed it.

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