Friday, July 13, 2012

Cat Fight

Wearing: Wowch cat leggings, black cardigan from mother, vintage pink camouflage shirt, modified mermaid necklace from Kamibashi string doll key chain.

Badges: Koala from Princess C, Lady J and the Uppercut, Vintage Easter Bunny badge, 'Don't Stare' a gift from my mother, 'Hello My Name is Channel [V]' stolen from my brother.
I feel compelled to warn everyone that this is not how I normally dress and I am not a little teenie bopper who wears leggings as pants and cheap shirts with black cardigans every time I go out to the shops with white socks and Vans. I was just in a bit of a lazy mood and wanted to wear this shirt again but it seems the stitching is a bit more stiff than I remembered. I haven't really found a good way to wear this shirt other than with pink Levi's shorts and a ripped, beachy aura to it but it is a good challenging piece. I just wanted to have a moody feline/ warrior aesthetic at the time but I probably should try and hone this look a bit more in future.

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