Monday, July 30, 2012

Black Knee High Boots Street Style

My last attempt at wearing black knee high boots was an utter disaster and took place at the tender age of eleven in which I thought spaghetti straps, horizontal stripes and a denim skirt would all make good company together... that's about all I'm willing to divulge but I suppose it's enough to paint a picture of one very dorky pre-teen. Even nearly eight years later and I have a certain aversion from boots that transcend past the ankles; I've scoped out far too many office clerical workers wearing them with stingy stiletto heels and pointed toes and felt aghast that this indeed may be what the future holds should my degree fail to land me my dream job. A quick whip around Google though as well as a photo shoot from Spanish Moss has restored what very small and minimal hope I had left for the shoes; there's no real uniformity across a material or style but each of these ladies takes the trend in their stride and the boots help to make a slightly fiercer impact among floating dresses and skirts. I can really dig something with that kind of pulling power.

The main protagonist of 'An Education' Jenny giddily promises herself that she will take up smoking, move to France and wear all black gleefully everyday; I think this photograph encapsulates that small monologue of adolescent ideals rather nicely and of the boots shown off in these photos these are some of my favourites. I'm looking for a modest sized heel, good durable shoe with a toe that isn't overly rounded to Dr Martens English punk sensibilities but also isn't an angular eye sore and something difficult to style with. The laces lasting for most of the leather length of this boot are also very cute in a punk kind of way; something I'm getting really choicey about as of late when I've been browsing Etsy.

It was the rugged and weathered look of black leather stressed around the calf with brass eyelets that attracted my attention in the first place; although my original inspiration included a large fluffy Mongolian coat, Summer in Australia as well as a frenzy of music festivals on the horizon caters towards those with long gorgeous legs and the ability to channel soft grunge aesthetics so effortlessly when captured on the streets. While I'm apprehensive about wearing black knee high boots mass manufactured for middle age women in the office, this combination of short denim cut-offs ravaged by a decent air of shears and leggy black boots is a breath of fresh air for what I considered to be a tired trend.

I sold my reliable high-top Vans with the intention of swapping them over for a trendier and equally reliable sneaker, but knee high boots in black may be an even better addition to my outfits and certain artistic spark. Also, they can last amongst the squishy mud and squalor of inept garden beds and nearby rivers while also protecting feet from the rain- an option that I can only hope will be better than my last pair of wrecked ballet flats in suede.

There's scarcely a bold colour in sight, but I'm still captivated by this effortless look combining anorak, loosely cut black shirt and a pair of long black leather riding boots; it's a look that seems so easily overlooked in a crowd but standing alone I see the beauty in the garments combined simplicity as well as the lack of loud colours to distract the eyes. I'm looking forward to my next opportunities to hunt around in second hand shops in the late afternoon since I've already bought more than enough spoils online to last for a week or two before I get another shopping itch.


  1. My last attempt at wearing black knee high boots was an utter disaster and took place at the tender age of eleven in which I thought spaghetti ...