Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bambi Northwood-Blyth

It's strange to think that a model can make a name for themselves and essentially an entire career based on something as trivial as eyebrow's; but Bambi's well framed face has its best features brought out by the contrast of delicate, sensitive facial features against tough dark arches. Odds are you too have seen her work before but never did get to know her name and it's fawn-like, Disney associations as well as Australian nationality. As much as everyone does adore Abbey Lee Kershaw and her appearances in Vogue, after returning from my recent beach holiday I'm a little more in touch with the natural approach to make up and grounded aesthetic of messy hair with slightly tanned skin. If all of those tick your boxes, you will love Bambi's work and photographs.

I'm a bit over the average and well-worn nose piercing amongst many of my peers; I just think many get this punk piercing done without considering whether it suits their own structure and face making it look cheap and copied widely. On Bambi however it looks absolutely stunning when the main focus is her own look and not clothing or a specific style. I love the ferocity behind many of her closeups which is only heightened by her smouldering eyes.

Rocking black nail polish and accompanied by armoured rings sporting thick, chunky and architectural rings I think this photograph represents Bambi at her photogenic best. There's a good balance of tan skin and minimal licks of teal eyeliner to create a fierce queen of the wild; or perhaps a goddess found in the only oasis of a desert. I don't wear enough jewellery spliced into my own outfit posts these days, but images such as these do cause me to reconsider their pooled effects to create a tough and bold look.

Last week when trawling through all the chain clothing stores that I would normally avoid, it became blazing clear and obvious that fluoro is back in this season and it's been beautifully combined with knitwear to make cosy statement pieces. Bambi however seems to be ahead of the trend with her own unique spin on fluorescent shades and matching subtle tones across an entire outfit with a devil-may-care attitude. As much as I did enjoy seeing the great variety of neon knitwear including jumpers and scarves alike, I am more impressed with the grey sweater, lacy bra and matching lipstick; I think it's about time I raid MAC cosmetics armed with a debit card for less financial embarrassment.

It's pretty uncommon to see a model rock such a towering bouffant due to the delicate and precarious piling of so much hair in one spot, but I wish a little more fashion shoots would capitalise on this Greaser style- especially when worn with a tough leather jacket. For those considering wearing an undercut or shaving one side of their head, perhaps slicking back some hair while puffing up the front fringe may be a more attractive alternative. As shown in the photograph above, there's a certain feminine wile about the look that's becoming when worn by Australian model Bambi Northwood-Blyth.

Some fashion critics may argue that a model should be built to look beautiful and showcase any brand their selected to represent, but I enjoy photographs where Bambi isn't dressed up as a dolly or play-thing but rather a spirit wild and free and wrapped in mysticism. I've been meaning to add some weird quirk to my outfit posts with fake eyelashes, nail stickers and light glitter on to my hands and face but I normally focus all attention on the art of combining clothes together in outfits.

It would appear that when you already have thick and distinctive bushy brows that you need not wear showy statement make up but there's something attractive and luscious pouting lips in a cherry candy apple shade. All week long my friends have been bringing me back into the twenty-first century with the mobile phone  application Instagram. While I'm not well versed in the art of capturing followers through this medium; I do still admire the smooth and swayed sunset lines around Bambi's blossoming and tussled brown hair. As much as I do envy the natural beach babe look that Bambi wears so well, this combination of Hollywood glamor pearl necklace, puffed shoulder jacket and diamond earrings are a welcome change.

Despite being a born and bred Australian model, the sassy addition of penned comic book action phrases 'Bam' to each cheek seems very peppy in a high school spirit and in touch with the aesthetic of American teenagers. The old, vintage t-shirt of faded black to grey seem so cool when worn with colourful makeup; despite being familiar with the exclusive click status of petite cheerleaders sporting tiny dogs, hand bags and pom poms I've been pretty obsessed with the notion of fallen cheerleaders or the clashing of mini skirts with grunge style. It seems I'll be trying to imitate this look for myself when a get my hands on some colourful and cheap eyeliner or drug store quality lipstick.

It's shots like this that put mere-mortals such as myself to shame when wearing black bustier bra tops with a simple vintage denim jacket, but this is the bench mark to reach for when I create my own outfit posts. I am however lacking the large feature wall of green painted leaves to show off in front of, but perhaps that's more of an interior decorating pursuit and challenge I may rise to one day in the near future.

The above photograph demonstrates nicely the advantages if photographing a person's profile and face in black and white- the appeal is completely artistic and what's more is that it highlights Bambi's cute freckles quite nicely. A model muse most often when my taste is concerned isn't actually related to any performance when on a runway, but the charm and appeal that is captured when they're photographed. Bambi balances between a sweet innocent beach babe and a sultry demon with smouldering eyes framed with intense eyebrows. It makes me all the more tempted to get my own eyebrows professionally plucked and treated for a more refined and fashionable look.

The usual uniform for off-duty models entails a lot of black and skin tight jeans, but in all honesty I am more fond of this very breezy and beachy look of black lace bra under a clean and crisp white singlet top. It seems that Bambi could easily be an ordinary and everyday university student judiciously learning the lines to a new script and being cast for a new role. Whatever the case, I would love to know how she looks so jaw-droppingly beautiful in such a simple outfit. This must be the star factor that many modelling agencies look for; and Bambi definitely has what it takes in the notoriously ruthless industry. When attempted by a mere mortal such as myself there is a ice rustic, slob effect I seem to radiate that is pretty unwanted unfortunately.

Punk addiction and fascination seems to have gripped most of the fashion world in the last few month and while I don't yet have the courage to wear such a ballsy outfit with shredded holes in a matrix of fine it seems I'll need to kick myself back onto a healthy diet and invest in a good, black and fitted bustier before I wear sheer again. Along with the already dark and moody clothing I do love the matching of a silver spearhead arrow necklace as well as large, statement ring featuring some deliciously dark black stone at the centre. Style this obscure, dark and occult is right up my alley but it seems I have much to learn in the ways of wearing such sultry and bewitching clothing.

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