Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm not exactly in tears at the thought or mention of returning back to the seemingly oppressive regime of weekly laboratory exercises drilled out in military precision or there over-bearing thought of choosing what to wear daily to bring out the best in my mood, but it would be rather handy and neat if I cried a river of small fairy lights. Then I could change my degree to art and monopolise on creativity as well as sheer good luck that against all improbability tear ducts can choose to radiate light instead of salty tears that lick at the corners of my mouth. However, the unsteady income as well as cynicism of an artist doesn't come easily to me and I instead find labouring over reading books and writing non-stop to be second nature in terms of academic pursuits.

This article of text is a bit of an apology in advance that posting will sadly become less frequent as I busily bury my head in the sand along with piles of books in order to understand more on sedimentary deposition related to Geoscience or perhaps the intricate relationships of Marine biology. There's a lot to look forward to in the future, but also a lot I fear I'll miss out on in terms of cool collections released, eBay opportunities as well as blog posts from fellow teens and young adults. I'll probably abandon any hope of drawing for fun or writing on scraps of paper to later collectively type as well; my hand can only take so much torture in order to further my understanding of Science.

There's no point in denying any longer that tattoos are radical, but I'm afraid that like tickets to Big Day Out and clubbing on a weekly basis this type rite of passage will be another testament to youth that I will allow to slip through my fingers. My parents would probably suffer small fits (if not heart attacks largely due to blocked arteries) if I ever got so many tattoos done so clearly visible on skin not nearly as lovely to act as a plain canvas; but it is as always, fun to dream. I'll probably stick to wearing small silver swords/ daggers as earrings to scare people off as well as ordering printed leggings from Black Milk in order to express my soul's longing to be a punk and good-for-nothing.

Soon my indoor induced head aches will be at an end and I will have a reason to leave the house daily *oh joyous day kaloo kala*, but I'll also lose all the glorious free time I once indulged in as well as the extra shifts at work to pick upon like a choosing vulture. Getting back to my degree is a double edge sword really, but it will be nice to try and push some of my personal social barriers again and make new friends in order to survive through the swathe of essays and assignments that will rain down like relentless artillery fire in a war in just a matter of weeks. I'm not a fighter, I'm too much of a lover as well as a delicate thing to be thrown into such a rigorous work schedule- luckily this week focuses on getting introduced to course work as well as some simple workshops run in the place of normal tutorial sessions.

In the next week or so I'm sure I'll crack like a heavily weighed down egg ripe with yolk and run off to the hair dresser in order to cut my locks once more and free myself of split ends. This morning I had my heart set on dyeing the ends Ombre in a light brown/ maroon/ burgundy combination to compliment my naturally dark brown tresses, but this evening my mood has once again been ignited with the promise of spectacular and whimsical shades in the way of anonymous teen models from Tumblr as well as my current crush, Blythe Dolls. My hair won't see a wink of purple hair dye for a while now and while I am still tossing up between ordering dip-dyed extensions in green/ black or ordering hair dye online my hair grows ever longer and more restless; in need of a good trim. As much as I don't want to, I know in the end I'll settle for nothing short of a mediocre and boring haircut to go with my boring lifestyle. *cringe*

I've been fantasising about showing off a shocking lip tattoo to ward off those brutal thugs at work and also to hide from my parents with gleeful pride. It's a small comfort to know that these fade away and I can be a pristine little old lady years down the track, but the pain must also be excruciating and the cost small and astronomical in nature. I don't think I know anyone mad enough to get such a tattoo inked in such a vulnerable spot of the human body.

I successfully proved to my boyfriend that I well and truly am weird (something I claim is a side-effect of being awesome) by showing him some of my finds from Etsy including 'Vegan taxidermy' which often involves either mounting a stuffed toy in a whimsical material or perhaps with a miniature sombrero for comical relief. My favourite so far has been a plain piece of garlic with the ribbon label underneath. I'm not vegan and enjoy eating pork and chicken too much to give up these staples in my diet, but if I did purchase it perhaps I could inspire myself with guilt to one day become vegetarian and then vegan in a gruelling process of limiting my diet.

My 'coming of age' tradition over the last few holidays has been burning candles for hours on end to purify the air of any human scent as well as cleanse my soul, helped along with many mugs of green tea as well as therapeutic blogging sessions whiled away tirelessly. I wish I had better spent my time reading books properly and expanding my knowledge of popular culture a bit more, but my boyfriend kindly lent me the complete Daria series box set including movies which I will probably slowly watch in my long breaks between lectures at university and books will be read when I can't risk disgruntling other commuters around me be furiously attacking my keyboard and clacking thick and filed nails against plastic.

Since I've made a small meager allowance in selling old stuff online I really should get together some supplies for making DIY crowns as shown by Tavi Gevinson and Petra Collins for Rookie Mag. It's a bit of an old video, but to me it's new and exciting; made all the more alluring since my father managed to scoop up a hot glue gun when his workplace disbanded.I'll have a little trouble justifying the purchase of several headbands (especially when I fail to wear them on a regular basis since my head is larger than average), metallic pipe cleaners and small cake decoration paraphernalia from Etsy at first, but I'm a bit determined to make the most of studying at university and come home to a sanctum of arts and crafts along with finally tidying my room and ridding myself of all the junk I no longer deem to be cool and cutting edge. Mercilessly selecting my wardrobe is a lot easier than it should be; I blame my mother for continuously buying me clothes and acting as a dictator of my fashion, self-development and expression as far as clothing is concerned.

With a new semester brought the challenges of perfecting the best possible timetable including a few late afternoon starts and opportunities for me to scour the many second hand shops in my local suburbs in the mornings I deem worthy to bring a hefty enough bag. My flourish for outfits and fashion has been pretty flat lately since I worked a mammoth five shifts over the last week and earned myself the neat sum of three hundred dollars to be sent straight to my savings; but lucky chances to find vintage shoes and dresses my size may make me queen of monochrome black and white and allow for opportunities to boldly mismatch shoes and socks and sit like royalty in rescued furniture.

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  1. i like your writing and these photos arent too bad either