Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aly Antorcha

Across just about every blogging medium I have a favourite figure to follow for their style and looks and Aly Antorcha, perhaps better known as the Daughter of Hungry Ghosts is my pick for Tumblr. Her hair is this blossoming waterfall of pink and every shade in between and she's ridiculously gorgeous... I'm a sucker for anyone with sweet looking hair across any gender it seems but most of all I want to know how she tames her curls and has mastered their shape into such a contained form. Also, I'm convinced that any teenager who has run rampant enough to dye their hair a spectacular colour and endured the slings and arrows of pointy words from their parents is pretty tough stuff.

Amongst all the hype of 'Where the Wild Things Are' it's safe to say I wasn't the only one inspired by the wolf onsie suit Max wore along with this crown used to rule the land of the wild beasts. I too was rather taken to wearing crowns but still want to make a few of my own for different outfit posts and clothes such as Tavi does on rare occasions. They also make sweet decorations for shelves when they've done their part. Her lace dress with corset-like bustier is absolutely picture perfect to match small albino rabbit friend; makes me wish I still had some pets of my own to enlighten outfit posts as well.

It seems like a flamingo her pink hair powers are the result of a diet entirely based on eating pink sugary foods or as if Aly is coming down with a mild case of cannibalism- all I have to say is that it makes for a great photograph. Like all things in life, Tumblr's most popular people or best blogs are run by the extremely attractive who win the hearts of people with ease through computer screens; rather than resenting her for her fame across blogging I instead feel there is a lot to learn from this sweet young maiden. Basically, coolest hair wins.

Like a ghost or shadow of her former self. Aly dresses in corset blue looks like an angel over a shoulder to the other dressed in all black. When I'm feeling down in the dumps or simply like I want to fade away I usually reserve my wardrobe for all black. But unlike this famous girl sporting pink hair when I wear all black the look is severe and drastic; my hair being almost black in colour as well. I regret not jumping on the dip dye band wagon when the trend was at it's peak, but a trip on the train yesterday revealed that girls were still doing it or dyeing their entire head of hair in wild pastel colours. It's still cool as long as you have the confidence to do it; I guess I just need to sprout a little confidence myself.

I think one of the most charming and becoming things about hair dye is when regrowth actually suits you and it gently shows the subtle shade from natural hair colour and fantasy coloured tresses. The combination of well primed and plucked eyebrows and soft pink lips matches the different colours of her hair surprisingly well- I wish I was clever enough to balance hair dye with regrowth and still have low key maintenance of my hair. I'm still pretty scared when it comes to hair dye though- too many bad experiences combined with my need for another trim are warding off my love of wild colours. There are others who I can admire and praise for their looks as well as my small love for vintage toys from the late 1970s and 1990s as well. That will satisfy my love for pink hair...for now.

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