Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Addictions of Hipsters

As sad as it is, I'm at risk of too getting sucked into the aesthetic appeal of smoking and alluring people with smoke, danger and a small flame. Fortunately I hang out with a good bunch of girls and none of us who still hang out as part of the pack smoke cigarettes, but there was a neat little collection of Bourbon and rum sitting on our collective kitchen bench when we went away this week; to speak nothing of the contents of the fridge and their nourishing taste. I don't know how far gone I am into this crazy hipster business, but I do know I am a social drinker only and that I collect their soft focus photographs on my computer avidly. That's about it for my really, and it's probably for the best I don't get sucked further in to the cliche addictions of hipsters.

Since high school I too have developed my own attitude of dismissing the public general perception of teenagers or myself, but to let ash from a cigarette drop so carelessly on one's finger is a bit of an indication that that isn't just tobacco being smoked above. The freedom of being a young adult is balancing between the life you always dreamed of having as well as accepting responsibility for one's actions but it seems that some are better at managing this delicate balance than others.

I'm currently conversing with one of my favourite New Zealand designers this very second who has made skeletal babushka doll necklaces in semi-precious stones as well as silver casing. The one thing that could possibly complete my quest on being stylish as well as dark and menacing as a witch would be to party with some of those oddly shaped balloons but that seems pretty unlikely at the moment.As much as I would like to waste time searching for these black beasts on the Internet, my time and money would be better spent resuming a busy blogging schedule after being away with friends as well as orchestrating a few more outfit posts and further thinning out the mass of saved images on my hard drive.

Yet again I have failed to set aside time for myself and pick up any novel or science textbook and delayed my game plan for studying abroad. However, I am pretty close to having published five hundred posts on this one, simple blog and that milestone is a tantalising treat in itself. Getting ahead in my studies for the next semester would be nice, but I passed all units with distinctions under my belt to be proud of and I'll probably become obsessed with academic achievement once again without considering the effects on my online writing routine.

There was nary an opportunity to secretly pierce my body or smother a small tattoo on my skin on my short holiday away with friends, but during my short life I have become easily addicted to one art form and another. I'm sure tattoos could become a short-lived obsession along with photography, music and drawing and also something that I live to regret. Instead I think I prefer to dress with a punk edge and leave my skin simple, untainted, and pure.

 A trademark of the hipster culture is adding strange and obscure captions to pretty and picturesque images ripped off from photography sites such as Flickr; I prefer the mockery and sharp cutting comments that are slightly subversive such as this demonic combination of unicorns and violence. Despite being a ripe old, eighteen years of age I would like to collect Strawberry Shortcake figurines, My Little Pony and flocked animal figures bought from Etsy in addition to my growth of fashion and strange style. I consider it important to grow in all aspects and life as a hipster whether it be weird childhood toys, style or interior decorating.

Yeah I've actually never taken drugs in my life and live a pretty boring and non-experimental life but I am a fan of public toilet graffiti and the variety of strange messages, advice, public service announcements and grammar corrections that take place on the back of those hallowed swinging doors. As much as it saddens me to say, this is probably the best forum of the people I have encountered in my life and the best way girls in schools can proclaim their love for certain boys as well as bitch about one another in an anti-feminist kind of way. University life seems pretty different from all this and people have moved on from the humble permanent marker to express themselves. Instead there are groups and clubs for young rebels and politic enthusiasts to voice their loud opinions.

The last pair of Converse sneakers I bought were black, but went straight to my boyfriend as a late birthday present but I'm looking into buying either some black, low cut Converse sneakers or Vans as an everyday staple to my wardrobe. Some days I do crave the challenge of pulling together outfits but during campus life I just want to be normal and dress without hassle when i have ten minutes between my train arriving and running out the door.

As a kid we never sat down at a dinner table and ate socially as a family and perhaps that did somehow hurt my chances at being popular in school or whatever and inflated the probability and times I was a social outcast, but I am pretty content to sit down with a coffee or tea in hand and pour over books and stuff by myself. Hipsters go out at night, paint the town red and dabble in their drugs and substances but instead I sit on instant messenger shooting messages to my sweetheart and I prefer it this way.