Monday, July 30, 2012

Black Knee High Boots Street Style

My last attempt at wearing black knee high boots was an utter disaster and took place at the tender age of eleven in which I thought spaghetti straps, horizontal stripes and a denim skirt would all make good company together... that's about all I'm willing to divulge but I suppose it's enough to paint a picture of one very dorky pre-teen. Even nearly eight years later and I have a certain aversion from boots that transcend past the ankles; I've scoped out far too many office clerical workers wearing them with stingy stiletto heels and pointed toes and felt aghast that this indeed may be what the future holds should my degree fail to land me my dream job. A quick whip around Google though as well as a photo shoot from Spanish Moss has restored what very small and minimal hope I had left for the shoes; there's no real uniformity across a material or style but each of these ladies takes the trend in their stride and the boots help to make a slightly fiercer impact among floating dresses and skirts. I can really dig something with that kind of pulling power.

The main protagonist of 'An Education' Jenny giddily promises herself that she will take up smoking, move to France and wear all black gleefully everyday; I think this photograph encapsulates that small monologue of adolescent ideals rather nicely and of the boots shown off in these photos these are some of my favourites. I'm looking for a modest sized heel, good durable shoe with a toe that isn't overly rounded to Dr Martens English punk sensibilities but also isn't an angular eye sore and something difficult to style with. The laces lasting for most of the leather length of this boot are also very cute in a punk kind of way; something I'm getting really choicey about as of late when I've been browsing Etsy.

It was the rugged and weathered look of black leather stressed around the calf with brass eyelets that attracted my attention in the first place; although my original inspiration included a large fluffy Mongolian coat, Summer in Australia as well as a frenzy of music festivals on the horizon caters towards those with long gorgeous legs and the ability to channel soft grunge aesthetics so effortlessly when captured on the streets. While I'm apprehensive about wearing black knee high boots mass manufactured for middle age women in the office, this combination of short denim cut-offs ravaged by a decent air of shears and leggy black boots is a breath of fresh air for what I considered to be a tired trend.

I sold my reliable high-top Vans with the intention of swapping them over for a trendier and equally reliable sneaker, but knee high boots in black may be an even better addition to my outfits and certain artistic spark. Also, they can last amongst the squishy mud and squalor of inept garden beds and nearby rivers while also protecting feet from the rain- an option that I can only hope will be better than my last pair of wrecked ballet flats in suede.

There's scarcely a bold colour in sight, but I'm still captivated by this effortless look combining anorak, loosely cut black shirt and a pair of long black leather riding boots; it's a look that seems so easily overlooked in a crowd but standing alone I see the beauty in the garments combined simplicity as well as the lack of loud colours to distract the eyes. I'm looking forward to my next opportunities to hunt around in second hand shops in the late afternoon since I've already bought more than enough spoils online to last for a week or two before I get another shopping itch.

Headache Life

It’s been a terribly long time since I last posted anything or notoriety or worth lately, but I’ve been rather busy having a life (half-true); working my butt off in order to save for travel opportunities coming ever closer on the horizon as well as a plethora of wonderfully tantalising Summer festivals and concerts coming up. I’ve also had my head busily buried in the sand with study and my boyfriend lovingly coaxing me out to come and play some nights and relax from all the toil and trouble of university life. I’m as obsessed with grades and succeeding as ever but now I’ve managed to fulfill more shifts and become someone to rely on when holes in a roster appear. Despite having done all this revision and only being twenty five percent through the second semester I still haven’t started on my Biology essay… so I’m further procrastinating on public transport and listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I’m looking forward to seeing them at my first big concert next January for Australia’s Big Day Out but I’m already struggling to think of what to wear- my fashion blogger mentality hasn’t stopped ticking over yet. Speaking of fashion blogging, the start of the academic semester usually sparks some of my more inspired outfits but my mother took leave to watch the Olympics and my father has been sick for the last week or so, so I still can’t pose embarrassingly in the hallway using a tripod. All the strange combinations I’ve dreamed up so far in the last month have been recorded in my diary and are still waiting to be brought to life. I think that about sums up my teenage-hormone-fuelled rant.

I think the above nicely sums up most of my reasons for not blogging as of late; but sooner or later I’ll need to clean my room in order to take fashion outfit posts and with all the extra cash I’ve managed to pick up I’ll be buying cheap goodies from Asos as well as vintage costume masks anytime now. The day I metaphorically blossom from meek and drably dressed cocoon to bewildering butterfly and manage to get my organised and it will be a most joyous day. I’m usually dumbstruck when American teenagers finish all their homework and studies and are out at the mall/ movies/ restaurants just chilling and killing while I’m on the other side of the world busting my gut in order to work part time and study full time. Spending cash on Alexisonfire tickets as well as some Lady Gaga/ Mickey Mouse leggings has been my sweet victory of the week. 

It would be great if I just stopped caring so much about doing well in school and only worked as hard to get a distinction as bare minimum grades across the board and lived life a little, but still new to the university system and continuing my spree of unhealthy study habits but loosely in the back of my mind is the opportunities of internships, scholarships and working over the Summer holidays in order to make those important connections within an industry to fall back on when I eventually finish my course. All that’s a long way from now and it would just be nice to end this vicious cycle of grade obsession (if only it were that easy).

Dr. Martens X Liberty

I’ve almost been carried away with the drug-induced candour of the 1960s/ 1970s after watching the motion picture, ‘The Boat that Rocked’ rather listlessly on the last Thursday afternoon of my holiday break, as well as avidly subscribing to the teachings of DIY tutorials from Tavi Gevinson and her friend Petra Collins. The delightful duo were pretty charming and nothing was more charming than Petra wearing the most wonderful pair of psychedelic flares this side of the solar system. The colours used for the collaboration between Dr Martens and Liberty of London weren’t as wild or free as vintage originals, but the intricate swirling patterns are as fanciful and light-hearted as their authentic ancestors. Bell bottoms have been making a small comeback in their own right, alas, only extra small and small sized pants are available to someone of my size and stature but wearing some pink Dr Martens in dress-shoe brogue design with structured and roomy denim would be a dream come true to this youthful but eccentric at heart blogger.

They’re available to purchase from Asos if you are that way inclined, and if you especially adore them then you shouldda put a ring on it you should purchase these rare special edition docs as soon as possible since they won’t hang around for long. I’m restricting myself to vindictive penny-pinching and hence won’t be indulging in luxuriously patterned leather; instead I’m left to search for true vintage and psychedelic reminiscent pieces rescued from local second hand shops to label as my treasure. So far, I have found nothing within that era, but I’m not going to give up the hunt.

As much as I do enjoy the tall length of desert boots when they feature such glorious prints, I feel that the shortened cut shoes have greater associations with dapper style and imagery of savvy and street-wise gentlemen. Any variation on the design of the iconic Dr. Martens boots would look gorgeous with a simple and slinky maxi dress in black velvet, but at this moment my mind is intent on layering with elaborate combinations of socks and tights with cut-off denim shorts. I’ve given my high-top skate shoes the heave ho in preparation for something luxurious in leather and hardy to Melbourne weather and rain- could this collection be the answer to my unsung prayers?

Rogue boots in tall blue suede seem like the most conservative design of the collaboration, but all things considered when feebly throwing clothes at each other in a vain attempt to create an outfit, I can easily see these babies worn with slimming leggings and draping anorak coats. The pure, virginal white laces make a sharp contrast against the pristine suede material, but if I were to walk a day in these I can assure you the dye would leak all over the laces and soak through my soaks after callously splashing through the rain. The small inclusion of paisley pattern is just enough to include these shoes in the collaborative collection, but also makes for a good stand-alone piece I themselves.

StyleLikeU interviews with Australian model Myf Sheperd opened my eyes to the fanfare of dressing with unique flare and charisma without having a great selection to choose from- the model advocated wearing shoes till they reached their breaking point as well as customising them herself with painted designs. I doubt I have the artistic flair to express myself eloquently in terms of command of shape or colour (or without massacring a decent pair of shoes) but I do pride myself on self-expression through style. Some of you will feel inspired by the ideas of Liberty and their many wonderful prints and others will be urged to buy the real deal and fuel more British minds converging together in the fashion industry. Whatever the case, I do hope you enjoyed this novice’s commentary.

Mermaid Hair

I've been crazily craving the bottle lately as well as being soaked with disdain for my own unhealthy locks- every which way I look on the university campus every girl seems to have well maintained hair but me; my own head crying out for a quick snip and maybe even a splash of colour. I've been swinging from moods wildly thanks to raging hormones (again) but all the last few weeks I've felt unhappy with being mediocre and 'just another face in the crowd', not that fitting in is bad, but I'm lusting after elusively good style photographs for my blog as well as space to update and add more images... Dip dyeing continues to look like a good alternative from dyeing my entire head a shocking shade and I'm also revolting against my fickle boyfriend in a childish way. What could grab some one's attention more than a drastic change in aesthetics?

As well as leaning towards bottles of dye, the notion of ridding myself of long, mermaid length has been a tantalising temptation these last few hours, but after having spent a few years in finally achieve what was a life-long ambition in terms of my hair, it seems so pitiful that I try and lop it all off. My peers would also be shocked by the sudden transformation after having come to know me as having long brown hair in soft straight threads; I'm curbing the idea of dyeing my hair with quaint and childish vintage curiosities such as My Little Ponys, Blythe Dolls and other nostalgic throw-backs, but how long can I stave off my urges?

While I continue to wildly invent abstract reasons that hair dyeing is good for my socio-economic status and potential as an appealing blogger, the pairing of red lipstick applied properly in coats with lip liner and plain denim jackets can make for a great combination when removed from the hustle and bustle of the busy city seen. Yeah, I forget to wear lipstick even when I'm going out with friends and the next forest or vacant spot of vast vegetation is a while from my house but I want to join the ranks of fellow hipsters and venture out for hours at a time conducting amateur photo shoots on the weekend; rather than working myself ragged and collecting blister after painful foot sore.

After a hard day of study, I'm looking forward to a little r and r with Daria as well as the notion of piercing my nose straight down the middle if I can't dye my hair- hiding it may prove a lot easier but still a drastic change to my appearance that I can chop and change just as I see fit; like my hair. Blue is off limits anyway but the toastier tones and colours of red, pinks and orange have been playing on my mind like rogue school children lately. Orange and brown sadly aren't the greatest of friends in terms of the world of hairdressing so I am leaning more towards pink or purple at the moment. You're going to have to stay tuned to see what it is I do, if I make a move at all...

Haircuts divided right down the middle part are amongst my favourite of styles designed to shock and dismay the elderly set not yet accustomed to the freedom and youthful spirit of teenagers fuelled by the 1990s traditions of are not-so-distant-forefathers. There's something that's drastically hip and modern about this colourful cut in the vain of Cruella De Vil that I dig so much though that's made all the more bold and beautiful when worn with colourful vintage clothes such as Hawaiian shirts with big statement hoop earrings. The closest I'll get to this girl's style is the application of my own eyeliner; which I can't be bothered with on the best of days.

Sometimes when I'm absolutely on the brink of insanity driven by tiredness and a longing to sleep I envision my heaven to be blurred with soft pastel hair as well as little kittens in the weirdest of colours with bows and all the jewellery there is amazing and everyone wears what they like and looks bitching. As you can probably guess, I'm really over working myself if I think these shades can replace the traditional virginal white and gossamer smocks of angels but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and 1990s influences really are leaking all over the interior of my brain.

The big lure of strangely coloured and unnatural hair is that it dresses something as simple as purple tights up when worn with Jeffrey Campbell-esque sparkly Lita shoes- something I will have to make my next port of call when purchasing things late night online after a hard week of many shift. Soft pastel in that combination of mint and lilac is still really fetchingly feminine in my eyes and the texture of the above woman's hair is simply lovely- I can't wait to go get myself a nice cut but whether I do end up choosing to dye my ends will depend entirely on my mood at the time of that decision.

I love the swirling colours of pale white, pink, blue and yellow reminiscent of hours I whiled away taming the mane of My Little Pony as well as cheap hair barrettes which featured their own plastic textured hair extensions for wild children of the tender age of five. If I did dare to set foot in my parent's house with hair like this my mother would probably shave me bold on the doorstep or thrash me to pieces for being so jovially juvenile.

Blue hair is made all the more stunning when dark eyeshadow as well as dark red/ black lipstick is worn all wrapped together in a look of bold cynicism and expressionless angst; Daria Morgendoffer