Saturday, June 2, 2012


Wearing: Vintage pink Levi's shorts from Nenes (Asos Marketplace), T-shirt from Big W, Dr Martens boots, vintage black cardigan and various rings.

I'm super happy that I now am the proud owner of a pair of pink Levi's shorts, but I'll need to wait about another four months before I can wear them out and about in town; which is ample time to further slim down. From lousy organisation of my untidy room I sparked an idea seeing my prized new shorts with a shirt that I had once considered daggy; pink camouflage could never have been all that fashionable but with plain black cardigan, combat boots and these sweet bubble gum pink shirts I think I can swing it. Before throwing all my old clothing up on eBay; I think re-evaluating their potential with all my other new threads is in order and would also help to better sell them...

I don't think that a real warrior would ever wear such a ridiculous outfit and as much pink as I do, but as of late I've been feeling surprisingly feminine and adding the sugary shade to a lot of my outfits. At the moment I need to save up for the future and being a responsible adult, but if I wasn't I would've already laid claim to some vintage camouflage jackets and shirts in green. Like leopard print, the designs can vary wildly  from region to region and there is a bit of a challenge in finding the perfect pattern, print and pallet of colours. Perhaps before I sell this daggy shirt I should wait until I get a little more camou into my wardrobe or buy a sweet blue, leopard print cardigan I've had my eye on as well. Mixing patterns and clashing colours is just so much fun- I can't believe my mother deterred me from dressing this way as a kid and experimenting further to reach the pinnacle of my creative potential.

From left to right: Black Najo signet ring, Large Sterling silver signet ring from Woodford & Co., Bow ring from Stolen Girlfriends Club Heavy Metal, Alex Monroe daisy ring, Silver wave ring from Proud's jewellery and chain mail silver ring from TVSN.

Please excuse the scribble on the back of my hand; it's the best way for me to keep track of my daily schedule and be punctual for public transport. I have a big fixation with silver rings when they're thick, voluptuous and chunky, but that's mainly because I can't afford real gold jewellery and when I do my wallet is left in a state comparable to a black hole. My boyfriend often complains that my rings get in the way of hand-holding and when play fighting they give me a terrible advantage. It's the closest I'll ever get to wearing a knuckle duster.

Shorts and a scarf aren't the most logical pairing, but when wearing such an outright and girly shade all I can think is to swamp myself in comforting black. It tones it down but also gives me the license to wear black predominantly in the rest of my outfit. I think a little more pastel jumpers and skirts would be useful for sweetening my outlook and mood. It'll be a great day when I can finally wear these shorts with my Dr Martens outside and frolic in the Spring sunshine. A trip to the aquarium once again may be in order and just what the doctor ordered or a good old romp around the city and limiting my spending limit.

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  1. I like your shorts, your rings, your whole outfit! (: