Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Blood- The Middle East. Music can have such a strong positive impact on my attitude so I decided to keep sharing what's been keeping my ears pricked these last few days and what's helping me plough through the many blog posts drafts I've left unfinished throughout semester. It's a slightly different aspect of style, and while many of you will disapprove of having someone else's music shoved brutally down your throat as it is so often in the supermarket, on the bus, in the shopping centre... I think these few tracks are pretty relaxing and their sweet acoustic pick up lines have me hooked.Most of these songs are quite mellow but the last, Brother by Matt Corby builds up to a passionate crescendo and some epic growling.

Like any good chameleon I myself am ready to adapt to new environments and situations and my accent is unfortunately easily influenced when in strange new lands, watching specific television from a region or just going through phases with music. While watching Doctor Who has now revolutionised the manner in which I say 'what' it may well be The Kooks who further change my accent in the ways of the British Isle. I have their first record, Inside In/ Inside Out but I think another trip to the record store is in order soon, or better yet finally splashing out on Urban Outfitters and buying some vinyls for myself and hijacking my father's sound system. With my house all to myself, there's no one to bother with music blasting or my inattentive nature as I sip tea and type to my heart's content.

As well as having time to enjoy good music on my lonesome I'm once again grappling with the notion of picking up guitar again, knowing full well that I'll most likely need to cut my nails and after weeks of growing them in preparation for nail stickers I'll have wasted my own good time. As much as I do miss the comforting hug of polished wood and smooth curves of an acoustic guitar body against my own I am satisfied with listening to and appreciating the work of others while I work on my new projects and aspire towards a new set of goals. It seems writing is more my forte and I really do enjoy playing dress up and slapping together outfit posts as well as writing them in dates of my diary to revisit- I do my best thinking when half asleep and often grope around to find my book to write new outfits in to one day wear.

As unhealthy and bad as it is, I love nothing more than blasting this song from my iPod as a way to psyche myself up before starting a shift at work. The song gets intense as Matt Corby focuses more on being vehement and losing himself in the music and focuses less on vocal quality. The song is such a personal thing between him and a quarrelling friend, and although the two haven't patched up over the feud I find it inspiring to see how such grieving energy can be channelled into something raw, powerful and also very human. Blogging is a way to deliver small pieces of myself to my audience and share myself and personality; to connect and learn from other like minded people. I just need to find a way of firmly delivering raw images of myself that are truly representative of what's inside my heart as thought-provocative Matt has done.

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  1. nice songs! xx