Thursday, June 21, 2012

Giles Dinosaur Bag

When I stumbled across Giles Deacon by chance when finding gorgeous cat eye sunglasses, I had no idea the results would be so spectacular and the runway collections would shine as bright as they do. I was completely won over by the silvery extensions, pastel eyeshadow, mesmerising and futuristic materials and that stunning metallic triceratops bag. Even during the season of Summer/ Spring 2010 they were elusive and hard to find so while I will be turning towards DIY inspiration for creating my own little mischievous friend, I'll hoard away an emergency fund of cash for when the time comes and there's finally a shining beacon of an eBay listing and someone sends away their Cretacious friends to stylishly complement other people's outfits, skinny jeans and cosy jumpers (I wish).

Metallic threads seem to flock together like birds of a fever in this feverishly saucy outfit- for this reason and many more you see why I'm envious of those who blog professionally and are able to buy the season's hottest releases and travel to fashion week shows across the globe. I was too late to claim such a quirky and well made bag all for my own, but I'm still blessed with this feeling of inspiration and awe that designers can still churn out designs that I do absolutely gaga over. I am looking forward to roving around the city over the next few weeks and maybe getting spotted a bit of my own, as soon as I can find the right balance between outfits that are practical in this dreaded weather as well as aesthetically pleasing. I need to feel certain I can do justice to such pieces before buying them or making my own, but they certainly do make a great talking point- especially when at a gathering of fashion obsessed hoards.

Of course fashionable British model Agyness Deyn has her hands on the sweet triceratops handbag from the Giles collection, I really expect nothing less from such a fashion-forward and street savvy lady. I had a dream that I talked to this particular model last night, but she somehow turned into Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Only in my dreams could such high powered and hard working models come to know of my humble website but it was good while it lasted. Agyness Deyn was actually my favourite model during high school and the Alexa Chung infection has only been recent. They both produce fairly different outfits when snapped on the streets and for that reason it's all the more cool that Ms. Deyn has a wonderful neutral tone dinosaur by her side. It really brightens up basic ensemble of jeans, shirt and leather jacket.

Lustrous rose gold is my second favourite colour choice of this bag, but in reality beggars can't be choosers and I would travel at the speed of light to purchase such a wonderful and quirky bag. Although there are many good ideas struggling to reach the world and change it, few are done with such immaculate execution that causes the world to sit up and take note. Fashion designers may be a burden on the bank account and a goal I really shouldn't be shooting for at this stage in life, but they have such a knack for breathing life into their beautiful designs and know the processed of creating and marketing their wares. This is definitely one of those good ideas, along with book minaudières from Olympia Le-Tan this may be my favourite bag design I have ever clapped eyes on but still long to see the gorgeous metallic beasts in the flesh.

This strange dichotomy of  dinosaur motifs used sparingly throughout the collection with futuristic prints and space-aged blazers is surprisingly beautiful and easy on the eyes. As much as I do admire the rest of the S/S 2010 collection from Giles Deacon as well as the gorgeous sunglasses worn by models, the dinosaur bags are the most elusive and hard to find of the collection. From season to season there will be other imitated looks of metallic pants and matching jacket but I have yet to see any designer blatantly copy the cute reptilian companion as a handbag and it breaks my heart to think that I may never get this sweet thing in my possession and as part of my collection.

While there aren't any sweet street style photographs of this happy handbag being taken along on shopping expeditions or adventures into the dens of interviewed models, I think the matching of metallic colours and use of colour throughout this collection on the catwalk was much needed. Second hand shops never quite deliver the right matching of colours as compared to newly released fashion collections, sparkly and new but I think there in lies the challenge of a fashion blogger. Some relish the challenge of creating wonderful outfits with minimal cost and others enjoy the thrill of the chase and hot-blooded nature of the hunt. I personally get my thrills from unearthing collections and sharing them with readers as well as pouring over the wonderful photography that builds such a strong reputation for a fashion designer.

I was unable to find any other images of the triceratops handbag in dark blue other than this friendly photograph but already I can tell this piece is authentic from the starry eyed material reminiscent of rock super band Kiss as well as brass fittings and well sewn collar. The best things in life are often the rarest like peaceful days at work, receiving a multitude of attention for blog posts that aren't your best work and owning some of the rarest bags and pieces launched of the season.

Champagne is one of my favourite metal shades and at the moment I already have my eye on a few Alexander Wang Diego bucket bags embellished in rose gold stud. As it is jewellers don't dabble in this stunning shade and I struggle to get my hand on enough rings and bracelets, you can imagine the accolades I feel are in order when I spot it's use as part of a runway collection and in particular stunning accessories. It seems unkind to try and pick a favourite shade amongst the triceratops handbags, but without a shadow of a doubt I favour the metallic shades and their shiny luminescent nature. It's just a shame that no one is experimenting with the material this season and pastel tones are more the flavour of the month.

Blue, White, Navy or Gold I fell head over heels in love with this quirky fleet of dinosaur bags and will soon be making one for myself. I've also had a strange fascination with raccoons as of late so I may sooner run a DIY tutorial of how to turn soft toy animals on all fours into handbags reminiscent of the 1990s. I've tried to show off the best of this single clutch and it's intricate nature and I only hope that I've convinced some of you to the mastery Giles is capable of in his collections from season to season as well as knack for quirky handbags.

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