Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tavi Gevinson x Petra Collins

A recent spate of success amongst newly graduated American bloggers from high school and praise for the advancement of their blogs has left me feeling jealous as well as envious- nothing in the way that will churn my stomach and drive me to write blasphemy about their blogs. Rather I am spurred on by the success of others and am keen to drink from the chalice of victory and success. Tavi Gevinson takes the cake. For Oyster Magazine Issue #99 the All Woman Issue, Tavi has teamed up with photographer for Rookie Magazine, Petra Collins who also acts as casting director for iconic photographer Richard Kern. Petra Collins is just nineteen years old and Tavi is now sweet sixteen- I always considered that I was too old at the age of eight to begin starting any activity but being a late bloomer and working hard to establish a name as a blogger is something I want desperately.

Recently Tavi has stepped away from the spotlight of fashion blogging for Style Rookie and is more focused as acting as editor-in-chief of online magazine Rookie for teenage girls. She's also shyed away from loans of designer pieces and her stunning outfit posts, but I still enjoy seeing the clothes she styles together and the effect of movies and music shaping this sensational young woman. Although I can't understand why someone would spend so much time building up the reputation of a single blog and then walking away from it, I suppose when your name is more important than the websites you write for it doesn't matter where you go and what you do. As long as she's happy doing what she loves and dreamily wearing 1960s vintage apparel, that's what's important in this scenario.

As well as blond dye applied to her now long locks it appears wedge platforms from Dolce and Gabbana in gold as well as a sequin trophy jacket have wormed their way into Tavi's heart and create a stunning contrast against green grass. I think the pale glow about her complexion in this shot also makes a stark variation between lipstick as well as thinly penned eyeliner. While I have been meaning to return back to applying make up and giving a darn about my appearance in the morning for the sake of improving my own mood and confidence, I think shimmering eyeshadow in the way of Woodstock back-up singers is called for. I feel the need... the need to experiment.

There aren't any rusted chain-link fences in my local area that echo so my of the core fundamentals of Suburbia as represented by Tim Burton films. It's a crying shame considering the finesse they seem to emanate and how the girl at the centre of the image seems longing to break free from boring reality- something I've grappled with endlessly for the last three or four years really. That's all a part of growing up thought really, as much as I do want to dress with eccentric fashion all that makes me happy is cuddling on the couch sitting next to my boyfriend as we share breakfast. 

One day maybe I'll figure out what I really want and what I feel and desire on the inside will be reflected on the outside. I wonder if Tavi ever felt conflicted about identity, as many young girls do at their pre-teen years. She claims that online blogging gave her freedom of expression and a place to share the idea of becoming a character; does the character ever leave though? I think I would willingly pull out a tooth myself if I could interview Tavi and have all these deep questions answered.

While I was never left with the impression that Tavi was vain in anyway, I suppose there is a certain amount of preening and polishing that goes into planning outfits and you should never be surprised by what people throw at you. The 1960s inspiration to many of Tavi's latest outfits and styling for magazines did seem like a curve ball at first but they do fit rather well with her newly cut hair, affinity with mastering beehives and knowledge of vintage hunting grounds. Unlike me Tavi doesn't seem to be burdened with heavy shoulders or height that prevent her from accessing the hottest and noisiest of pieces from bygone era; something I have yet to come to terms with when shopping second hand.

While there are less of the intricacies and layers used in this recent photo shoot with photographer of Rookie magazine, Petra Collins, the editor-in-chief Tavi herself does well in starring as the female lead and rocks a few great pairs of pastel sunglasses. Glasses are a great way to change one's appearance, and there is a noticeable difference between the love child beauty queen you see above and Tavi's typical appearance three years ago when wearing short hair and prescription glasses. I like this new take on glasses as well and sultry coyness, I can't wait to see the issue in the flesh when I meander about my local shops in the next few days and weeks to fill the void that lectures often leave.

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