Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweater Street Style

Today's post is brought to you by the letter 'S' as well as the wonderful cold weather inspiring me to respect and write in tribute to the best of cosy jumpers and sweaters. I'm also missing my first blog giveaway prize in the mail which hasn't made it to me this week and won't come in time for my net outing with friends of my boyfriend. Oh boo. I've got enough in the works though in the way of warm textures and simple patterns to survive this Winter but I find variation to be the spice of life. Be it torn holes, sweet patterns or simply an experiment into texture there really isn't enough in the way of fisherman jumpers and knitted sweaters to shield one from the cold this season.

I'm usually caught off guard when models wear striking hats in vintage style wish such sass about them, but this black leather cap has been nailed with matching handbag, plaid skirt and printed sweater. To set up even greater contrast there's that small hint of fiery blood orange lipstick to make the prints even more bold and build up the sparkle of blue eyes framed with liquid eyeliner. This outfit could have been entirely sourced from a second hand shop with just the right amount of luck on your side but it takes a true master to command it in such a way and foresee the different garments all working together to create something greater than its separate parts.

While the sweaters should take precedence in all their fuzzy glory in this post,the glorious girls who wear them with such sass and flair should also have the same respect. I can't tell if this is an uppercut or whether that permed mass of locks is just pushed to one side but it looks absolutely gorgeous. The look is so simple with angora knitted jumper but in this instance it's the soft natural make up as well that's captured my heart. Sweaters are something I reserve for days when I feel absolutely under the weather and in a word, 'Blah' but my eyes have been renewed to the chic nature that even a humble sweater without pattern can provide.

One of the season's best jumpers are fisherman knitted sweaters with a loose crew cut neckline about them and worn over sized, loose, slouchy and relaxed. While I don't have one yet, I consider it to be wise investment for this coming semester at university and as Spring approaches. As the weather gradually warms up and the days become longer I'll gradually shed the jeans like the snake of a skin in favour of shorts and skirts in which my legs can finally bask in the sunlight again. Until then however, all I can do is enjoy the frolicking of others in their dresses and jumpers and enviously weight for the weather to warm up and Summer to once again be upon us.

Sweaters are wonderful with knitted cable texture hugging at the body during fevers or cold sweats, but I was a little surprised to find this candid snap of stiletto heels as well as floating midi skirt teamed up with such a humble piece. The bottom half of the outfit seems more fit for a special occasion calling for bubbly champagne and fascinator hats, but the combination of raspberry colours is absolutely dreamy. The joy of blogging is finding new uses and witnessing the boundaries of fashion being continually pushed- homely has now become chic and something comfortable is also now fashionable. Blending of casual with chic and feminine has never looked so good with chameleon coordination and I think it's only a matter of time before others experiment and challenge the way in which our clothes work together as an outfit.

I have been meaning to buy myself a grossly over sized knitted cardigan for some number of months now, with many possible suitors and choices across eBay, Etsy and Asos Marketplace to choose from in the way of vintage. There has been little motivation to do so however and I generally favour one jumper at a time- however with a little more envy in the way of street style photographs of gorgeous knitwear perhaps I can kick myself into high gear and treat myself to a seasonal staple. That gorgeous blend of tones of brow certainly is worthy of praise, and the small hint of red nail polish complements the earthy tones so well- it's time I hopped of the knitwear train, next sop sweaters and cardigans.

I spy with my little eye, something that looks to be made by Acne. The Acne knitted jumpers of 2012 created a commotion amongst the muddle of my mind, but I never did chase up wear and when to buy one for myself. I really wish I had now seeing the spectacular results of it with messy bun, bright shiny teeth bared in smile as well as leather/ suede pants. The mustard bag made to clash with this mint coloured sweater deserves accolades all of its own- who would have thought that the two colours could work together so well and to such a cool effect? Perhaps the key to unlocking the potential of colours is to wear the colours of two foods that absolutely would taste revolting together... mustard and salmon may also be promising but I did have my heart set on the mint Acne jumper above all overs months ago. The lesson learnt is that if you think something is cool, chances are it is and you should definitely buy it (for this reason and others the phrase 'financial planning' is not in my vocabulary).

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  1. A sweater is such a timeless piece! Love your inspiration pictures!