Friday, June 22, 2012

Style Rookie Obsessed

While I've been on the hunt for more sources of inspiration, been dying to see what other bloggers around the globe are up to and get a sense of the wider blogging community, Tavi Gevinson reminds at the forefront of my mind and one of my favourite pioneers for young girls blogging and expressing themselves. She sourced so many of her clothes from second hand stores for next to nothing and combined them all ion an imaginative whirlwind of colour and layers. While I do miss the outfit posts of yester-year you can't dwell on the past to move forward and acceptance of people's identity, change and adaptation. Her latest online publication of Rookie magazine is more focused on social issues and dilemmas faced by teenage girls and young women. As much as her current writers and role as editor are focused on more on the gripping challenges of society, I'll always look up to her as a style icon of sorts and pioneer.

With such a strong online following of like minded people created in her wake, Tavi seems to have attracted some very artistic fans capable of creating magic all of their own. Her transformation from short haired and awkward thirteen year old into blossoming vixen complete with floral crown, eyeliner and pastel eyeshadow is so beautifully summed up in this illustration. I thought she looked beautiful no matter what she wore because there was no one else like her and any comparison made would have been completely imagined. As she said when interviewed: if you don't dress provocatively and you are completely different you effectively break down the social ranking because you are creating your own class. She's full of so much wisdom and life experience compared to me, aged eighteen and ploughing through a science degree. One can't help but feel a little envious when people younger than them have had richer experiences such as giving inspirational talks at museums in New York and attending fashion week.

You know that you adore someone for their work and publications when even a blurred soft focus photograph from a digital camera looks like heaven to you. I always liked the variety of different images Tavi spliced into her posts including with her own outfit photographs references from movies, runway collections and of her room which is decorated with stunning taste. At the moment I'm trying to make my room a bit more welcoming and quirky in the way of teen bloggers still I the midst of high school. I'm not having a great deal of success though, I have a tendency to forget that I hate and abhor cleaning.

Can you imagine the Internet uproar that would be caused if Tavi were to squander her literary gifts as well as position as well-known fashion blogger and worked in a burger bar instead? I for one would probably sob uncontrollably into my pillow while listening to Patsy Klein to ease the pain, but that's just my personal preference. Thankfully such thing as a scholarship has been invented to lend a hand to talented and forward-thinking individuals who are seen to contribute to society and be selfless. We may never have to endure seeing Tavi serve out thick shakes and ask 'do you ant fries with that?' but she does look awfully cute wearing drug store barrette and paper hat.

I've already commented on the Tavi Gevinson photo shoot with Rookie photographer Petra Collins for Oyster Magazine Issue No, 99, the All Woman edition. Some of the images were so good though they had to be shared twice such as this peaceful and serene scene of Taiv stretched out on a lusciously Suburban bed of grass. There wasn't the same back story of Tavi as there was to Tim Burton, creative mind struggling to break free from the chains of oppression from a boring town, but I do admire the panorama this photo shoot presents of a girl trapped in 1960s fashion and with dazzling eyeliner.

I always find it's a bit of a let down when people fail to use their profile for the better good, whether it be acting to save the rain forests or in Tavi's case, raise a feminism movement of a whole new generation. From that creative head topped in plastic houses as well as paper flowers springs a whole universe ideas and wealth of knowledge concerning popular culture. One day I hope to reinvent the banner for this blog with a picture of my own head adorned in something cute and clever with a speech bubble and various drawn cartoons over the top. I know how I want everything to look on my blog, my room and organised into my outfits but I'm still struggling with the art of expression when it boils down to it. Unlike my American blogging hero.

Although I have many undeveloped rolls of film sitting in my drawers and waiting to see the light of day, I think the montage of snaps from American prom nights of bygone era are just a little more exciting than what I had a taste of last year. Yes I am compromising the personal touch of my own memories but I think influences from another culture makes future outfits and my taste all the richer.

I absolutely adore this outfit from her last major appearances at fashion week in which she wore sweater by Meadham Kirchhoff of a spooky silhouette witch against a white heart. Tavi loves the runway shows they orchestrate purely because there's such imagination about it and from seeing images of their last show I can see why. At about this time there were balloon arches and fantastic flatform wedges covered in powder puff feathers at the toe from Meadham Kirchhoff as well as every colour of the rainbow. The jumper worn above doesn't need a lot of colour to become a visual spectacular but the small injection of pastel mint does send small shivers up my spine when paired with blond hair tamed into beehive as well as ripped tights. I never have ripped any black tights I own, and while I am tempted to do so I think I would be better off buying quirky patterned socks and tights instead. That's merely due to my own personal preference of comfort however.

When I was her age, I was awkward and had horrible taste in clothing. As many people entering middle school or in the midst of high school they enter the golden age in which they try to find their place socially amongst society and begin to develop into a young adult. I can't even apply make up as well as this or source gorgeous vintage shoes, but Tavi's managed to seemingly do it all and fulfill all dreams of every fashion blogger before her eighteenth birthday. It seems that with hard work, a little luck and a cute and quirky personality you really can take the world by storm and build a career all of your own. Can you imagine the staggering list of achievements she's going to have by the time college applications role around? I don't need the credentials myself but having the sense of accomplishment, direction and influence in the fashion world is something I'm trying to achieve too.

If I weren't so sluggishly slow to jump on to the black lipstick trend I would wear it just about every outfit post with a macabre expression and mixing it up with knitted jumpers as well as skirts of my own. For this reason and many more I'm pretty envious of teenagers that live in America and free from the tyranny of the school uniform. In the land of the free the girls can dress for school in any manner they like whether it be with barbie doll brooch and eyeball as well as freakishly cute knitted cardigans. If I had grown up with the social pressures of changing my outfit daily to stand out and impress the boys like some gender confused peacock maybe I would have less of a tendency to favour pieces routinely and for weeks on end.

Oh Tavi, why do you do this to me? My heart isn't strong enough to soak in all this Mexican 'Day of the Dead' business with curled eyeliner as well as the most wonderful knitted jumper in skeleton print. The stunned eye as well as grinning and creeping smile of the skeleton mask are perfectly matched and I love the sickly sweet shade of pink used for the sweater. If she managed to find this in a second hand shop, I will volunteer for one shift a week in every single thrift store within a five kilometre radius of my house. This is the kind of inspiration of rather insanity that such inspirational bloggers are driving me to lately- I even cleaned the top of my tallboy and listed many old t-shirts on eBay in the hopes of buying expensive vintage glasses with pink frames. I long to be quirky and weird; I'm like a volcano building pressure from all this normality.

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  1. Aww this was a lovely post. Tavi is awesome! So wise and accomplished. I loved this line "I long to be quirky and weird; I'm like a volcano building pressure from all this normality." You're a great writer and very perceptive too!