Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Street Style Gumboots

Festival season has come in gone in Australia and the only big International music event marked on my calendar is T in the Park, seven exciting days to go to a great line-up of music... and I am on the wrong side of the globe. However on the 6th of July and more exciting and personal than any music festival is my two year anniversary with my boyfriend! I won't be waddling around in mud and listening to music, but a sweet pair of gumboots may be on the cards depending on my pending order of Karen Walker Filigree boots in fluorescent green. There's not a whole lot of street style snaps related to practical galoshes in which they are shown off well and to my liking, but perhaps I can change that perception of rubbery boots of all colours and shades.

Out of only three suitable snaps I have come to the conclusion that tall gumboots should be best worn with skirts sitting above the knee and coordination of colours or theme is absolutely important. It's even possible to make them classy when wearing red lipstick, a pearl necklace as intricate as the Milky Way galaxy itself and when hiding behind tortoiseshell sunglasses. I think the best part of this look is trying to make the boots sophisticated and polished when out and about in the city but small licks of paint can also be a charming addition to the rubber footwear.

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