Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Street Style Fur

With the mercury dipping below 10 degrees Celsius, my mind has fled to ideas of warm cups of coffee and chocolate, fiery red lipstick as well as the most glamorous and roomy of fur coats and boas to insulate myself against the cold. As I collected images like cast-off Easter eggs, I was struck by the great variety if length, colour and structure fur is packaged in, including the sweet Peter Pan collar and leather trim of this particular coat. The subtle hints of painted nails, tattoo bared and large silver ring are enough to set my heart ablaze with passion- the small accessories lie so close to my heart and I love the shape of her eyebrows too to deliver such a striking and lovely image. I do hope that many modern fashion bloggers choose faux when given the choice of their furry accessories and coats, but with such a great variety of colours as well as unusual dyes and combinations there must be some with a clean conscience that have not harmed animals in the name of fashion. I myself live with leather on my conscience and can live with it, but you will never fit me into a rabbit skin coat- I adore the animal too much.

Subtle tones of jangly earrings as well as leather coat with fur gilet remind me too much of Navajo spirit and Disney's Pocahontas. While there isn't much in the way of tribal patterns shown here, the use of leather with fur does have echoes of a proud huntress showing off the trophies of her chase. While there weren't many to show off bright colours while wearing their fur, I noticed the subtle addition of such a texture can transform a boring and conservative outfit of mere black, grey and brown into something more eye-catching and photogenic.

Old school Hollywood glamour has been given  a makeover with enchanting results- after falling in love with the fur stoles from the Prada S/S2011 collection, I never fancied there wold be fur to compete with pompously bright stripes but here is a sweetly dyed fur gilet in a rainbow of colours. Coordination between lime green nail polish and polka dot blazer only heightens the fun-loving spirit of the woman who wears such an outfit and inspires youth such as myself to try and better deliver stunning outfits with splash of colour. I can't possibly hope to unearth such a wonderful in just any old dingy second hand shop but I will hold on to the small chance that there is such hope and I too can one day roam the streets with big smile on my face for the cameras.

Ombre dyed tassel necklace stemming from clean cut collar as well as silvery fur threads spangled across a velvet blazer... this is something that you can only one day hope to imitate but you also smack yourself in the head with slapstick fashion for not pioneering the look first. While I shouldn't pick a favourite, the blonds and African Americans of this photo sets photographs rocked the fur coats the best- delicate skin types and stunning puffs of blond hair shone with an Icelandic appeal to them and wildly coloured fur coats and shaggy strands seem so right with dark complexions. The contrast between textures of this particular outfit- synthetic threads in dip dye as well as the imitation of two-toned fur is absolutely marvellous. I think the girl above looks like a modern day Ice Queen with such windblown styled hair and blue accents about her, perfect complement to those rosy pink lips and stunning blue eyes.

While wearing a matching jacket to go with the texture of your hair isn't a feasible feat for some, others can 't help but grin at their genius and smarts to contrast between clothing and hair. The colours of this look are also sensational- they strangely remind me of towered gelato in mint and chocolate. What I love most though is the addition of street cool collar underneath the jacket as well as the sweet poise of hands crossed in front of fur lapels, there's something tangible, real and vulnerable to it.

As soon as I clapped eyes on this image my head screamed 'YES!' to the answer whether I would include it in this collaborative collage of images. The undecided smile frozen between smile and pucker as well as stunning candy clear glasses and rounded fur stole were all too perfect to resist. I've no idea whether Ombre hair is the flavour du jour of the month, and frankly I don't think that it's important whether others are doing it- what matters is that you looking smoking hot in your own special way and feel confident. This girl oozes confidence at the seams, and you would too if your glasses were as spectacular as she was. A challenge of dressing cool in Winter is the balance between conservative coats as well as injecting unique style and colour into outfits. This is a great example of that and I wish there were more wondrous glasses frames for me to sink my teeth into.

The setting of derelict, worn bricks and heavenly flecked and striped fur seems like an unlikely combination to deliver an image as sweet and stunning as this. I even admire the stray strands of hair thrown across her face and glazed stare- I had meant to put together some outfit posts of my own with same possessed look about but it seems my plans will have to wait another day and my father is working from home today. I doubt an extra day will give me any more time to ponder and dream up anything else to show off in posts but more time to think about how to show off street style as well as self-portraits is probably helpful.

I love the style of models off-duty and the sensational outfits they come up with when staying in the confines of black and variations of shades of grey- such as this striped monstrosity built to shield tiny bodies from the cold while making them look effortlessly chic. When shrouded in such tufts of fur it doesn't really matter what you wear underneath, but I would like to see the cute addition of a headscarf reminiscent of vintage style and maybe a colourful bag- but that's just me forcing my opinion. Despite spending their living being professionally fashionable and showcasing coveted collections, I still admire the personal style and touch of models as they're not working and meandering through busy streets and bustling alley ways.

Fibrous shaggy jackets are the pinnacle of this furry trend and I love the blending between two strong tones such as black and grey- the flurry of colours seems like a small windstorm in itself and makes colours such as tan shown by the handbag above as so strong in principle design. While I would love to remove that annoyance of a traffic cone from the shot, this picture still looks to be beauty in motion and gives me something to consider when redoing the walls of my room with posters. The apple of my eye in this spectrum of wardrobe pieces is a cyber punk fluffy jacket in purple with a similar loosely textured and coloured... I've seen eccentrically dressed skinny girls rock them and I want in on a piece of the action.
When it seems that fake fur imitations may be suspected to be real, I always favour outlandish animal prints such as cheetah, leopard or Dalmatian to throw off suspicions of onlookers and feel good about wearing faux. As well as patterns from rare or beloved animals, pastel tones of fur or midnight blue is another favourable variation for the animal lover. Despite being gorgeous and jaw-dropping I love the hood pulled over this model as well as the dark grimace and disinterest of her in the camera. I love the scandal behind people with wonderful lives but the secret unhappiness's they hoard behind closed doors- as we all do really.

While some women are content to merely wear strongly blocked colours with their fur, I love the contrast between 19980s striped and fur shirt as well as chic chiffon pants all captured in the one shot. That's what I love about the outfit posts created by teenage bloggers in bedrooms- they're talented is unrivalled to that of those invited to fashion week. There are two very different distinct styles and disciplines are as far as the art of dressing oneself is discerned, but I do love the borderline cases such as that seen above. My mother would be abhorred at the notion of wearing stripes and spots together, let alone the fur jacket on it's lonesome. Fortunately for me, I'm not like my mother.

Tangerine coloured fur coat and stunning smile? Check! I love when dark coloured skin tones are coupled with vibrant colours and patterns. I'm especially impressed with the graduated tones of dark and light throughout this faux fur coat to create the illusion of real segments of fur. Orange was supposedly my favourite colour in kindergarten and with it's infectious good vibes I can see why. Blue and orange seem like unlikely companions but in this outfit they clash in such a way that the bright colours radiate a great psychedelic tone.

Whether you choose to embellish your shoulders and smother them in fur, wrap yourself up in synthetic coats or snuggle close to stoles and scarves this Winter you can expect to see a lot more fur on the streets worn in all manner of ways. I may even be soon smothered in the silken lure of furry threads and fluffy texture myself should any vintage pieces and coats appeal to my taste. It would make for a great companion on long bus trips to university, but that won't be something to worry about anytime soon.

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