Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stolen Moments Sretsis AW 2010

Sretsis is the brain child label behind sisters Pim, Kly and Martina and well known in pretigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Instyle for quirky designs on luxurious materials as well as feminine dresses and tops. I've been a fan of Sretsis for a number of years and discovered them through the spectacular jewellery of Matina Amanita which is under the direction of sister Martina. I had all but given up hope two years ago in which their size 'large' was labelled as an Australian size 12, but with my recent slim down and exercise regime I feel ready to admire the artistic design and photo shoots of Sretsis and welcome the opportunity to buy their clothes and show them off in clever posts. As much as I do love collecting the luring trinkets of Matina Amanita and the exclusively unique mixture of precious metals, enamel and cubic zirconia there is no hope to get noticed when wearing pieces with such fine detail. Clothing is the chief tool of a well trained fashion blogger with keen eye- much easier to show off with a camera tripod.

Today's been full of a surprising amount of grunge and I have been loving every moment of it- but there's still a side of my in love with soft pastel as well as feminine pleats and tulle too. Sretsis is full of wonderful gems of dresses and clothing, in particular their Autumn/ Winter 2010 collection had many of these goddess-like toga dresses as well as soft pastel tones which seem to be all the rage lately, especially in the Chanel 2013 collection. Back on topic, my love for Sretsis and their designs was ignited with a spate of eBay listings including a ring shown in this photo shoot but I was too foolish to act on such wonderful opportunity. I know better than that now and have the knowledge that purchasing such wonderfully free flowing dresses comes in handy for fashion week in any region when a gorgeous hand bag is by your side as well.

Cute kittens as well as fair beauties on pedestals were the main focus for this photo shoot and brought out the best in the stunning printed patterns of fat-lipped cats. You'll be hard up to find such impeccably made clothing with quirky prints of short-nosed cats; that's what I really appreciate about Sretsis. From afar their clothes simply look pretty and like any other boutique brand but on closer inspection their true nature reveals themselves to you and unravels into something strange but magical. There's very little in the way of Sretsis to buy online as it is and I have little to no hope of finding this particular collection two years after its release... I suppose the lesson learnt here is first in best dressed and that in anticipation of a Sretsis collection it's best to save your pennies while you can. Sretsis is something special and definitely worth the wait like a tender first love during youth.

Sretsis dabbles in delightfully playful structures and imaginative pleats and folds that are in themselves a delight to behold. Small additions of golden scalloped hems as well as small scratty dogs with bows and pink roses are just more accessories to emphasise the story-book tale of a princess pure of heart and kind to all of God's creatures. I would have loved to wear such a prissy dress last year for my high school senior formal, but I never did find anything that ticked all of my boxes and was approved of by my mother. I'm learning to become more strongly reliant on my own work and diligence for a steady income though, but it will be a while before I splash out on gorgeous dresses again just for the fun of it.
The combination of wind blown hair as well as peachy dress reminds me of that one-liner sung by Dorothy "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore' as well as other classic stories of fantasy and whimsy. The wind blown hair lop sided to the left shoulder of the model would have been hard to perfect in a still studio environment but I think the shape and texture does well with that oversized bow placed on bodice of the dress as well as the motion and flow of pleats from the waist all the way down to the hemline. It must be wonderful to create such quirky pieces professionally and make profit from such wondrous creations.

What could be better than one gorgeous girl sitting atop pink frosted cloud amongst a grey sky? Two girls sitting on top of tiny miniature cloud with fluffy cat! While I am disappointed I can clearly see the natural hairline of the model covered in blue wig, I love her gold gilded shirt with bold blue eyes as well as pink crystal tongue. I've been thinking about buying a pair of hot pants for when the weather finally warms up and covering the look with sheer skirt covered in polka dots or just plain sheer black but I've needed to curb my spending considerably with upcoming travel plans for the next year or so. I can't hope to find the kooky cat printed pink shirt in just any old second hand shop, but maybe I'll strike it lucky and find some sheer slips and pyjamas to change as I see fit when hunting today.

This little close up shows the wonderful cross over of sister brands, Sretsis and Matina Amanita together for a range of jewellery with a unique difference about it. If there's one thing I buy blindly without considering economic factors it's eBay auctions of this jewellery in which chunky and fluffy cats are immortalised in candy cotton pink cameo rings as well as Swarovski crystals embedded in resin. I still search desperately online for rare online stockists to feed this mild obsession for unique rings that are guaranteed to draw compliments as well as add to my growing collection. It's virtually impossible to track down these pieces as it is though, this is why I work so hard to be a fashion insider and afford all the most wonderful of clothes and jewellery.

I have no need for such a well structure coat as I'm too much in love with loose and casual style of the streets, but the addition of porcelain tea cup and peaking scalloped skirt hemline dripped in gold. I love being a fashion blogger for this very reason- why I not be keen to dress in a particular style of simply lack the interest to pull it off there are designers diligently working day and night to bring their dreams to life. Keep your eye out on Sretsis in the future, they have some killer collections lined up that are all very sweet but different fitting in with the trademark aesthetic of these three sisters.

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