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Stella McCartney Resort 2013

Stella McCartney isn't a designer to previously have caught my eye, and my parents didn't raise me on the simple four chord melodies of The Beatles either, but spotting this collection advertised amongst a variety of fashion blogs gave me motivation to put out my own review. I suppose what first captured my attention was the mirror clad in metallic sheen and sparkles reflection all the shades of the rainbow. While incorporating a mirror into a photo shoot can break the illusion of the fantasy fashion world when reflecting the wrong image, when done right it shows off the clothes in a completely different dimension. From the first angle all I see is a gloriously unique leopard print jacket that seems so huge it consumes the model in a swathe of material. The reflection however revels the tapering of the pants and from the knees the pant legs seem to fan out at the ankles.

The collection is a veritable variation in so many different prints and colours at times it's hard to believe they have all been released from the one launch, but the tailoring of the pants reappears throughout the collection in many different pastel tones slowly tying the themes of floral, leopard, knitted and plaid all together. You simply can't complain about little to choose from, with so many patterns and prints involved there's sure to be something for everyone and each pattern has enough variation to be chosen as your must dire needed piece. Jacket, coat, skirt or jacket, there's plenty to go around and all the pieces shine in this mirror fun house of style and chic glamor.

While I did mention the tapering tailored pants to be a constant thread weaved throughout the collection, I myself have lived with more skinny leg jeans and tight fitting pants than roomy bell-bottoms. Yellow is often one of the more troubling shades of the spectrum to style with but I do love the fun wallpaper pattern printed in orange on these yellow pants as well as sleek pleats down the middle of each leg for added class. The casual clashing of leopard print with the tailored pants however opens an entirely new and exciting gateway into styling the classy cut jeans- I myself would probably wear a vintage DC comics t-shirt and loose cream coloured knit. With a nice big statement rose necklace in resin.

I haven't seen leopard print clothing this fierce since the ChloĆ« Sevigny X Opening Ceremony collaboration of 2009 but there certainly wasn't printed pants and shirt to match as well. Some may call this overkill but I quite like the structure of these pieces as well as the chameleon spots continued from head to toe. The finishing touch of leopard printed wedges with slightly pointed toe completes the look and I don't mind at all the coordination of this single print. I'd personally like to see this print broken apart with chic torn or asymmetrical black shirts or dip dyed bleach shorts. I have some great denim pieces in the works, but the strongly structured jacket is more suited for a special event or occasion.

I've already laid eyes on many knits in the last few weeks in pastel colours, but it's reassuring to know some are being made no and there are no strange smells or 'rich histories' associated with them and their missing buttons and/or stains. Some people prefer to shop vintage and recycle as an act of kindness and good will globally as well as owning cool unique clothes for cheap. Others such as myself are label snobs and like having the elevation of status associated with buying something expensive to show off. Whatever your choice, there's always an option and in this case the results are fantastic when incorporating lemon yellow sleeves with pink akin to faded red and lilac mingled in with white.

You seldom see such carefree snapshots in fashion editorials and campaign photo shoots but there's nothing more attractive than a genuine smile. I think the candid shot could have only really worked with such an outfit and the use of handbag as blindfold is particularly clever as it grabs your attention. The mirror was replaced with a sheet of pink perspex for this shot and I think the neutral tones of heels and pants with pastel jumper doesn't pale in comparison. Rather I'm reminded of colourful cartoons with fluffy creatures such as Care Bears and Rainbow Bright. I know I'll be lusting after that clutch this season as well as the wonderful pastel knitted jumpers, note that the colour variations are slightly different. Yellow is the predominant colour and the sleeves are an Irish combination of orange and green.

Like a classy and disinterested secretary of the days of old, the model takes false interest in nails rather than her work and the world around her. The casual combination of knitted jumper and cream as well as plaid midi skirt finished at the hem with pure white pleats is simply a slice of heaven. If the red queen were less ambitious in life I could imagine her slowly loosing her grip on her favourite colour and simmering down to this fiery shade of orange. My favourite piece from this outfit is the skirt- and you can be sure that some DIY tutorials from clever clogs fashion bloggers will be soon to follow in its wake. I'm dying to get my hands on the real deal though- some girly stitched vintage badges and denim jacket and blouse would be my touch to this stylish skirt.

I love the way the plaid coat seems to consume everything about this image and even the slight hunch-inducing poise of the model. There's a culture in my native Melbourne to wear nothing but black in the Central Business District so Winter has a horrible habit of boring me to tears- but with such stylish alternatives supplied by some of the fashion worlds best and brightest it appears I can rest easy. There are sure to be many wonderful pastel tones of peach pants and blouses available in second hand shops across the nation to suit the pink and orange of the plaid pattern, and to top the look off I recommend a mean pair of cat eye sunglasses.

Mid lengths are a wonderfully modest revelation in the fashion world and many designers current muse, including one Stella McCartney for her 2013 Resort collection which features a nice blend of dresses, tailored pants and sweetly chic blazers in a palette of patterns and colours. I can't imagine anyone really wearing such a high end brand for something as menial and boring as work, but perhaps this sweet dress in blue would be better suited to tea parties and the refinements of life that require table manners as a bare minimum. I can't say I've ever been invited to a posh tea party, but I've always been envious of those fashion bloggers that get together with designer or fashion labels as part of a luncheon or special event.

This is just about the only piece that I prefer to see in the sparkle saturated reflection of that magic mirror- the wedge heels seem so opalescent in appearance and remind me a lot of book contacts my mother used to use every year for my exercise books in primary school. As well as the gorgeous heels I'm crushing on the heavenly skirt that is half sheer and covers an already mostly cut skirt worn underneath. The layering of netted white makes me mind flee to scenes of bridal stores and happy wedding days- it's occurred to me with my taste in shoes and aesthetic attitude I may just be one of the most unconventional brides yet.

While I did try to focus on the splendorous display of colour and patterns, there were also spectacularly designed and tailored suits in either black or white, perfectly suited for suave soirees in which you're seduced and swept off your feet by music and sensational conversation. While the accessories of this collection were minimalist and not a huge focus of the photo shoot, I think in some cases they were unsung heroes in their own small ways. A swanky handbag in black satin finish with gold chains can last a well dressed lady for years and years when used for only the most special of special occasions- I may be o the hunt to get my mother something as suitable and versatile as this bag above.

I feel renewed, energised and rejuvenated with my eyes renovated to the wonderful simplicity that well designed clothing can bring without saucy prints to boggle the mind. As much as I do love the clashing of prints or dressing completely within a single tone, one day I too will recognise the value in a pair of well constructed chic pants that can stand the test of time. Simple marbled plastic accessories such as clutch and heels make a wonderful set of companions to simple pleated pants, but I'm still fond of the pyjama trend and am not quite ready to say goodbye to it yet. Clean room kept room with spectacular mirror reflections that rival even the best of Instagram users and patterns are what I take away from this wonderful collection and am most likely to challenge in my own creations.

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