Thursday, June 21, 2012

Space is the Place

While on holidays and taking time out from my work and university schedule, some days I'll sleep in and stay up late into the hours of the morning simply not feeling tired and waiting to fall asleep, other I am a ball of boundless energy and self-motivation. I'm proud to announce that since being off the hook three days ago, I have been keenly blogging and dragging my laptop into bed with me every morning at seven to progress through unfinished pieces. Even without my morning coffee I find diving straight into the task at hand is a great way to stay switched on for most of the day. It's nice to feel alert on frosty mornings and no longer a slave to the caffeine bean in order to see straight after waking up. Unfortunately I keep waking up at five in the morning without any alarms and without any reason other than feeling a little cold. It seems that there is such a thing as being too enthusiastic for the day to come.

As tempting as it is to lie around in bed all day, there's still too much to do other than grow bed sores and feel hungry and restless. I'm slowly getting through putting up eBay listings and cleaning my room day by day, but at this rate I'm going to have accomplished null by the time semester two starts and feel empty knowing I could have finished my dream bedroom by now. The envy is made all the more dramatic as fashion blogs showcase other people's hideaways and havens in which they can conduct themselves and I am left with a rubbish tip. I'm not even aiming for the sophistication and refinement of Marie Antoinette- all I really want is an abode where I can take outfit posts and not feel constrained to work around everyone else's schedule. I'm also painfully aware of the limited time I have left to enjoy a room to myself and blossom into the fully fledged teenager I always envisioned as a child. I want the pin board of inspiration, the vintage porcelain figurines and the dust from every nook and cranny to be gone once and for all!

Winter isn't exactly my season of choice to tiptoe through the tulips and my mind is as far removed from figure-showing dresses as humanly possible, I have been motivated with my recent success and weight loss. It's mainly due to the extra shifts I've picked up at work which means more available sized clothes for me to wear and extra money in the bank. It's a win-win situation really, but the season will take break for school holidays soon and I'll most likely be dragging the exercise bike in front of the television to watch Sailor Moon. I've fallen in love with all things Kawaii as of late and it seems that the particular Anime of interest is the perfect balance between my sudden curiosity in all things Japanese as well as Astronomy.

While I'd love to experiment with different lighting to create different moods when taking photographs for outfit posts I have yet to gain any real control over the matter when using the mains power and no dimmer switch available. I'm envious of anyone who can create such a bewitching representation of the female body in such little light but am in no way keen to try this out for myself. It seems my photography phase is over and I am no once again immersed in the fascination of writing. It feels good to be back in all honesty.

As much as I do adore this cute ensemble of spangled earrings, stars ringed planets and moons I naively promised my mother I would only get my first ear piercing done and nothing else. It seems that she raised me too well since I haven't tried to puncture anything else even after my eighteenth birthday but I do seldom wistfully think of having my nose pierced just like a bull. The drastic jump from first ear piercing to nose does seem very extreme in contrast but my logic is that the nose piercing can be easily hidden when removed and none will be any wiser to my devious punk plans. Image is everything these days and unfortunately not everyone is as opened to dyed hair, tattoos and piercings as I am but with strategic placement I think leading a double life between being professional and true to oneself.

A frustration of having no sisters is that there's no one to help adorn myself in feminine inked tattoos or buy lipstick with, but I've always enjoyed the simple and straight forward company of my brother and father. My mother doesn't really understand my peculiar brand of style and revolution of vintage style clothing is something she still finds strange so it appears as always I'll be flying solo on this journey of fashion blogging and style discovery. I guess it's something that would be wonderful to share with someone you've grown up with and have a strong attachment to but the growth of an individual and being unique is something I've always wanted and that's not going to change anytime soon.

It's been such a long time since I really did a good tight braid and let me long hair become the rigid bread stick I became so accustomed to shadowing  me and hanging over my shoulder. I guess my hair lacks the same shape and cut that it once had but I'm already due for another to once again cull the deadly split ends, but have yet to decide if I am too late to jump on the ombre

While I am all for getting your head into a good book and thoroughly enjoying the storyline/ pictures I think there may be a fine line between indulging yourself and taking the practice a little too far. Before I start my course work for Astronomy I should really do a little light reading of some of my father's old books. There's instructional manuals on how to build your own telescope as well as fantastic images from various sites across the world of other galaxies and planets. While I cannot deny that I am mainly intrigued for those wondrous pictures I do make the effort to read and take note of the words that accompany them too.

Cutting my long locks seems an unlikely move to break this slump I'm slowly falling into but vintage cat eye glasses may well be on the cards and a cute addition to outfit posts to characterise myself as a hipster blogger. I've seen some inspiring plastic frames in clear but vibrant colours that have me itching to seek out all the unforetold treasures of second hand shops and refine online engine searches. The frames I do find are always very expensive and not really worth the large gamble if I'm not one hundred percent satisfied with my piece and wearing them everyday as part of routine.

It's going to be a while before I'll be seen in a bikini and a bustier top is a little more likely at this point, but when such an event happens I want to be proud of the way I look and feel good about showing a little skin (tastefully). I miss the air born and aloft feeling the water provides as well as the weightlessness of my knotted and clumpy hair. Space may be the setting of many of the great new adventures of this century but the depths of the oceans too have their mysteries where sunlight no longer penetrates and other worldly creatures inhabit. Oceans and space both have their inky depths as well as mysteries and I hope to be the one so specialise in one of them and unlock their hidden secrets. There's a great satisfaction from understanding and unravelling secrets whether they be social and from the people near to us or the greater world and environment surrounding us.

After seeing this particular image I was inspired to scour Etsy for promising bustiers and cropped gingham shirts and I succeeded! I'll be short on artistic tattoos though and am embarrassingly old to start drawing on my skin with permanent marker. I have a drawer full of temporary ones from 2 minute noodles and various snack foods that I'll be dipping in to once I start to get into a proper rhythm of regularly posting outfits and the endeavour will be worthwhile. So far fake eyelashes, nail stickers and temporary tats have gone untouched these holidays but when they're all combined together I'm sure the result will be nothing short of stellar.

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  1. were did you get your "cute ensemble of spangled earrings, stars ringed planets and moons" :)