Friday, June 22, 2012

Sacred Haven

I'm slowly inching my way progressively through cleaning my room, but it will still take the bulk of the holidays to transform it into the sacred haven of outfit posts and photography that I so desire.I'm actually quite happy to sort through a lot of the dusty things on my dust at the moment since I've been getting a lot of computer screen induced head aches and haven't quite felt delighted the way I should with the prospect of collecting images for my folders and new runway photographs. If I could I'd make my room messy in this cute stylised way with stickers, glitter, eye-make up and darting constellation designs. I'd love nothing more than to decorate with constellation maps that should belong in Science rooms for young high school brats but they often get yellowed by the sunlight or oil-soaked patches from blue-tack.

Cooking isn't something I've ever been interested and reaching for the pantry is so much easier than pre-heating the oven, but with such cute and quirky rude designs written in icing I may be tempted to try out my culinary expertise these holidays and transform into quite the little home-maker. While this isn't suitable for the lunches of young children, I have a funny feeling my boyfriend would be quite easily seduced by a pink biscuit shaped like a love heart or at least amused by my efforts. With another milestone ahead of our relationship, I really should try and do something sweet and homemade for him since he has cooked me cakes for no reason and also for holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

My Dr Marten boots in a filigree floral motif and entirely black are looking a little sad and dusty, but that's only because I don't want to scuff the toes anymore than I already have and they can be unpredictable when worn. I subjected myself to a day full of agony and blistering at the back of my heels for a free dress day at school and that did put me off them for a while, but with a thick woolen pair of socks maybe I can wear through the boots faster than they wear through me. It will be a while before I can wear them with denim shorts and show off my legs, but tights or printed leggings in Winter is one of my favourite solutions to that little problem.

I've been searching for a long time for the perfect black felt hat to add with cardigans and knitted jumpers, and I was foolish enough to let go of an auction for a suitable topper. Lack of Color are a brand to have peaked my interest as of late, but the sell their merchandise for $70 AUD for a single hat, despite the wonderful and feminine colours to choose from that is a rather steep margin. I'll probably reconsider them though as I become more disillusioned with my tangled locks and desperately seek ways to make my hair sit in a pleasing manner. It seems that Australian singer Matt Corby is also a fan of their products or at least the style of a swish and dusty felt fedora.

Perks of working in a thrift store include getting first dibs on some of the best loot such as canvas shoes with a little bit of life in them and plenty of denim jeans that could be given a new lease on life with a simple snip of the scissors and maybe an addition of lace, patches of material and anything else you can think to upcycle them. I've been thinking of getting another two pairs of skinny jeans from American Apparel in particular, but at the moment I'm still sitting on my hands and tossing up between buying Black Milk leggings, saving my money or listing more and more of my junk on eBay in the hope to clean my room. Dressing simple like this while blowing bubble gum seems like an appealing idea, but I'm a bit more focused and energised about coming up with strange new outfits that challenge society's perception of normal.

I've forgotten to have my morning cup of coffee to finally wake up from a long ten hour sleep, but it seems that I now longer need it and I'm switched on to meet the day's challenges. I have work later tonight, and last night I was pretty spaced out and away with the fairies, but hopefully today will go a little better. Lighting the scented candle for my room seems to have done the trick to soothe any jangled nerves and feel a little brighter this morning but I'll be slurping mugs of tea until I have to get over to work for the next couple of hours. One difference between my routine and that of the girl photographed above is my hair does not look anywhere near as attractive as hers when I first wake up anymore and these chilly mornings prevent me from lounging around in my delicates and underwear.

I'm not much of an interior decorator and have already struggled to keep my room tidy throughout my life, but I wouldn't mind dabbling in wallpaper and having minimalist backdrops for my outfit posts with rustic furniture. I rescued an abandoned vinyl recliner from the nature strip last holidays but it never made it through the front door- maybe with enough room to move and space I can finally squeeze it into my room with help from my brother. As well as the cute setting I've got a mild crush on those fiery red ankle socks with lace and faintly bell-sleeved dress. For this reasons and more, I enjoy prowling through pages and listings of items on Etsy and thinking how to decorate my room or office space if I was at all involved in fashion magazines or a quirky brand such as Lazy Oaf.

bloggers also create collages over vintage books or music but I have wanted to sit in a typical teenage room with many magazines sacrificed for the cause.

The only thing that could make my abode a little more homely is a furry friend to distract me as I blog with insistence that I pet their fur and stroke their tummy as well as demands to be fed. I don't exactly feel lonely but perhaps just a little isolated and absorbed in this strange blogosphere universe I inhabit. Having to care for something grounds you and brings you back to the real world as well as socially going out for breathes of fresh air. In Winter though I'm even more susceptible to crazy cat lady syndrome, i.e. sitting at home blogging, listening to music with the television on in the background for reassurance with the heater blazing. I'm not exactly tempted to venture outside when the mercury drops and my hands are freezing cold already.

This particular image was taken from Nylon Fashions (1959) and it drives me crazy to think that I wasn't able to find the right dress for my senior formal when I could have looked like a giant confetti fairy in pastel coloured bubbles. Perhaps I am over exaggerating the beauty of this piece but I do love the quirk, swirling puff tulle skirt as well as strange bustier of the dress and accentuation of the female chest. It's not flaunting it in a scandalous way and indeed isn't racy for the male imagination and I think that's what's so sweet about this image as well as the manicured nails in jarring red.

Delicate origami and printed patterns have long been playing on my mind, and although some of the vintage prints more closely resembles wallpaper than any fashion seen today, I quite like the kaleidoscope of colours and mish mash of prints. My vintage obsession seems to be culminating in the decision to buy cat eye glasses for fun and dress up as well as greater fascination with images from Tumblr as well as a stronger affinity for Etsy over eBay. Expect to see a little more dowdy charm about my outfits and less mass produced pieces in my wardrobe as well, given my mother backs off and stops buying things from the local department store.

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