Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday

Catcall- the World is Ours. As much as I do enjoy a good band of female cheerleaders banding together after a tiff with their male counterparts the act of concealing knives within pom poms is nothing short of disturbing. The world is now my oyster after finishing the last of my university exams and I feel on top of the world- but also I feel slightly weighed down by work obligations and all the supervisors at work itching to dig their claws into me... That and I am inspired to run around to as many second hand shops as possible tomorrow to cut and upcycle a few shirts and skirts once I am done shipping of eBay items sold for my own benefit as well as making a cute movie date with my boyfriend tomorrow. Channelling cheerleader style hasn't appealed immediately to me, but blowing bubble gum for the camera with metallic shredded spirit inducing powder puffs of joy.

It's oh so quiet- Bjork. It's oh so fantastic when your living the lice of Icelandic songstress Bjork and you live life as a musical with kicks and crescendos supplied by backing band. Small tan leather shoes and cut-out oxford shoes with quirky shoes are on the top of my wish list, along with more music to explore over these holidays and motivation enough to push me through reading the complete works of Lewis Carrol. I can't wait to unleash cute charm on everyone I come to meet in the next few months and not worry about the impending datelines of projects, online quizzes and the mind-numbing tasks of university.

Single Ladies- Beyoncé.

Enjoy the Silence- Depeche Mode. I found the peace and quite buzzing of many students busily writing and answering examination questions this afternoon oddly peaceful once finished with my booklet. If I am lucky enough my father may forget to bring his iPad to work and I can mess around with photo booth for an hour or two as well as burn scented candles in my room, and blog to my hearts content. It's good to be back guys and I hope everyone is excited to be back at "work" as I am this week!

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