Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mulberry 'Where The Wild Things Are' FW12 Campaign

I was excited enough to see the Opening Ceremony X Where The Wild Things Are collection released in along with motion picture based on children's book. That particular range featured jewellery as well as warm woolen coats, but the Mulberry campaign has the star-pulling power of young Lindsey Wixson along with giant monster props and a similar bewitching forest. I've had an interest in Mulberry since Alexa Chung collaborated with the British brand for her own unique bag made of Oak Soft Buffalo aptly named the Alexa. There was also the charity teddy bear, Pudsey created by the brand and sold for charity auction which I had an interest in. 

While I didn't think that this children's book would be given another run in the fashion world, I'm so glad that it's been again rebirthed by another spectacular designer. There's a warmth and nostalgia about 'Where the Wild Things Are' and the untold story of an outsider from many different levels. Aesthetically, the drawings have given rise to so many popular culture references and I love seeing them churned out from the fashion perspective in particular.

I had a lovely handbag as a gift for subscribing to Vogue my first time which broke in two places carrying around the mass of clothes and books I needed for university one day- needless to say I fell in love with this saucy image of Ms. Wixson in blood orange and strangely bustiered dress. The dress structure is already bold and flattering, but that subtle placement of thumb of Lindsey's trademark pouting lips really does make the shot even more enticing and sexual. I've already given up trying to buy clothing from the hottest of designers, but humble accessories are still within my price range when I save fastidiously. The shape and pose of the handbag sit perfectly within this shot- the Mulberry symbol of tree is seen clearly and all the wonderful straps and tags can be shown off amongst that setting of nature and beastly forest. This bag isn't for the faint of heart, nor can any wall flower tame it's bold colour- I look forward to meeting the challenge of styling this colour in person one day.

It's hard to use 'Where the Wild Things Are' and the fantasy world in which they live as reference for a fashion collection without releasing furry coats and long, shaggy gilets as part of the release. Those lovely wind-blown locks sit so gently against that deep dark brown coat- I'm not easily impressed with shades of brown as my hair and eyes are already constant reminders of the colour incorporated into each and everyone of my outfits but to wear torn jeans in a spectacular shade with such an over powering coat that can easily swallow up the slimmest of model's frames is too good to pass up. If I weren't condemned to the life of a poor university student I would buy it in an instant, but alas, there are greater studies and purposes in store for me related to science and not fashion (darn).

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