Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moschino American Flag Dress

God Bless America God Bless Moschino for making this gorgeous dress oh so many years ago- but damn my bad luck for not buying this dress for a mere hundred dollars. Something of this calibre comes along, once maybe twice in a lifetime in terms of the price, the quality and the amazing design of this dress. There have been many patriotic dresses and jumpers as of late made in tribute to the land of opportunity but they haven't satisfied my tastes as much as the bold vertical stripes and the the hemline of the dress is equally lovely. Even the fading colour of dip dyed ends twirled in curls look like sheer perfection against the cheery cherry red of this majestically reworked star spangled banner. After a lot of hype around the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; I think there will be many more outfits of interest approaching the international competition: Olympics. It's only a shame that my own country's flag is never famous (or infamous) to be incorporated into fashion of any sort. There are plenty of temporary tattoos, beach towels and printed sandals to be had celebrating Australia Day from the local supermarket but I long for the rare, iconic and rebellious prints of red, white and blue no matter what their design and nationality.

Goodness knows I don't have the evenly coated skin colouration and bare annoying tan lines from years of wearing t-shirts... I would have loved to try and squirm my body into this loose fitting shift dress, but it appears I'll always be burdened with it's exquisite design and forever try to recreate and demolish a few thrifted flags of my own in its wake. The shape seems so close to the 1960s but beyond the psychedelia and vibrant colours I have come so close to know. Conforming isn't something that I often prescribe to knowingly or even advertise; but Moschino in their earlier days were a true delight in terms of the boundaries they pushed and the classic pieces they crafted which have survived the test and beautifully so.

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