Sunday, June 24, 2012

Model Emma Norris

Introducing Australian model Emma Norris whom I found by sheer coincidence when she was spotted by Ryan Kenny for a street style photograph at MBFWA in 2012. A quick search of the Internet yielded promising results in the way of bewitching photographs and stunning body to make any girl jealous. Although Norris didn't personally style herself (I would imagine) for the shots, I do like the array of styles ranging from vintage and all the way to grunge. She looks so sweet in high-necked Victorian-esque lace dress and floral pattern shown above, but when she lets her unruly hair down and works it there's also something stunning and intriguing to be seen.

I promised myself leggings worn as pants wouldn't be a trend to follow some four years ago but this year I cracked and have also been tempted my American Apparel's disco pants and black as well as Black Milk Leggings. Can you really blame me though? Just look at the spectacular results by models when they squeeze themselves into leather hot pants. It's like a leaflet out of Grease in which sweet Sandy D has become a sultry temptress and willing to bare a little more skin in order to attract the attention of her man. I'm a straight girl and I can't deny that this look is completely seductive- hence my recent affinity for sheer, bustier tops (again) as well as skinny leather pants. I've been working hard lately and loosing weight the past couple of months so it's only fair there should be some sort of reward at the end.

I've been on the look out myself for crystal fortune telling orbs or marble/ quartz spheres for mystical decorations of my room, as well as warm Wintry coats in long shaggy textures to shield myself from the cold and bitter chilling winds. Many of Norris' portfolio shots have a sweet eeriness to them, but her naturally beauty is settling and soothing amongst the black and white muddle of rough textures against skin and clothing. It's been a while since I myself used the soft focus approach for photography, but outfit posts call for precision and bright lighting to show off the daily costume. For some lucky few, they get to dress up and show pony in front of the camera professionally; becoming the driving force behind the lives of many teenagers and motivators for weight loss.

As well as the smouldering stare right down the barrel of the camera, the whole silver streak at the top of the fringe suggests a Bride of Dracula atmosphere about it which I really dig. The nose piercing and dangling earrings carrying weighty charms are all screaming at my brain to rebel and go out for piercings today as well as buy Pamela Love- the rebellion it's soliciting should be made a crime really. I love black and soft grunge has been a big motivator as of late- it's a wonder it hasn't taken over completely yet. I think it's safe to say we can expect more good things from model Emma Norris in the way of supernatural scene setting but I do wish her agency would fill up her portfolio with a little more work and wonderful snap shots.

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